If people tells you, easy to earn money online, tell them “don’t bullshit”

It is a hot afternoon on a Saturday. My dear hubby is taking a nap in the children’s room. Two older ones have things to do outside. Two younger ones are playing in the aircond room.

Me? I am sitting here trying to figure out some new WordPress plugin for my Flickr photo album. I tried to finish it last night and forgot to look at the clock. By the time I realised, it was 4 am! Woke up at 11 am, had a family lunch of chicken rice and we are back home.

Back to staring at the PC. I am not going to stop until I figure out how to get my Flickr photos to show only my own photos and not the Flickr groups I belong to. BTW, the link is on my photo page.

I was also trying to figure out how to make my Make$ Money$ to translate to simplified Mandarin with just a click. I got the new template through Ahpek who gives freelinks and my blog can be translated to German, Italian, Spanish and dunno what other language. (those little flags on the left side?) But I want to add Mandarin to it. Am I ambitious? But of course!

Another thing is I was staring at my current template and looking at the css file. I want to change the pink (on the link) to a brighter one because it is too pale. But I can’t figure out which part of the css to change.

So, the next time, some young punks fooled you with ‘Make easy money on the internet, Make big money easily, Easy to earn’, please tell them to fark off and stop bullshitting, ok? Tell them 5xmom said earning money is not easy. The challenges are worth it. The fun of learning and discovering something new is exhilirating. The fact that your blog has more cool stuffs than others is rewarding enough. All these are the reasons I kept improving on what I know. Not the dollar and cents.

I have 20 more pieces of paid posts to write. It is getting mind numbing but the thought of sitting here and just tapping away on the keyboard is enough carrot to make me do it. After all, I don’t need to sweat it out or carry anyone’s balls to earn it. Sap sap sui, three companies, close my eyes I also can write. And none of you need to read those posts because it is hidden in blogs far far away.

Oh do you know that I have earned RM1K from nuffnang already? From the day they launched until now? I have band 25 to band 1 blogs. So, if anyone wants to know how they calculate the bands, ask me lah! I just figured out how the different numbers of the bands correlate with the RM figures. But sorry wor, I wont’ tell. Hehehe. This is to protect us bloggers, really. We do not want advertisers to come to our site and comment, ‘Chey…this ciplak blog I also have to pay so much money ah?” You know lah…advertisers pay us so we kena kowtow wan. See? Earning money not easy.

band 25 – kickass traffic blog

band 18 – moderate ones like my food blog Best Recipe

band 3 – most bloggers’ blogs get this, even my Make$ Money$ blog get this grouping only

band 1 – aiyor…shy also to tell you which blogs of mine get only band 1. But at least [tag]nuffnang[/tag] gave these blogs a chance.

Ok, back to work. Have a good weekend!

18 thoughts on “If people tells you, easy to earn money online, tell them “don’t bullshit”

  1. Wah!!! You got so much from nuffnang ady kah? I also want to earn some extra pocket money from blogging liau. Can give tuition moh sin? 1k for a month also good enough lor. No need to see ppl face and we can say what we wan, not bad mah hor?

  2. 20 PPP to do and 1k already from nuffnang? heck… i only got 1 ad from them so far… sigh… i wonder if they will give me anymore advert.

    oh… how does the band works? send me the details ya? thanks mom.. i mean… 5xmom… šŸ˜›

  3. Untie, make money online easy then go work in a restaurant as a waiter lo! Before i blogging, I work as a waiter. Now I earn 20X more than work at the restaurant. If I dont say make easy money, then work hard money meh? Maybe sometime people “huo zai fu zhong bu zhi fu”. I not offense anyone, but just my personal experience and view point to share together.

  4. I am envy and also admire you earning so much.
    Wish I can learn some tips from you!!
    Do give us an e-Tuition la!!!

  5. I think my blog oso kena sumbat into Band 1, earning less than RM5 from Nuffnang even though got 3 advertisements liao so far. Sigh! Give tuition lah, Auntie! I don’t think I’m gonna get my cheque from Nuffnang anytime soon. Double sigh!

  6. lilian, i think u drop off my RSS again like last time..i thot u no update but its my RSS dun pick u up! dunno why but i know u must update wan lah so i come over to say hi lor!

  7. Lilian, i also find that your link color too pale. It’s difficult to read when suddenly in the middle of the line becomes so pale i have to figure out what is it.

    Can you see in style.css, got lines like a: link, a: hover, a:visited, change the color of a: link to deeppink. Normally should be at the top after body. Email me if you need any help.


  8. How do you know what band you are? I went over to my account and couldn’t find any band thing. =( And it’s true. It’s the first thing that comes into your mind when u wake up in the morning! This blogging thing! Dangerous and scary! Haha.. But I’m so terrible with the css thing and all that but I love what you did with ur blog! I love PINK and the little cartoon is so cute! So YOU! =P

  9. princess shin – Got lah, it is on our earnings there, with the little numbers? 1, 2, 3, etc?

    bryan – I checked yr Alexa traffic liao. Hehehehe, your blog international lah, 26% USA, 23% Msian, the rest other parts of the world. No wonder tak laku lah. I heard that the local advertisers like a concentration of Msian traffics. That’s why all the tech blogs not so ‘hot’ with nuffnang. Hehehe, I got the right niche, so laku oni.

    jenny – It works! Tks a lot. I am so clever! Hahaha.

    wuching – I also dunno why lah, you see why I got only 30 readers? So sad lah.

    Want tuition? Go to my Make$ Money$ blog lah. There plenty of tips what.

  10. I got my first nuffnang ad yesterday, no need to see i know it’s band 1 liao lah… hahahaha

  11. *creating porn and gambling sites*

    I will let you know when i Make my 1st Million online in a few hours. Bwahahahaha!

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