What if life doesn’t have UN-DO key?

I am using Microsoft Office 2007 which is the only thing compatible with my Windows Vista. Previously, I have Office 2000 which came with my five years old Dell Desktop. So seven years is a LOT of difference and therefore, I cannot find the undo key in PowerPoint. Not only that, I cannot add slides from library because I cannot find that either. Cilaka, this is the first time I am using PPS on my Vista, ok?

So, I was bitching about not being able to find the UNDO key because I cannot correct the stupid mistakes I kept doing. Like white fonts on white background. Tiu. I had been sitting here eating roasted pumpkin seeds for breakfast……


and now, it is lunch time already. And I am still slowly un-doing my errors.

So, I wonder if our lives have the undo keys for us to deal with our mistakes? I think we do. But sometimes, we also can’t find the UNDO key and had to slave and toil until we do. You get what I mean?

You don’t? Never mind, I am just tired of PPS and blog to crap for a while.

Meanwhile, check out BlogWawasan.com who featured my blog brandname. Woowee…5xmom is a good brandname, ok? Thank, Dan. Now, BlogWawasan.com is a new blog. But it is refreshing to note that it is not, yet another ‘I can make money online easily’. So, congrats and keep blogging, young man!

I also noted that Hongkiat made a post about Malaysians who make money online. He quoted me. Thanks! It feels good to be named up there and yeah, I deserve it. Liew and another person were featured by NST but Hongkiat asked why others including me are not included in the list. As I told Hongkiat, I like to remain below the radar. Hahaha, but sometimes, must acknowledge my own hardwork too.

*now, where is the blardy undo key again?*

12 thoughts on “What if life doesn’t have UN-DO key?

  1. either press Ctrl+Z to undo or…
    click on the downward-arrow on the top left corner of your MS WORD (next to the round button logo)… then you can check on the short-cut buttons you want to show šŸ™‚
    You can also click on More Commands to select more short-cuts icon to show…
    hope this helps… Using Office 2007 is a bitch at the beginning :s

  2. If life had an UNDO button, everyone would have perfect lives. I think God made life in such a way as to NOT have an UNDO button, so people would make booboos and learn from them. Food for thought? šŸ™‚

  3. How I wish there’s an Un-do key in my life. Sometimes I really did some foolish things and regret after that, if only there’s an un-do key to correct it. But that’s life, at least i learnt from my mistakes. No pain no gain marrr…

  4. Lilian, you are not in the interview list because the reporter asked me for other online money making ppl who living near Selangor area…

  5. lol ctrl+z thing…

    if life got undo button then we ma all never learn from mistakes lor!

    do wrong liao ah? undo onli lor!! so easy ma!

    bt too bad, life is not so easy… agree with giddy and hao, mistakes are made so that you will learn to be a better person.

    so maybe microsoft purposely omitted the undo button so that u will learn oso XD so evil of them

  6. Life will be way to long if you have undo and backup key. šŸ™‚ For example, the joy of 1st time (I mean first time ride the bicycle, drive a car, first salary, etc … what you naughty people thinking ).

    Since human will try to “perfect it” with undo, then… hmmmm, what if Eve undo the forbidden fruits part and cook the snake instead ?

  7. moo_t – No lah, like that call rewind lor. Hahaha.

    conan – But sometimes, things can be undone jugak lah.

    LCF – Hahaha, joking oni lah. I haven’t read the papers yet.

    hao – Can say sorry and move on mah. Mah considered undone lor.

    giddy – Hehehe.

    terence – Still beh suak hor?

    dan – I actually never explore the F keys hahaha. Except F5

    egghead – yalor, so many buttons see until my eyes also blur

  8. If life got undo key then we have world peace and no body dies, but since we dun then its a cruel life unless of course we embrace the good news and believe in Jesus then our record is wash clean. Cheers!

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