Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin – Read this please?

KUALA LUMPUR, May 5 (Bernama) — Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin said today Malaysia has to classify web bloggers as professionals and non-professionals as a mechanism to prevent misuse of blog sites.

He said he believed that professional bloggers were those who were more responsible in ensuring that their web content was based on the truth and not rumours.

Care to tell me how is the Government going to classify us? How to control us? Do you know the number of web bloggers we have in Malaysia? Do you have the statistics? Do you know their age group, platform they blog from, where their servers are located? Do you know their education background?

I say….so where do I stand here? I am damn professional, ok? I am professional in telling little white lies. I am professional in kutuk-ing. Eh, are you going to give us little stars rating like the city councils give to eating outlets? A, B and C?

Datuk, be realistic lah, we have law in the country, nab those responsibles for causing unrest. And leave the majority of us alone lah. We have thousands and thousands of bloggers in Malaysia, don’t use one galah (bamboo pole) and swipe all like this.

I cuma rakyat biasa, I pun tahu lah. GE coming up, we have plenty of things to write. You can’t stop us from writing. This is democracy. Why, kerusi shaky kah?

And then, don’t try to pull some fancy French party to use as kambing korban lah. We all bloggers, tak heran dengan nama nama Perancis tau?

The minister said that during his recent visit to France, the Chief Executive Officer of the Nice-Matin Press Group, Michel Camboul, had mentioned the need for the French government to classify bloggers and expressed concern over blog sites having an impact on newspaper circulation and the buying of advertisements in newspapers there.

Lagi ada….jangan lah buat our hearts broken with your nobel intention of defending the poor kampung folks who will be deprived of news because :

Zainuddin said the Internet had yet to be widely used by the people in Malaysia and if blog sites became an alternative press that forced the shutdown of newspapers, the rural people who depended on newspapers would be denied the right to information.

Eh, if the poor kampung folks are not connected to the internet, whose fault is it? The Government lah. Mana itu janji-janji semua of making them having a fair share of the country’s wealth?

BTW, I am open for hire. Which political party wanna hire me to blog for them? I am….dengar baik-baik, don’t blink your eyes:

1) Nominated for the international Bloggers Choice Award for being the most obnoxious blogger;

2) Classified by Sabahan as 14th most influential blogger;

3) Given the top ten position as Weblog paling popular di Malaysia 2007

Eh, attractive kan? How? A fleet of Mercedes, a piece of land with a big bangarlow, bigger than Datuk Zakaria, a diamond ring bigger than Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, a curry house in Australia, a satay hut in Japan, a yatch in Turkey……ok, lah, cincai lah. I won’t demand more. Eh, I didn’t ask for curry rice in Kamunting, ok? Blek.

All quotes taken from Bernama.

And my point is? That we bloggers should learn to speak up more. If it is ridiculous, say it. And please go and register yourself as a voter NOW. Make your choice count. And if you have a blog, get your voice heard. Doh!

21 thoughts on “Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin – Read this please?

  1. I have yet to use steady connection in this country.
    Malaysia have yet to offer proper and steady internet connection.
    The number of internet users are minuscule in this country compare to ppl who eat rice.
    To compare with France is like comparing a durian and a peach.

  2. Very good post. I could not condemn any teruk than you already myself. The gov treat bloggers as if we just here to cause havoc. But sometimes…you just get that restless feeling you can’t do anything anymore. Its too much to change.

  3. Relatively speaking, we are all professionals compare to this dungu the rakyat voted into office just to show the world: Malaysia is indeed bodoh! 🙂

  4. true
    way true
    better than the true lies the government is spewing about us bloggers
    if they had any brains
    they would know most if not all of their policies don’t work

  5. Oh yeah, with the increasing price of The Star paper on weekend, everyone go online and read blogs for the latest news. We have to resort to other alternative since the government doesn’t know how to control the pricing in this country anymore.

  6. Betul, betul. I saw it in the papers and the next thing I did was masuk PPS to see if there’s a discussion going on about this. Surely spicy.

    I agree with the kampung folks part. The people at the top are getting richer at the expense of the poor.

    Does the minister even know how to send and read an email?

  7. lambat lagi datang. damn streamyx. i could be the 1st to comment here if not of this unstable connection.
    Anyway, nicely said Lilian. nicely said. Perlukah classification ni? Bikin susah orang aja. Pro or not, just from the friends i met through blogging, i can safely said, they all committed to what they posted. Now, thats definitely shows how responsible persons we are. Even cakap pasal makan tengahari tadi pun boleh dikatakan serius untuk di post blog. Salahkah? Apalah Datuk ni. isk isk isk.

  8. to some of us its not that we dont want to voice it out, its just that we might know the exact words to put. but surely what u said hits every note there is. this is unjust to all of us (provided they have the balls & brains to pull this off). surely havoc up down left right.
    if they (the gahmen) cant control their own internal people from bribes and building castles without permit, who and how are they going to dig out all of us in cyberspace. for all u know, im guessing about 5% m’sians are blogging from around the world. try stop that.

    fools… Malaysia BolehDoh

  9. 1 vote for Auntie Lilian!!!

    Eh? You are not competing for the next GE kah? Sorry sorry! LOL!!! *runs*

    I bet my life that those ministers who said that never even log on to internet or know what is internet, never mind reading blogs. Thats why they always make baseless accussations! Cakap tak pakai kepala hotak mia idiots!

  10. clare, u cant say that. what more ur betting ur life on it XD

    well, they might have logged onto the internet and all with what their free connections finding for pron.

  11. love your last para… “That we bloggers should learn to speak up more!”…. Indeed we must! If we continue to keep quiet and happily accept what they say, i wonder what will be left of us in the end.

    Anyway, like you said… GE coming mah… so all the big shots need to make some kinda speech to gain some valuable points… amongst ppl in the kampung la, cos they know urban ppl like us are hopeless already.

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