Remember these moms….

You know something is good when a friend tells you it is. I saw this link today and MSN it to a friend and asked or rather demanded ‘I want you to read this’. Few minutes later, after I had gone out, he SMS me and pulled my leg, “You pay him to write ah? Hahaha, Have a great weekend and Happy Niamah’s Day.”

So, heh, it is one of those post that make me feel good being a blogger. Thanks, Zewt. A lot.

Here is a part of the poem Zewt wrote for all the moms out there:

Trials or tribulations… o’ come what may
So long as your child never gone astray
So let all children stand up and say
To all mothers… Happy Mothers’ Day

And I too demanded that all of you head over to read Zewt’s entry. In case you do not know, Zewt lost his mom about 50+ days ago due to stroke. The family had to make the tough decision of ‘pulling the plug’ and Zewt had written down those moments. Thereafter, it was his journey in dealing with the sudden loss of his mom.

That’s why I often said, Mother’s Day is not that significant to most of us. However, it is a very tough day to go through for many parents. Here are four group of mothers:

1) Parents who already lost their only child. Can you imagine them being caught in a Mother’s Day celebration where children showered their mothers with love? It happened all the time in churches and I had finished my saliva reminding my parish priest to say a little prayer for these moms. Several parents from my bereaved parent support group fall into this category and it was always very hard for them. You are a mother. But you have no one to call you mom anymore. To them, I pray for strength and for them to grow in faith to reunite with their child again in Heaven.

2) Aged, neglected parents and those parents whom had a fall out with their children. During Mother’s Day, all of us happy mothers were usually summoned to the front of the church and showered with holy water as blessings, serenade with songs, given tributes and etc. But what we often overlooked at those lonely women whom are left behind in the pews because they had lost their purpose and their confidence to stand up as mom. To them, my heart aches and I usually cry a silent tear because only certain people can see the pain in their eyes. Let’s not forget them when we are all smiling with our blessings.

3) Women who are not able to conceive and remained childless. We will never know their longings to be a mom. To them, I pray for them to find solace in other aspects of life.

4) Moms who have to bear the sufferings of watching their children suffer. Unless you have walked into a cancer ward or a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit where the children’s lives are hanging on bare thread, you won’t know what this means. To them, I pray for miracles.

So, let’s not forget them on this Mother’s Day.

And to all who had contributed to the Mothering Mothers project, thank you from the bottom of my heart. And especially to the team of heroines who are going to spend their Sunday morning, distributing gifts and cheering up the mothers in University Malaya Medical Centre. God bless you all and may you come out of the event a lot more enriched.

Take a look at Ros’s car! She is the superwoman. Mom of three kids, one on the way and she has the energy to pull this through. Ros, you know ‘Thank You’ is never sufficient from me. But we also know, these aren’t from us but the Almighty Being who puts us all together to carry out the task. So, to God we thank, for giving us this chance to do something. Have fun, girls. I will be with you all in mind and soul!

I promise more cheerful post in the next entry!

23 thoughts on “Remember these moms….

  1. 🙂

    too bad I can’t be in the mothering mother event. I really wish to meet up with the forum-ers…. I am away in BKK.

    Anyway, zewt is a very sweet guy. 🙂

  2. Happy Mothers’ Day
    to u, Lilian 🙂
    and also to those mothers out there who has sacrificed so much for the family.
    God Bless You All 🙂

  3. Happy mother day !
    From a gal who read yr blog very often .
    Jamy from the Sunshine state, Florida, USA.
    God bless

  4. Happy Mother’s Day.

    But celebrations on this particular day should never give any child excuse to neglect/ show less appreciation for their mum during the next 364 days!

  5. Happy Niamah Day..damn zhat creative la u..mother day also bcome nia mah day.. u finish advertising zewt about my turn ar? hahah dun screw me ler..i jk yea..dun wan ur big big fist

  6. The last one again here…. hmmm. never mind..i hope u do not mind Lilian. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY AND WE, PAPA’SFAMILY LOVE YOU ALL THE WAY FROM KOTA KINABALU SABAH!

  7. And almost forgot, thanks Lilian for introducing Zewt to me. The lost is too much to bear but i just hope he’ll be strong in his future undertakings.

  8. Don’t think i’ll be goin’ online tomolo, so i thought i’d just drop my wishes today! Happy Mother’s Day! *hugs*

  9. Came here through Zewt Blog. 🙂 Interesting blog i must say. And some of ya pointers reminded me of an aunt who lost many babies. You gave me an idea to do something for here this Sunday.:)

    Thanks! Happy Mothers Day!


  10. Lilian, i felt heart warming and touched, thx for remembering woman like me, who has no child to mother.

  11. Hey everyone, thanks a lot for dropping by and the wishes too. To all the moms, Happy Mother’s Day as well. Sorry had been out the whole day and did not manage to respond one by one. Thanks again.

  12. Lilian,

    there is another group of ppl who feels tough going through Mother’s Day. A child who witness a mother being subjugated by other children, or witness a mother suffer..

    then again, Happy Mother’s Day.

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