“Why no reply comments?”

*teet teet teet teet* SMS from Chao Ah Beng

“HOI!, you no online? Reply komen la wei, lansi!”

*toot toot toot toot* MSN from Telor

*Cipet, you hiding? Reply comments lah wei. When people commented, it is good manners to reply.*

Actually, I forget to save conversation, so those are not the exact words. But it has the same meaning.

Now, I always make it a point to reply comments because I expect people to respond to my own comments I left in their blog unless it is just a casual quote. I mean, it takes a little time and a lot of thoughts for us to pen down those few words, right? So it has to be responded to.

But sometimes, I don’t reply because of several reasons :

1) I want to forget about that post, teeet….change subject, NEXT!!!!!;

2) I found one or two comments that I wanted to tiu (diss), so instead of doing it, I try to let it go. In the end, I don’t reply at all. This way, people will not say, eh, why she skipped my name, wan?;

3) I am really, really busy. Like right now. Because I got errands to do and some powerpoint slides to complete.

4) I am not in the mood to interact.

Point 1-3 do not need any elaboration. But let’s talk about point 4. There are days when my real person is actually not as bubbly as my posts. So, though I do blog, I really am not in the mood to ‘talk’. I think all of us go through those phases when you wish to shut out the world and just crap a one way traffic thing. Reply comments actually take more time than writing a simple post. You gotta guess what the heck the commentor is trying to say. Some leaves nothing for us to reply so typing šŸ™‚ also takes time.

Yesterday, someone told me that my old blogspot still have some nice posts. Which is true because I can just rattle off whatever I think there and then and knows that no one is going to misinterpret it, give me unwanted remarks like ‘I pity you’, ‘Dun angry, can grow old’, ‘yadda yadda yadda’. Or paling chialat, I hate people puji-puji me. Aiyerr…I wear wooden clogs only, don’t need polish wan. But at least I don’t have that lame, “First!” Ewwss..I hate that. Please, stop. Lame!

And then hor…I itchy butt got many blogs so if I reply all comments, until when also never finish. Somemore hor, at times people never read the blog post and eventhough I explained in the post, they sure come and ask some questions again. Very tulan wan, you know? It clearly shows they don’t bother to read, just comment for the sake of leaving a link. I hate that too.

Therefore, cilakak Chao Ah Beng, not because I lansi I don’t reply comments lah, tiu. Niamah. I no reply today because I boh eng go eat char koay teow at Swatow Lane. Burp…..9 prawns, all crawling under my skin.

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**end of testing new features**

So, folks, what’s your opinions on bloggers who never bother to acknowledge you when you commented? You hate it right? But then, there are blog pals which I would leave a comment because it is like a morning ritual. And if a blogger never bother to reply my comment once or twice, if I happened to hop back to check, sorry lah…..I hate rejection. Hehehe.

21 thoughts on ““Why no reply comments?”

  1. Aiks…I just got that feeling a few minutes ago. I just hate people who come in to read your blog, “sapu” their butt and disappear without leaving a trace (comment). For me, I will always make it a habit to leave a comment, regardless whether I know the person or not. It’s courtesy ma…even how teruk or not relevant to your interest the blog is, leave lar a simple comment. At least you make the blogger feel “syiok” a bit and write more blogs lor šŸ™‚

  2. I know.. I actually don’t really like replying my comments too..esp those that juz put one sentence on my post! Dunno wat to say! Can only say things like ‘Thanks!’ or something lidat! Weird! kinda lazy and I always fell that people don’t actually come back to read it but no choice lo.. ppl say replying comments is important if you want ppl to come back so terpaksa la! =(

    But personally I do come back and check what the owner replied if I did left something meaningful. Wanna be acknowledge!

  3. i replied to all the comments (except in those posts during my mom’s passing) becos i think human touch is important. and in blogs, in the virtual world… replying comments in the least we can do to put that little dosage of human touch. having said that, you have valid reasons… so… to each its own šŸ™‚

    oh, i usually accumulate for a few comments before i reply… so i dun reply yours… just wait la… not rejection. haha!

  4. Ooi..!! i hate rejections too..! how come you never answer some of mine leh..?? Maybe.. i #2 .. in your list..?? Ai yoyo..!! hahha!

  5. Sometimes I just plain lazy lah..

    sometimes the comments written in such a way, i oso don’t know how to reply.

    sometimes it’s just a comment, so there is no need to reply.

  6. Still got sms alert tones *teet teet* and *toot toot* ar? Tiu.

    Dont reply, dont reply lah. Close comments lah. If you dare. *Bwahahaha*

  7. I would say it depends on whether the blogger is someone whose blog you visit often or not. Some bloggers don’t reply to comments but they keep coming to my blog and comment. I consider these acceptable. Perhaps they are too busy šŸ˜‰ New bloggers who comment once or twice and expect a link back can forget about it. Muar ha ha….afterall, I worked hard to get linked to other blogs and I expect the same passion from others. Call me cruel but I don’t care!

    As for myself, I used to reply to each and every comment but lately, do not have time to do that, so I reply in general to everybody who commented.

  8. i do my bestest to reply all my commentors coz its polite! so i also expect others to reply my comments on their site, i get tulan when ppl dun do that! once or twice no reply ok lah but some bloggers think they are MEGA-GOD BLOGGER incarnated dun have to reply to all their peasants/slaves commentors coz its expected that they pay homage to them! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. If got something to comment, comment lor. If got nothing to say, then nothing to say lor. No hard and fast rule wan lar. It’s just like any other conversation. Sometimes you talk non-stop, sometimes you just don’t feel like talking.

    The only thing is that when someone leaves a comment, he does not know whether the blog author had read his comment or not. For me, if I leave a comment, I only expect it to be read by the blog author. Any response to my comment is a bonus šŸ™‚

  10. wuching – dun angry, see i replied within four minutes! Must I reply in equivalent length? Aiyor, die liao, what should I say further? Good morning, Mr.Wuching? hahhaa

    immom – Yalor, basic courtesy hor? But sometimes, also really got nothing to reply wan, so keep šŸ™‚ also kinda silly lah.

    terence – My phone and PC super canggih got laser sounds like that you don’t know meh? Somemore these are personal tones you know….Early early threaten me lah?

    ahpek – I got go back and check wan, then jot down how many times you ignore me. Broken heart wan you knowwwwww…

    mamaboK – Ya, ya, ya, I reply, I reply. Kehkehkeh.

    zewt – Yeah, I notice that. Hahaha, I don’t expect a reply everytime wan. Unless I asked a question so I check, in case people replied and we don’t bother to read also wrong.

    princess shin – But hor, sometimes, new bloggers/readers comment, then I sure make it a point to acknowledge them. Regular folks, ok lah, we go over and say hi also the same. New ones may feel ignored.

    criz – Okok, LOL, next time I make sure I say hi also. Hehehe.

  11. Okay Okay! i admit last time i dun reply. No i reply edi….

    But sometimes ppl come and comment for the post berzaman zaman dahulu how to reply? Hahahhaha unless i go and close the comment box la

  12. Why? Cannot threaten ar? I am No.1 fansee! Ban me lah!

    Eh! Go do your slides lah! Leave me alone lah. People have to work you know. Blek!

  13. Ah Beng – Mana lu mia ubat?

    terence – Your parole officer cuti ah?

    sasha – Yalor, I paling sienz is when I had changed topic, people still go back on the same old post. Now, I tulan ledi, drama over liao, somemore go debate with me. Cilaka. Niamah..

  14. Eh.. Because wordpress comment moderation doesn’t show the immediate topic, so I just reply the comment. Even on month old comment. Also install comment-email-responder.

  15. if they normally reply but don’t reply on the occassion..I don’t take offense…it’s just that they’re bz lor….

    ppl shudn’t be too sensitive.

    but i do try my bestest to reply comments..even if the post is very old. A gesture to say, thanks for coming to my fugly lookin blog! MUA HAH AHHAHAHAAHAHAH!

  16. it depends, methinks. if the comment warrants an answer, then answer lah. if not, i think it’s fine to not reply.

    likewise, i sometimes comment on other ppl’s blogs when i go bloghopping. sometimes i’ll check back, if i thought the topic *damn* interesting. sometimes i don’t check.

    and yeah, if i comment on some ‘berkurun lamanya’ post, have to be prepared to not get a reply, kan?

    i think it’s up to the individual. maybe the blog owner malas/not in the mood to reply. up to the blog owner, lah. cannot paksa, what. whatever floats your boat, really.

  17. I alwiz try my best to reply to all comments left on my blog.

    The “Recent comments” feature help me to track latest comments, which is very helpful. It also helps draw visitors to the post – so it’s good.

    But sometimes some comments evolve to become something like ‘conversation’, where there are recurring visits and an interactivity entails – I think this is good for discussion, as long as everyone has a point to make (including myself, the blog owner). But of course at some point, sure must stop one mah – so that’s when I sometimes don’t reply liao. That’s okay because it’s not like I didn’t acknowledge anyone – I already did whut during the first comment.

    I also okay wan lah if my comments on other people’s blogs go unnoticed/unreplied. But I will tulan la if my comment gets deleted – but that never happen b4 la. Hehe.

  18. I used to reply to each and every comment, then became too much time. Instead, I go to their blogs, find something interesting and comment. I think people enjoy this much more, and it lets me go exploring the world without getting my ass off my couch.

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