Niamah. What’s the big deal about niamah’s day? Don’t you agree that in the first place, there shouldn’t be just one day dedicated to niamah but maybe like a week? How come those bitches who screwed up people’s lives in the offices (like the previous-bitchy-me) get a full Sexyturkey Week, and rewarded with Annuar Uwekkkzain or Anita Sangatlawak concerts and hundred over Ringgit meals? While Niamah gets only one day?

We are not being fair to niamah, don’t you think so? Niamah was the one who gave birth to you. Niamah took care of you from the day when you cannot do a single thing, except sucking nen-nen and poo-pooing until who you are now. Yet, niamah only gets a mention for one single day.

Besides that, you are expected to reward niamah with what? Slimming centres courses? What? You insult niamah she fat issit? Or you give some massage chair. What? You think niamah got time to sit down and enjoy?

You tell me lah, where got fair. Don’t you think we should not celebrate niamah’s day just once but do it every day? In fact, my kids oso never care much about niamah. It is not my family tradition to have pomp and grandeur on just one single day. I expect them to do it all the time with the the tiny little things they do. Niamah, that’s only right, no?

(char koay teow with duck eggs hehehe since I can’t find salted duck eggs pic)

Niamah. Appreciate niamah while niamah is still around. Do all the little things niamah appreciates. Don’t just wait for one single day in the year to do it because you probably had done many things that hurt niamah’s heart. It takes more than one single day or a stalk of a rose or a single meal to make niamah knows that you care. Do it while niamah is still around. Don’t wait till it is too late and niamah already sell salted duck eggs to feel bad over it.

But never mind, even if niamah already sell salted duck eggs, you can still do niamah proud by being a good person.

Happy Niamah’s Day, anyway.

(hehehe, to my non-Chinese speaking readers. Niamah = your mother. ‘sell salted duck eggs’ = living in the next world already)

What? From my title, you think I am cussing? No wor, I am only writing a regular post what. Nay, my #1 fansee suggested it. He said if niamah still around, she sure slapped him (me) for using niamah so often. So, this is in honour of all our moms. Living and deceased. You may have taught us well, but niamah is still a very favourite word we use amongst friends. Niaaaaaamah.

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you and to all ‘Niamahs”… . Me being one of them too.
    I agree with you that it is the little things we do for our mothers that matters. Not only for that day or when they are 6 feet under.

    Kudos to all Mothers .

  2. ckyeo – No lah, it is duck egg, duck egg lah.

    zewt – Of course! I am sure not many can live up to that, keeping the cooking somemore.

    may – Yalor

  3. I oso dun celebrate niamah day. Donate money to card companies only. Might as well donate to more worthy causes hor? Every day should be niamah day!

  4. niamah day will just another day for me to call home (not say I don’t call home often enough).. will just be another ordinary day besides that anyway.

  5. Everyday should be niamah day. The one and only unconditional love. I love and miss my Ah Mah.

    HAPPY NIAMAH DAY! Great post! I’m lovin’ it! Niamah!

  6. is today meh? hi lilian how u been. mayb i shud call my mum and say ‘happy lao bu day’… u got go to ‘ni lao niang’s place? šŸ™‚

  7. Happy Ni Lao Bu Day!!!

    Yes, agree that everyday should be Niamah Day, not just that one too-commercialized day of the year only. We wouldn’t be in this world without niamah. No money in the world could compensate for all the sacrifice that niamah has done and is still doing for us. Damn it! I’m gonna blog about this. Thanks, auntie, for the inspiration, but I won’t copycat, don’t worry! šŸ™‚

  8. ^(@_@)^””””… this means I “see pek bay tong” (really cannot bear without laughing in Hokkien) how Lilian can just write such a blog with just a comment from her reader on “niamah”. Wah…Lilian, my mentor, my respected “niamah”, your mind really work fast in coming out with such a joke. Haha….well done!

    Anyway, “Niamahs’ Day” is just a symbolic day where we all celebrate with our “Niamah” throughout the world. To me, if you are a person with filial piety, everyday is also “Niamahs’ Day”. Does it mean that you spend more (usually restaurants/gift shops/florists/bakeries charged more on this day) on that day on your “niamah” that she will be really grateful? Who knows in her mind she might be thinking, “Hey Son/Daughter…don spend so much lar…save your money for rainy days mar… You wan you come see me more often…wat i need is your time…your company…your love”.

    See how great a mother is towards her children? A Mother will never stop sacrificing her love towards her children until the day she leaves us… “O Mighty Mother…We shall cherish your love towards us, not only today, not only tomorrow , but forever”.

  9. woooh… looks so good leh, lilian… not the koew teow, i mean your pic… your pose… hmmm… sexy… actually would love to gasak the koew teow lah… waaah, how, like that…

  10. I’m still wondering why “sell salted duck eggs = living in the next world already” until this day. Any explanation for that?

    Anyway, Happy mother’s day!

  11. Agree with you, niamah day shd be celebrated everyday. We mothers remember the smallest deeds by our children and that itself makes our day.

  12. Wah!!! When I saw your title hor, I terkejut. What happen pulak got the word niamah there. After further reading………… oooo you are talking abt mama. Yalar, y only remember mother’s once a year har? It should be a every day thing mah. Maybe, on this day, it a extra special day kot hor? But one thing to share with you is, kids tense to spend more on mother’s day than father’s day leh. Even my customers hor, they get so excited buying cakes lar or making cakes for their moms but when ask them tarak make cakes on father’s day kah? They will say, laupek tarak suka makan cake lar. My ah pa don’t fancy this kind of thing lar. Lohtau don’t know like keh. All sort of excuse one. No matter what, father is also as important as mama mah, agree?

  13. I used to teach angmohs Mandarin, they were always fascinated that we have the same expression as YOUR MOTHER, and remembered that real quick. šŸ™‚
    Blessed Mother’s Day!

  14. terence – Cilaka. Tomolo leh, tomolo blog what? Tajuk karangan mana?

    stupe – Yalor, that one is the best CKT from Penang. Pulau Tikus, opposite police station.

    Leah – Indeed! I never realised that. It is almsot the same in all languages. Maybe easiest for babies to pronounce M?

    hijackqueen – Caught your attention ler?

    helen – I like yr post better, nay the first class seat?

    erina – I dunno wor cos my niapa long long time sell salted eggs so I never really feel it.

    mae – yalor, it is the little things they do that is more important.

    hao – I oso dunno. Ask ahpek and see?

  15. Lrong – You mean the tiny pic on the sidebar? Hehehe, the marvels of photoshop.

    criz – The idea from terence wan lah, I won’t dare taruh like that, sked kena flame. Lucky no kena. Hahaha.

    clare – Hahaha, copy paste 5xmom cari mati wan. Hahaha.

    alex – No lah, this Sunday but not all countries celebrate it the same day

    ahpek – Got get slap?

    budokid – tenkiue

    wuching – this sunday lah, i jump the gun mah

    sasha – Like that oso got?

    terence – yalar, yalar, thanks to you, so many ppl aware of it liao

    earl – niapoh

    mrberng – Ya, good to treasure all the time you have

    moby – Yalor, want to go eat also geek sei, price hike, crowds and the over the top celebrations. Do it other day better.

    princess – thanks!


  16. Lilian,
    I meant to say YOUR MOTHER is “Niamah” when you said it at a different tone, it’s a curse too. šŸ™‚
    You are right, “mmm” is one of the first sounds babies learnt across all cultures and languages.

  17. Happy mommies Day. Missed this post. I made my wishes to most of here at my family blog off day on 9th May. If anyone not included. Please let me know.
    Just for info, i was surprise about the title … coz we used to hear that niamah for cursing. Kekeke.

  18. Honestly, I really thought you were cussing. Like Whoa! One whole post solely for cussing?! Thank God it isn’t. Haha. And I totally agree with you. Mother’s Day should be an everyday affair. Happy Mother’s Day minna!!!

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