A good diss to start the week – Part One

So, you know about the content stealer who stole her friends’ content and use it as paid posts. She then, out of guilt, deleted her blog. But this is what she wrote on the first line :

Lilian : Thank you for guiding me (edited a bit here) and I’m sorry that if I have given you a ‘bad’ name just because of this issue.

I hereby also sincere apologize to all the mothers whom I have taken your idea and stuff in your blog. Please accept my sincere apologize.

See, her royal hainess 5xmom’s name was put on the table, on the first word, first line, first para. Which means, I am to be blamed, right? She is rubbing her shits to me and act like I was the one who is involved in this. Like I forced her to the edge. Cibai, somemore put in bracket ‘bad’. If bad, means bad, what bracket somemore?

I wasn’t involved at all except to mention it vaguely on my previous post. I guided her, so I am responsible like a parent to reprimand her child if they did something wrong. But I did nothing to shame her because I did not even put her link in my blog. If the thing get blown out of proportion, it has nothing to do with me but those moms whose contents she stole, refused to admit and then, make pretend with a fake apology. They got mad with her because before the dust settled, she went on to write five consecutive paid posts.

Which means, if she put my name in her blog, I have the right to stand up and explain. Which I did in a comment which she deleted. NO ONE FUCKING DELETED MY COMMENT WHEN I AM SINCERE WITH WHAT I SAID. I said this:

To sss1979:

I think it is very childish of you to delete your blog and waste those money that are still pending to you. Moreover, you have breached the advertisers’ contract that you take their money, you put their links indefinitely. I hope they don’t sue you. You don’t have the common sense to even think rationally and logically. No one force you to delete your blog. No one expects you to do anything. A simple apology would have sufficed. But since you are silly enough to get all your logic messed up, no one can help you. Remember, the cause is from you. The reason you delete your blog, is your own doing. None of the moms asked you to take this path. So, don’t try to make it like it is OUR fault and you are the victim here. A person without the grit and logic shouldn’t be on the internet anyway.

Moreover, where is your integrity as a mom? You started a blog for your son, you deleted that just because of a mistake you commit? Where is your dedication to your child?

And she deleted my freaking comment. Oh, I have said that? Right.

Folks, tell me, what did I say that deserved the comment to be deleted? I had used the most polite sentence here because I know she is all weak and emotional and I have reserved my f words eventhough I was utterly mad.

Now, no need to comment yet. I got more rants, which I am breaking into parts because it gets confusing as the plots thicken. Ooohh….don’t you just love me for entertaining posts to start the week? (actually, I wanted to post this on Monday because I had mailed her last night to demand her to take down my name from her blog but cilaka, the more I sit on this, the more annoying it is)

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