“What is your definition of a good blogger?”

I have no paid posts to write cos I am tired of it. (aka rich enough liao) I have slept for like several hours during the day today and now cannot sleep anymore. So, let’s pick up one question asked by Val who has a nice blog call HLCO – The hardest journey of all, is finding the real you, within you…

You know hor, whenever a blogger writes about blogging, it will either sets people off to join in and talk or it will get people very mad because they will accuse you of being lansi and going up on your high horse. Bloggers hate to hear from another blogger about blogging. Geddit?

I like the latter – annoying people with my ‘know-it-all’ theories. So here goes….

Blogger vs real self vs blog self

There are some nut cases who tend to lump all into one, the bad blog means the blogger is a very bad person in real life. Let’s call them trolls. Just a few days ago, I found this stupid asshole troll who thinks he/she/wateva is so smart to suggest to one blogger I dissed to report me to my Bishop. ROTFLMAO! He even provided the emails. Go lah, please go ahead and make me famous. Imagine headlines on church bulletins and Vatican order..*Blogger kicked out of church due to misdemeanour*

My point is? A good blogger is a person who can invokes, evokes and provokes people’s feelings with their words while they switch from the goody-goody person to the notorious blogger to someone you love to love or wish to hate. Aka me, me, me! It takes some cleverly construct sentences, stories written from an angle and views not explored before by others to make a blog post worth reading. So, to be a good blogger, one needs to have multiple roles and abilities to go beyond the safe boundaries.

Courage to be different

From the above, I said we have to go beyond the safe boundaries. How many times have you notice I dissed people because they tend to come to my blog and then, expect me to conform to their expectations? I had gotten it from all sort of people and the most difficult task is when people tend to silence me using religion or my role as a mom. I had personally told people I know that I like Jesus because He goes for the 1 single lost sheep. Not because He stood there and preach and preach and preach till the 99 sheeps come back obediently like they are expected to. So, I like to explore the territories that I am not suppose to go and see whom I can know. Because of that, I had been dissed openly, privately and behind my back because as a blogger, I had caused quite a lot of controversies.

So, to be a good blogger, one has to try going to the edge. Not just stick to the tried and tested, safe region. Otherwise, it is boring wei.

Be willing to be part of the eco-system

However, when I said being different, it doesn’t mean that you go and annoyed every damn blogger. It means just take up issues and be vocal about it. To be a good blogger, you need to fit into the loop. Whether you want to be part of the mommy bloggers, camwhoring bloggers, blind ‘I can make money’ bloggers, ‘I can rule the world’ political bloggers or any other groups. Take an interest in the gang, look out for each other and provide support when they need it. Not like some friend of mine who told me ‘I support you mentally’ when I got disappointed that he did not speak up for me openly when I got dissed. Fark lah, I also friend you mentally now. Don’t bother talking to me anymore. Mental wank got same or as real one not?

Let your personality shines through

I can sense Val is a good blogger and that’s why her question got me talking. She writes like she has a million people reading her blog. Just like me, I write with a big ego and thinks the whole world reads and agree to my thoughts. Oh ya, no one is allowed to disagree on my comment board, remember that. You want to disagree, go open your own blog and blog till you die, I don’t care.

Ok, back to Val’s blog, she wrote truthfully, with lots of expressions and I can see that she must be a bubbly person. Arrggh..I cannot stand blogs that goes on and on like a drone. First line only got people zzzzzzz….Remember, don’t hold back the words and expression when blogging because that’s make your blog unique.

And while talking about good blogger, I found a good blogger in Zewt. A macho man who is not afraid with his words in the expression of love for his beloved mom and the feelings he has. Zewt is the new Kenny Sia! Only a lot better, less pretentious and more real. Phew….finally I said it.

So, folks, what do you think is a good blogger? Go blog it lah! Tajuk karangan : “What is your definition of a good blogger?” Think about it?

20 thoughts on ““What is your definition of a good blogger?”

  1. A good blogger is someone
    who can reply the nastiness reviews with kindness. All bloggers who put in efforts to blog and naturally they want good reviews but when they received bad ones, they are the worst with their replys. I know of a good blogger from Malaysia. He writes well and he knows they are hundreds who love him but he knows
    there are tenths who dislike him. His introduction is so down to earth and he’s such a joy.

  2. Untie, the zewt blog not funny like kenny sia la, but have a good writing la(better than me 1000x). Well,be a good blogger,not easy la, need to do a lot of thing la. I couldn’t reach that level yet. šŸ˜€ Maybe you can be the model of the “good blogger” ler? šŸ˜‰

  3. Go to frostier website and read abt himself. Then you can see that he fits into his own definition of “good blogger”

    -Unlimited self-loving blogger in progress-

    wakakaka. Must take this chance to whore some traffic from lilian’s readers, you see. And when one can do that, one has become a “great blogger” instead. Always seeking attention.

    So am I good or am I good?

  4. A good blogger have to have fansee like me! Enough said! My prize leh! Niamah!

  5. A good blogger also have to promote her other blogs at the bottom with a banner. Blek!

  6. I gather a good blogger here don’t mean a lawful fella with a blog eh? hehehe. I think bloggers should blog as they are since it is anonymous, your true self should be shown to others, short of revealing names and the odd photos. The key here is be yourself as it is a great tool for sharing. As for myself, I’ve being to turn a new turn on how I write and what I write, more mature, more the real me and most of all sharing His blessings. In turn I hope i can learn from others of like minded as well šŸ™‚ Cheers!

  7. i baru interviewed another reader about what she like in my blog, she said that when she read my blog, she felt like the monitor is speaking to her. Okay ka?

  8. I am very honoured to be compared with someone like kennysia, though we have very different approach in blogging.

    What is a good blogger… hmmm… a very good topic indeed.

  9. wah zewt so modest hahaha….diff approach to blogging…….wat a nice way of putting it

  10. Economist – Zewt’s the more ‘thinking’ stuffs.

    zewt – Diff market lah, right?

    pablopabla – Hehehe.

    padese – But Menj is special. Who else can cause as much flaks as him.

    gallivanter – Yeah, I agree.

    sasha – Yalor, I like that kind of writing lor…Make we all like 8poh when reading that time

    JoeC – Wuah, long time no see.

  11. Ah Beng – You saw it hor? I sayang all my pics got no place to go mah….Dun say me like that lah.

    Terence – Puadah, lansi nyer.

  12. Yo! Never in my wildest dream would I ever thought that you’d write a post that has my blog addy inside! I’m honored. *salutes*

    OMG!!! Thank yousss a zillion trillion times! You rock you one hot mama babe!!!

  13. Wow. I’m flattered that you’re using my blog as a benchmark, Aunty Lilian. Yes, zewt is certainly a great blogger and from what I can see, he has his niche of readers. Like he said, he and I are blogging different things in different styles so I guess that’d be like comparing apples with oranges.

    I prefer topics less straining to the brains, and filled with more photos than words. So I think zewt might be insulted if his blog is compared to me! Haha

  14. to me, a good blogger is someone who writes about anything and everything under the sun. i mean i for instance write about my memorable encounters or things that upsets me as i journey through life and how i reacted. i’m basically quite a quick tempered person so everything under “rants” are written with full emotions… but later on, i would reflect upon myself the decisions that i made at that point in time. so basically, i write what i wanna write…

    once, i read about this female blogger who copied and pasted another famous female blogger’s posts and edited them to insert her own photos. when she was caught, she claimed that she likes the famous female blogger… i mean wtf??? what kind of retard answer is that? if you don’t even know what to write… why write in the first place? so you see… the ability to churn out posts after posts (without having to seek permission from anyone) is truly an art with lots of creativity involved and THAT is what makes one a good blogger.

    my 2 cents.

  15. A good blogger able to provide information relavant to his/her blog’s theme. Don’t you think so? I like the way u categorize the information using several blogs…

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