Claustrophobia – Good thing I am not born a dick

I hate enclosed places. Once, I vomitted all the way from Paris to Milan because the train cabin was so small and due to communication problems, we bought two beds to fit in two adults and two children for a night train ride. I won’t go into those ahkua fake helicopter ride in the KLCC Petronsains. I dare not go into those small, dark elevators. I get dizzy if I have to walk the corridors of poor, cheap flats where are are no sunlight and only one long dark corridor. Forget about caving like Gua Tempurung.

Now that you know, I tell you how this thought of ‘Good thing I am not born a dick’ came about this afternoon. In Gurney Plaza, I normally park at the basement which is just a level or two down. But since we are watching a movie, I have to park at the rooftop because it is only per entry charge of RM1. Otherwise, my accountant husband is going to nag me to death for parking at the basement which is RM1.50 per half hour, I think? Bah, who cares what parking charges are.

In order to go up to the rooftop which is seven floors high, I need to go in circle along this dark, narrow driveway. My car is huge. The drive up is dark. So, round and round and round and round and round and round and ahhhhh rooftop finally. While driving up, I realised how miserable dicks are.

You see, they have to go into tight, enclosed, dark places all the time. No wonder, they always ended up puking.

And to those blur ones, no dick is not a guy’s name. So is Ron.

10 thoughts on “Claustrophobia – Good thing I am not born a dick

  1. I know what you mean. It seems enless. All those round and round and round…and round. Then you have to look for a parking space. With all the papers reporting about robberies and kidnapping…it just gives you the willies.

  2. its best while going up these car parks to focus on one point in front of you, else your eyeball also pusing.hahahha…u shld try the car park at the mall,kl. itu lagi pusing…

    on tight spaces, same here. its either migraine or headache, esp on MAS economy flight seats. mayb cos im big sized. the best is to sleep on these flights or trips. tried pil chi kit teck aun or sleeping pill?

  3. Ya, going up at Gurney Plaze parking is teruk. Damn teruk. I prefer to park at the basement. Expensive also never mind but if lawrence is driving then, let him drive lar. You also know lar. My car size and yours also sama sama besar. Hahahaha……….

  4. erina – Yalor, our cars so besaq and the lane so narrow. So hard lah.

    ahpek – What? You dun cum wan ah?

    budokid – Got one more. Menara Tabung Haji. That one paling teruk.

    may – So far, Penang quite safe lah, touch wood.

  5. rm1 per entry and rm1.50 per hour…

    ask your atm to come down to kl and stay here for a month la. minimum rm3 per entry, or rm2 per hour, everywhere.

    well nearly everywhere la.

    but in kl everywhere la.

  6. Dick and Ron is the same thing isn’t it? *LOL*

    They wont understand our joke lah.

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