Siblings are never peas in a pod


So cute hor? We took the pic at the Langkawi Oriental Village. My kid is used to rabbits. But other parents, don’t do this if you are not sure if your kids are allergic to them. It can cause rashes, teary eyes, sneezes and in worst cases, breathing difficulties. Ok, enough of nagging.


One of the best thing of being mom to so many kids is to see how they grow from baby to toddler to teenager. When they were small, they were all born with the same mould. All of them look alike, including Vincent who was born at 28 weeks and weighed 1.45KG. My #1 and #3 were huge at 4.1KG. (to illustrate what is small and big) When he was borned, I didn’t get to see him until almost several hours later because he was warded in the ICU while I couldn’t get into the wheelchair to visit him.

So, when I asked for a description, my hubby told me he looked exactly, ‘Just like one of them’. And indeed, it was true. No doubt he was very, very tiny and had tubes on his nose, mouth and all, he really look ‘just like another one of my babies’.

Yet, each of their baby’s characteristics were different from birth. So, eventhough I had many babies, I never know what to expect because one will be docile, one will be crying all the time, one will be contented, one extra fussy and one just smiled through everything, including jabs.

Now, as they grow bigger and bigger, it is the same thing. One is stubborn, one is fussy, one is extra dun-give-a-fark and one is the smiling buddha. (no, maybe not in that order, just a description). One likes spicy food, one doesn’t eat seafoods, one likes prawn and one just whack every damn thing.

So, as parent, I learnt never to expect any same characters from them. They will react differently to the same situation. I think that’s the healthy way of bringing up children, let loose and let them develop their own characters. Eventhough it is sometimes a ‘bang head on the wall’ situation. Not to mention the ‘Why can’t you just do what your brother do?’

Even I myself, never fit into the same description as my older sisters and brothers. But then, I was 10 years younger than them and grew up in a totally different environment.


So what about you? Are you freakingly the same character as your siblings? Or do you have your own individuality and characteristic that are like day and night compared to your siblings?

Aiyor….I get those “Mom, you know that son of yours…..”

And I would go, “Cilaka, what son of mine, he is your brother lah, dey..”

Retorts back, “What brother, people do things like this, he does things like that. You sure you pick up the right baby from the hospital ah?”

My reply, “Yalor, people not fussy like you, wei. Cincai like me. Maybe, I picked you up wrongly hor?

13 thoughts on “Siblings are never peas in a pod

  1. OiK! K-bro and rabbit… Monkey also want to play lerrrr…. next time bring me along i ride on the goose for u to take picture.

  2. Woi! Cedric, siao ah! Goose meh that one!

    OK, back to the topic, siblings rivalry? Sure got lah, I most handsome mah. (Yaya, dont bother replying) Blek!

  3. Oh, one more thing, please send me my prize. I scored 100% on your quiz. Tenkiu.

  4. i let my son touch anything and everything he wants except for poop. Hahah i guess all will hgave different character la. Like my siblings, 4 also different. Only one similarity: fierce. hahahah

  5. I’m as different from my younger brother as you can get. Probably due to the fact that we were born 16 years apart! šŸ˜€

  6. im the eldest, i do martial arts, i broke my bones, and im the fattest. the rest all girly girly girl. but then we grew up separately.

    but no matter how different in personality, somehow we wil just ‘click’ together during cny

  7. i always have to endure people comparing my sons……….just bcoz they are twins………how unfortunate for them….but it’s people mouth, wat to do ahh??
    some people just couldn’t agree that twins are 2 different human being too that has different characters & behaviour totally ……….sigh !!!

  8. Different! Totally different! But we both love battle games and we each owned a Ninja Turtle toy. Even when it comes to the food we like and dislike, taste in music, subjects we like in school, etc…totally different!

  9. I don’t like to compare because i always say liau – even our 10 fingers aren’t the same lenght leh. Each and every person have got their gifted area. God has his own reason why he created us in such a way…………

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