Cheater! Copying other people’s stuffs is not OK!

It has come to my attention that someone is copying posts from other bloggers and make some changes to her own and passed it as original.

Well, you know who you are. I coached you because I took pity on you. Blardy hell, this is another one of those things that come right smack back on me when I try to be kind to people. I taught you how to earn money but you have gone too smart.

You pissed me off and if not for your little baby, I would have shamed you in my blog, report you to the company concerned and get you booted out. Don’t mess with me because I can be very vile when people took my kindness and gave themselves a bad name instead. This indirectly gave me a bad name.

I have all the proofs and the screenshots of how you steal people’s content and passed it as yours. All of us worked our brains off to get things done the moral and correct way. We don’t take things from another mom and claim it as ours. Where is your integrity? Do you feel happy taking money that you earned through cheating? Do you dare to spend that money on your child and feel happy about it?

To those moms whom you feel she has fleeced off your content, do the right thing. Take the screenshot and mail it to the company. Otherwise, it won’t stop. I have proof of three blogs which she took the content from. I am not going to do the dirty job now but I may if this goes on. And the repercussion is great. Even those whom had been fleeced may get the bad name. So, do it first. Get people who steal contents out of the system. It helps us all in the long run.

Like I said earlier, to be a good blogger, you have to be part of the loop. One wrong move and you can cause the whole blogsphere to shun you. And it is no fun being a blogger with no supporters. Remember that the blogsphere is very close knitted and everybody knows everybody. And anyone who pissed off 5xmom is asking for it.

Let me count the number of things I had helped you:

1) I helped you got through breastfeeding with my FREE forum
2) I helped you deal with a troubled marriage
3) I taught you how to start to earn money, from applying for a debit card to signing up to almost everything
4) I gave you motivation to stand on your feet as a woman and not some spineless woman whose husband will not give permission for you to spend just RM200 to get your domain, will not lend you his credit card to activate your PayPal
5) Most of all, I gave you a chance to feel proud as a person

Then, what do I get? Not even a cent to donate to the Mothering Mothers project. It is only RM20 for goodness sake! I provided the forum for free and all I expect is this once a year participation, which also won’t benefit MMB as group. Just a little donation to cheer up the moms for you to them.

In other words – I get a big smack for being kind. Fuck.

Since you all so 8poh/koong, here is the lead to the person.

60 thoughts on “Cheater! Copying other people’s stuffs is not OK!

  1. Sorry to hear ur bad experience, aunti. Hope it doesn’t put u off from helping others in the future. Always enjoy reading ur oliginal post. Take care.

  2. Just like my warning letters to my staff. By my endings got no “FUCK”. Tiu!

    People can stoop so low one ar? Sigh………*copy and paste bloggers*

  3. i know the person too…..this is really bad lah…the ones affected, must go *chun pou* the story to PPP let this idiot suffer

  4. Just report her lah.. like you said, Lilian, we work our brains off trying to think of what to say in our posts, and these kinds of people can just simply our posts and get away with it? Hellz no!

  5. shannonC – Well, I don’t know about that.

    jazzmint – I am not the one getting fleeced but I was responsible for guiding her so it sucks.

    angeleyes – Ya, even if it is for nothing, it is bad. This one is to make money. Lagi cialat.

    ahpek – Like kena sodmomised like that, you mean? Hahaha.

    msaufong – So many blogs kena copied. Dahsyat.

    ahbeng – No lah, cos the word FUCK. It rhymes with FATT. So mah lots of business lor.

  6. sue – I hope she reads and understands.

    terence – Chey, add in FUCK lah, next time. To your bosses as well. See what happened.

    gallivanter – Hahaha, true.

    prometuez – I am a sucker, always kena until skin become rubber liao.

    shoppingmum – LOL, most probably she won’t know it is her!

    budokid – Black dog’s blood leh?

    sasha – How come you first ah?

  7. more impressed by how you helped her actually. still good for you, can’t really control the outcome right?

  8. I was also shocked when I found out about this before you posted it. I quickly did a scan through to see if any of my posts had been copied. Worse still, her blog is not categorized so I could not even filter by PPP posts…..

  9. (faster faster sembelih black dog….)oh btw….imitation is the greatest form of flattery ma…. tech blogs copy lagi worse….

  10. budokid – That’s not the case wor. Tech bloggers need the publicity to spread the tech. This one, terang terang use other’s post to make money for themselves. So it is theft.

    immoms – I doubt she feels anything oso. I just wanna rant about it.

    giddy tigers – Try Copyscape and you can pick up plagiarised stuffs.

    mrsb – Yeah, still one must get the message across.

    dargonmummy – Like that baru got entertaining mah. Hahaha.

  11. I am speechless at this moment..

    i know who she is…sigh..

    “Dear… everybody tend to forgive u.. can u pls come out to apologise? before it too late??…”..

    a chance… the only chance…

    i am real speechless…sigh..

  12. Cool down… cool down… angry too much age faster… not worth it to waste your youth to someone like this… hehe

  13. Wah like tat also can kah? I have to be hati-hati liau. You know lar afterall, I am still a baby mah. Got lots of things to learn lagi. Thanks for reminding me.

  14. erina – Wuah…now I become the chao lang cos she said she so innocent, go visit ppl blog only. Oso kena.

    KJ – I put in a link already. That will lead to the person concerned’s blog.

  15. Lilian..I am so sad. How come she get to join your forum..and I don’t? I applied (last week) and I’m still waiting for the administrator to activate my account.


    Anyway…. you’re right. When I write my PPP, I rack my brains to write a good one..even if it’s a USD5.00 one. So..if someone were to plagerise .. I’d tumbuk the fella! Blogs are public…but don’t be stupid la…don’t be lazy la..don’t copy!!!

  16. mott – LOL, what kinky name you used lah? I hardly approve new members liao unless I know their name. Hahaha too many spammers. Gimme the name u use, i sikalang activate it.

    And hor, you got see how she replied to shoppingmum? And the so called apology on her blog. Now, it become we are the aggressors and she is the victim wor. Niamah, I spent so many emails and time, slowly guide her and now when ppl complain, I must be the tai kar jeh and take the responsibility and speak up mah. If not I become the devil advocate, encouraging ppl to do dirty dealings.

  17. Galivanter – dun la… Got many tech bloggers who actually spend time testing everything we write about k 🙂

    Not all of us are copy pasters 😛

  18. Wahhhh, your title scare me. I though it is me, no I didn’t kill the president. .. (squat down and burrow head)
    I though translation also kena, and wait, I did credit 5xmom…


  19. At last she confess, she even show me which post (non-paid) she copied 2 days ago. My blog so popular for her to copied. Pls I also write paid and non paid post very hard, don’t do this to me, ok? I’m too kind enough to hate a person. Don’t make me do that.

  20. Hi 5xmom,

    I’m amazed with what you have done for her. You are one of the most sincere and helpful person that I ever know online. ..

    I doubt myself have done similiar things so far..

    Although this might not be the right post, but it is still a inspiring post and know you better.. 😛

  21. lilian…not only she likes to copy post, she also like to copy from chats!!!

    “They have been squeezing their brain juices to write the posts and I don’t know if I have did copy them”

    i spoke to her today on MSN and the above was what I wrote in my msn and she even can use this to write her post…..wah piang……I wanna pengsan jorrr…

  22. emm.. i think.. is enough ledy..

    kinda hurt..

    pls give her a chance.. and stop the war ledy..


    peace.. we love peace.

    what a pity… enough is enough

  23. Lilian, I’m not trying to act smart nor someone to tell you what to feel. I know you’re frustrated, but you can’t control other human on what they’re doing right? I just hope that you don’t get too angry over this kind of person, just let them rot to hell. I don’t think she’ll succeed in her life too if she can do thing like this. Sorry if I offended you.

  24. like that also can??? According to other links that I found after clicking on the link you gave, she even copies tags?? -.-

    Anyway,after this incident, will you stop helping people when it comes to writing about paid post? Hee, was thinking of asking for your advice or something since I wanted to try this out. Mana tau I can afford my very own Sony-Cyber Shot T100 from that. Besides I am finishing my STPM end of this year. Looking for chances to earn more money apart from working part time.

  25. ahbu – Sony T100! My fren Samm got a red one. See my digitalphoto, very chio. Ask lah, I always very pat wan. Just check out my Make Money blog, got tips.

  26. what’s the word? plagiarism issit? very tactful of you not to disclose her here, i am sure she feels the bite from this post…

  27. Wah…1st time see Lilian so “garang” but I guessed she’s right about this copycat thing. I was also under someone’s suspicion before…haha…right AP?? But I proved him wrong. Anyway, blogging is fun but if it’s under the expense of others to gain more traffics or worst gain more money…it’s definitely a NO NO.

    I would like to advise this person to step forward to give Lilian a public apology, since she was the one who has guided you from rags to riches. She won’t hang you or even report you to the authorities. If she has the intention of doing so, she would have done that in her 1st paragraph here. We are human and human makes mistakes. If mistakes are rectified at the beginning stage, relationships won’t be that sour later on. So be brave and come forward to apologize. It will avoid worst consequences in near future…

  28. 5xmom you got me on a wild goose chase! i blur blur donno wat you all talking about, and kaypoh go to shoppingmum’s blog but cannot open for the first 3 minutes. SUSPENS only! but now i know siapa… i can sleep already 🙂

    I do notice though, that the grammar she used on her paid posts and her personal ones are different. anyway, hope she can own up to mistakes if guilty, as it seems like in the blog she’s done no wrong.

    nite nite! eeerrr… morning 😛

  29. >Really… if nobody ever tell me.. how would I know my mistake

    hmm i think in primary school also, u cannot copy in tests, right? liddat also dunno?

  30. can i oso complain abt the ah soh supporter? always say pity u pity u wan? very the irritating neh!!!

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