13 thoughts on “Yippee!

  1. I had stopped reading and writing blogs for sometime and after reading your previous postings, Niamah, only then I realized I’ve been missing so much excitement!! lol

    Hope everything is well. šŸ™‚

    BTW, i need advice from you. I went to another blogger’s blog and to my surprise/horror, I saw a comment that ‘supposedly’ came from me… which I did not post. How ar? Does that mean somebody stole my blog password and start posting comments on my behalf? The comment is not rude (thank God) but then, it’s not me… *sked* How ar?

  2. I nearly fainted from the flashing idiots :-}
    Yeah.. I’m an idiot coz I do try to read yr blog even during office hours ;-|

  3. Agnes – LOL, the music stays in your mind hor?

    Helen – Harlow! Long time no see. Eh, I got blogged about you in the last few posts wor, missing you wor. In the Life span of a blogger. Then, hor, how ppl use yr ID, with Google ID or just the regular ones. If using Google ID, you better check ler. Where, show me lah.

  4. Eh…use your blog as homepage? Not a bad idea too but after seeing your dedication, I think it’s not worth it…Haha. But don’t you think it’s a bit cruel to do that to someone who worship you? Well…it’s a good laugh after all as I respect your actions and decisions as always šŸ™‚

    Take care and “Happy Mothers’ Day”

  5. Oh dear dear.. I’m a terrible daughter. I’m totally dreading this Sunday because I have no idea on wat to get my mum. She always prides on me giving making her day ‘tat’ day. Oh dear.. Any ideas? =(

    Btw, what web hosting site do you use to host your blog? Thanks! =)

  6. Who is that stupid IDIOT lah??? Homepage!!?? STALKER!!!! no no, IDIOT STALKER! Niamah!

  7. cher…i also put yr blog as my firefox home page le in office. early morning open browser see pink pink, the whole day go smoothly.
    there was a week u went missing or yr blog server was down..huah…i suffered withdrawal symptoms

  8. Everyday, i also visit your blog keh. No need no energy to start work. Btw har, this is from the bottom of my heart ah.

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