Weekend photos



This kavadi bearer actually stopped in his track for me to take his photo. His mouth is pierced with a spear (so he can’t speak) but his friends who were following him told me to “Tangkap, tangkap gambar dia” (take, take his photo). So, I must give honour to him. There was some Hindu celebration on May 2nd, a day after Wesak. I understand that it is a celebration for Lord Subramaniam (not Lord Murugan as in Thaipusam) You can find lots more photos like this in my Flickr album title “Thaipusam/Hindu celebrations


The followers all had a fun time dancing to the loud Indian songs. You have to be there to feel the beat. Fuyoh…Michael Jackson pun kalah. (MJ also lost to them)


This young boy is certainly very brave, having his back pierced with metal hooks, pulled by his friend and his cheeks pierced with spear as well.



Originally, my intention was to test my Nikon D40 with 18-200mm VR lens to see how far it can zoom. I wanted to capture the water scooters in action. Then, I chanced upon this couple who put their 1+ years old baby on the water scooter!


OMG, can you believe your eyes? The mom was holding the baby and the baby has no life jacket! We have a lot of water scooter accidents that cause fatal injuries and yet, they throw away their cowsense for a few minutes of joyride. There were three other water scooters out at sea, zooming around.






10 thoughts on “Weekend photos

  1. OMFG! Something’s wrong with that parent’s brain or what? They aren’t allow to do that in the swimming pool, let alone in the sea.

  2. ouch! looking at the kavadis…scary always a scary sight.

    and the parents….*sigh*. too “many” to cherish them anyway, for them. So cincai la.

  3. Woi! Put your head out of the car window lah!

    What is that door mirror and door pillar doing in your composition!

  4. They just want to win the Darwin awards nomination. Errr, good for evolution, perhaps.

    I did vote. But hor, what is FHM?

  5. moo_t: FHM = For Him Magazine. (the competition mentioned is Australian FHM, though)
    Thank you for spreading the word 5Xmom… I really appreciate it 🙂
    To everyone who’s voted/viewed/commented… *micco hugs*

  6. UrrgHh!! The photo of the baby on the water scooter, makes me soo angry! As silly as Michael Jackson dangling his baby off the balcony!

  7. 1) wow..the kavadis pix..was inspiring.

    2) the lil kid as a potential torpedo bullet… her parents shud be neck-wringed. I kena hit by a water scooter before. Thank god I was wearing a life-jacket…becoz I actually blacked out. And the Life-jacket did save me. Wow..that’s 2x near death experience. hmmm..

    btw..that bryan sapien belum reply la. is he really out?

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