Did you all see who blends in so well with Sammy Bulu?

I just thumbed through the papers today. And there stood a bunch of parrotic, I mean patriotic bunch singing Negara-ku. But hey, if we are singing the National Anthem, aren’t we suppose to look penuh semangat? Why lah Mr. Sammy Bulu looked so glum? Next to him, in the foreground were two very ‘evil stepmothers’ looking political leaders. Ok, then, my eyes fast-fast bypass the big belly Sammy Bulu.

And I saw more errrm….I cannot quote openly ‘cos people may say I kacau keamanan. And I saw…I saw….some son-in-law looking so perfectly blended into the group, sandwiched together gather like that. OMG, he fits! Now, I think he should jump ship and join Sammy Bulu. *slaps self for daring to post this*

10 thoughts on “Did you all see who blends in so well with Sammy Bulu?

  1. Deng!! You didn’t warn us about the photo. Now must buy optrex to wash my eye. Luckily I just take my dinner.

  2. I have a good laugh after reading this. Gosh! You sure have the courage to joke on the Malaysian politicians. No wonder you are being nominated as the most obnoxious blogger, I just couldn’t disagree with them…Haha! Don’t stop here…I really need something to lighten my stress problems daily 😛

  3. Woi! Last I heard they are tracing your IP and coming for you! *Bwahahaha!

  4. hehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehhe

    *look at the picture*


    la la la ku, la nah lumpah nye legakalu…

  5. Aiyoh!!! Last time hor, when i am in school also like tat chor. Teachers teaches us to be penuh semangat but they all leh. Seperti ketam mengajar anaknya berjalan lurus…. hehehe

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