Cheater! Copying other people’s stuffs is not OK!

It has come to my attention that someone is copying posts from other bloggers and make some changes to her own and passed it as original.

Well, you know who you are. I coached you because I took pity on you. Blardy hell, this is another one of those things that come right smack back on me when I try to be kind to people. I taught you how to earn money but you have gone too smart.

You pissed me off and if not for your little baby, I would have shamed you in my blog, report you to the company concerned and get you booted out. Don’t mess with me because I can be very vile when people took my kindness and gave themselves a bad name instead. This indirectly gave me a bad name.

I have all the proofs and the screenshots of how you steal people’s content and passed it as yours. All of us worked our brains off to get things done the moral and correct way. We don’t take things from another mom and claim it as ours. Where is your integrity? Do you feel happy taking money that you earned through cheating? Do you dare to spend that money on your child and feel happy about it?

To those moms whom you feel she has fleeced off your content, do the right thing. Take the screenshot and mail it to the company. Otherwise, it won’t stop. I have proof of three blogs which she took the content from. I am not going to do the dirty job now but I may if this goes on. And the repercussion is great. Even those whom had been fleeced may get the bad name. So, do it first. Get people who steal contents out of the system. It helps us all in the long run.

Like I said earlier, to be a good blogger, you have to be part of the loop. One wrong move and you can cause the whole blogsphere to shun you. And it is no fun being a blogger with no supporters. Remember that the blogsphere is very close knitted and everybody knows everybody. And anyone who pissed off 5xmom is asking for it.

Let me count the number of things I had helped you:

1) I helped you got through breastfeeding with my FREE forum
2) I helped you deal with a troubled marriage
3) I taught you how to start to earn money, from applying for a debit card to signing up to almost everything
4) I gave you motivation to stand on your feet as a woman and not some spineless woman whose husband will not give permission for you to spend just RM200 to get your domain, will not lend you his credit card to activate your PayPal
5) Most of all, I gave you a chance to feel proud as a person

Then, what do I get? Not even a cent to donate to the Mothering Mothers project. It is only RM20 for goodness sake! I provided the forum for free and all I expect is this once a year participation, which also won’t benefit MMB as group. Just a little donation to cheer up the moms for you to them.

In other words – I get a big smack for being kind. Fuck.

Since you all so 8poh/koong, here is the lead to the person.

60 thoughts on “Cheater! Copying other people’s stuffs is not OK!

  1. sooi2 – Hahahaha, I know what you mean. That’s why I dare not come back to my own comment. Sked I spray bullets lagi. BTW, I brought up the issue, if you know what I mean.

  2. Lilian,

    this kinda VERY BIG issue of the year in blogsphere. i (well my singapore friend actually from a cupcakes group in flickr) faced the same problem recently. i found-out a local cupcake makers copied Trish’ design and proudly baked about 1000 pcs for a reality show. the best thing is she was so happy to receive many compliments from people, wz the guts never put a single credit for Trish. i warned her in her comment box (2nd comment). unfortunately she delete my comment. she even blocked my ip address. thus i email her to warn her again, with cc to Trish and many other forum friends, not forgetting those people who left compliments to her. i also posted something on both of my blog, hope that she understood. if not, she will get it from us.


    what say you Lilian?


  3. she is really silly to do such a stupid thing! she’ll be very cham now….everyone is pointing fingers at her…..she must be warned….if she apologises and stops her stupid act, then i think we can still give her a second chance…..wat do u think, lilian?

  4. kuE – You leave yr url silap kah? hahaha, I get Bible site. But I saw the cakes, yalah, sebijik, semacam.

  5. “And it is no fun being a blogger with no supporters.”

    Hi, not trying to offend you, also not trying to act smart here too , since you have many supporters 😉 , but i just want to let u know (in a kind way) , there are some bloggers who don’t need supporters and still find it fun.

    Plagiarize is BAD! hopefully they stop it sooner. …. being popular is just… like HOLLYWOOD stars. Foreseeable …. pictures, words, stories being copied, pirated. Although it is illegally wrong, still many people doing it , 🙁 feel sorry and good luck!

  6. ah yes, no more pix of u (her, i mean) in sarung only, heavily made-up face, wedding photo from a decade ago and favourite ah beng singer…and be gone with the corny story of ur breastfed husband, bah!

  7. She had her lesson learnt I guess… Thanks lilian for helping everyone with your most kind heart. 🙂 I specially appreciate the forum. 🙂 It helped me through the first few month of “painful” breastfeeding journey.

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