The life span of a blogger

Do you know that my site to collect the blog feeds, has gotten itself a PR5/10? OMG, I never notice it until recently. How nice! If you haven’t submitted your blog feed to it yet, please do so. Remember to give me the FEED url and not just your blog URL. Otherwise, I will have a tough time to find it and add them. If you have submitted and did not see your blog feed there, please send me a form with your URL again, ok? You can get the form over on the site.

Now, while I was doing a little bit of housekeeping over there, I notice that many good bloggers seem to have disappeared without leaving a goodbye note. For example, I used to have so much sistah hood with Helen of My All. But somehow or other, she sort of lost her bubbles and no longer blog for weeks.

Beside that, I notice that many bloggers started a few blogs but these blogs too were not updated for weeks. (I did take out some of those neglected blogs, please re-submit if you start to blog again).

So I wonder, do we blogger have a lifespan? How many years can we go on blogging before we die a natural death? I notice many bloggers lost their lustre after a few months or maybe a year or two. I am sure you can easily quote a few blogs that are no longer what they used to be.

Therefore, do we bloggers have a lifespan? What do bloggers do after they stopped blogging? When do you plan to retire from blogging?

Me? Not so soon because the lure of the beekim carrot is there. šŸ˜‰

Yo, where have all the good bloggers gone? Where are you Helen cheemui?

18 thoughts on “The life span of a blogger

  1. My life as a blogger died 1 yr ago, but i’m rejuvenated by my school’s assignment on blogging *swt*

  2. i think u know i have a pretty short blogger lifespan wan. last time itu buangmasa i play one year then kasi buang d. now this bleargh… u know why i never throw wan la. dun waste PR. lol.

  3. I am still new. I just can’t imagine myself not blogging. My work, my hobby, my son’s favourite toy, all related to computer. and now at home got wireless, just by not blogging, feel like something missing. but i guess, it will happened sooner or later. I just hope till i got my first RM10K at least. LOL.

  4. once in a while… we all lose focus, one… need to take a break.

    this post of yours got me going through my archives, hehe. a good thing to know i didn’t have much focus to start with šŸ˜‰

  5. like u said, blogging has evolved & if one can’t change with it then one perish so this is in fact natural selection of the fittest blogs! hahahahahahaha..

  6. Not enough time to blog recently. Too occupied at work (files increasing), church (food & fun fair – just over and church camp coming soon) and home (maid chao liao). Given time, I would definitely blog everyday. I know many of my regular readers come back daily and I feel kinda bad to have nothing for them to read. Sometimes, others things just take priority. Just hope they will understand and keep coming back when there’s something new. That’s why I always advocate the use of RSS readers.

  7. Some only last for days! There, like that celaka Ah Beng leh!

    If i didnt recall wrongly, it lasted 3-5 days. Bwhahahaha!

  8. right… shall send my feeds there….

    i think i will probably just last for a year… blogging will certainly slow down after i get married… šŸ™‚

  9. alex – Ya, you seems to lost yr bubbles, no more new themes ah?

    zewt – I added yr url already. Eh, after married, write about married life mah.

    ahpek – kamtung, I didn’t know that.

    gbyeow – Hehehe, I know what you mean. Eh, offered to help, you two want to work together ah? Right now the system still a bit cacat wan.

    terence – LOL, you don’t give up, do you?

    terence again – Yalor, wasted my time setting up nice nice template.

    pablo – Yalor, no fire liao? Don’t give up, you know. If not the PR can slides real fast.

    sasha – Dun lah, u got one only.

    wuching – Yalor, all of us have morphed into money eyed monsters and will live as long as there is $$$ to suck on. Hahaha.

    zyrin – I also look back and when the rot is too much, then, have to work hard, think hard what to do to get it back. If not, once neglected, the blog passion dies.

    papajoneh – eh, blog, jangan tak blog. Your RC so niche wei.

    bleargh – LOL, I see that you are going full steam nowadays. It is thrilling lah, right? But sayang la, buangmasa mia pr hilang like that. Last time my blogspot blog got pr5/10, dropped until 3/10.

    hao – Not everyone is cut out to be a blogging survivor, I think. Only die hard money face like us. Hahaha.

  10. Deng!! Now blogging must do homework. Those work can really wear you down.
    Blogger don’t need zam-ala-kazham. Reader’s eye are sharper than razor.

  11. I submitted before, then I changed server and my RSS changed coz I misconfigured it previous server, so it went missing in frenzrss. So I submitted the new link but it’s not there. Then I submitted again last week(I think…) still not display in frenzrss. Dare not to submit too many times, later you tot I spam you ahahaha…

  12. oh! thanks thanks… hmm… jules said i am spending too much time on blogs… let’s see if i can do something about it.

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