Have I just screwed up my RSS again?

I installed this plugin Feedburner FeedSmith because my older version doesn’t seem to work. Suddenly, I see I have 214 readers! Woohoo, I luv u all! It was hovering around 30 previously which I know is not the correct number.

But I think I have screwed up the thing again. So, people, if you don’t see yr blog reader updating, please come and visit my site lah. Come lah, I welcome you.

And those techie people, can you explain to me how having full text rss feeds help our blog? I don’t get the traffic, I don’t get the stats and my readers don’t come by to see my nice-nice local insurance ad. How then, does this benefits the blogger? I mean, why not, DON’T subscribe and suka suka drop by people’s blogs like I do?

8 thoughts on “Have I just screwed up my RSS again?

  1. well, if not mistaken you can customize ur RSS to show maybe 10% of your post. then for more info need to follow the URL to your permalink šŸ˜€

    then i am sure they will visit your blog kao kao~! each time they want to read šŸ˜€ cheers~!

  2. Wah Lilian…you sure your meter is working alright ar?? It’s still stucked at 214 wor…You want me to go buy some oil to grease it up a bit?? Hmm…maybe it will help it move faster to 300 kua…LOL

  3. i tried feeds at one point, but just couldn’t get the hang of it. I dunno, just no shiok lar … so i just stick to having my usual morning dose of surfing to chanlilian.net šŸ˜€

  4. regarding full-text or partial text feed, you should ask your dear readers. Run a poll, and find out which one your readers prefer. that’s what I did. šŸ™‚

  5. Lilian – My 2 cents … I know you may lose out in hits in the short term, but you will make your blog more sticky, and may keep more loyal readers in the long run.

    My purpose with full feeds is to make it as easy as possible for my readers to read my content therefore maximizing their chance of continuing to read.

    Also to me it’s a great indicator on whether my readers like my writing so I know how best to satisfy them.

    It’s possible to get good hits through good pagerank, links, social bookmarks, good search engine placings blogrolls etc…

    but those are people who get to your site…

    Subscribers are people who got to your site, and like it enough to want to be notified every time you update. That is another ballgame.

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