A good diss to start the week – Part Three (finale)

Now, that you know the kind of shits I get, do you think it is worth my time to continue my forum?

I didn’t start it. I don’t earn a cent from it. In fact, hosting it is a bitch because of the huge database of the phpBB forum. But I know Life has bigger purposes and the forum ended up on my lap because it is very much needed by the new moms who are dealing with pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting. So, day in, day out, I keep an eye on the administration.

In the course of the three years I had been dealing with it, I had met probably a dozen crazy women who went beserk because they think the world revolves around them. Whenever things don’t go their way, they will start throwing curses at me. You name it, I had seen it all. Moms who believed too much in traditional medicines, moms who hate their mother-in-law and try to start ‘MIL hate club’ in my forum, moms who think their kids are genuines, moms who hate me because I used the word ‘crap’, moms who said I am a bad example because I don’t type the word ‘please’ in every sentence etc etc etc. Blek!

(I am adding more bcos the stupid pic is delaying downloading time but I want to have it cos I memang shiok to rub it in)

I have simple and strict rules because that’s the only way to keep the forum straight to the point. Most people have no problems with it because it has all the information they want. Except for these bunch of crazy women. (eh, all the chau loks, you all wanna start a ‘I hate 5xmom’s forum’ or not? I can set up for the few of you)

I have spent many days and nights wishing to just delete it off so that I no longer need to listen to these gripes. You know, I have no patience for women’s stuffs. You can see that I talked like a man and it is hellish to be trapped in a world where some of the mothers think they are greater than the next person.

But I have many good friends and very supportive and helpful moms there. They are the ones that had guided and helped many new moms to deal with all the trials of a new mom. So, I do know I am built for bigger things and sterner stuffs. Stewpig women won’t deter me.

I am the 5xmom and I will continue running the only Malaysia free parenting forum, where I sell nothing, gain nothing and even my advertisers have their ads on my forum for free. Why? Because I believe in karma too. Good ones.

Therefore….I hereby open the comment for you guys to give me some love. And please say whatever you wish. *let loose the horses and sits in corner eating kuacis* But remember that none of you have the right to tell me to forget it, drop it, don’t get angry, don’t be bothered because it is not your goodwill that had been taken granted for. It is not your three years of keeping the forum tirelessly. You have not walked in my shoes of keeping these bunch of all-women only forum. You are not the one who spent don’t know how many hours coaching that stupid woman sss1979 who doesn’t even know basic stuffs. You are not the one whom had been fooled with sweet words from that two-headed snake, chao cheeybye, fucked up, rachealliang who ran to me with her shitloads of problems and now, openly talk bad about me. In the first place, this fucking problem has nothing to do with her.

And if you think I am angry, you are wrong. I am a damn good blogger and a damn good blogger knows what drives traffic. Suiyees like them which I can make bloggable materials for the entertainment of the masses. I gave sss1979 an email to tell her to take off my name but since she refused, enjoy! If not pedas enuff, go see how angry shoppingmum is as well.

I go gai-gai celibate Niamah’s Day now. Ta ta.

(graphic by PaperNapkin)

67 thoughts on “A good diss to start the week – Part Three (finale)

  1. terence – Now you know… But oi, dun say irritating lah. That woman idol worship him wan, later she stalk me for dirtying his image on my blog. Hahahaha.

  2. wahhh.. the drama goes on. Even my Prison Break drama cannot beat this ler. *grabs kuaci from 5xmom*

  3. Wa, drama galore.

    I won’t said I understand completely how you feel, but I too believe in karma. What goes around, comes around.

    Power through, 5Xmom! 🙂

  4. *brings a car load filled with food and drinks. even got lok lok at the trunk*

    come come come.. drinks rm2, junk food rm2, lok lok 1 stick rm0.50.. come come..

  5. cincau, i’d like a kikapoo please. *hands up* u got sell cermin mata hitam or not? i beh tahan the lup lup star star kissy kissy budak kecik leh!
    5xmom why u torture us, (or just me?!) laidis?

  6. those are the most annoying pictures i have ever seen..how does one become so crazy worshipping another fellow human being like an idolized god? Geez…this rachaelliang is bad influence to her children la..total nutcase.

  7. You go girl!!!!! Lilian cher cher! Jangan kasi chan this type of “she man-eater!!!!!”

  8. whoa…59 comments!!! I *pengsan liao*

    why the hell she put naked pics of the hubby/idol on the forum, is she nuts or what…..she’s really out of her mind liao

  9. hey, seems like i have missed out the ‘LIVE’ show. Anywhere, I like your straightforward character….

  10. I was told to check your blog out for the best drama minggu ini! Seriously, better than Desperate Housewives!

    Checked the other woman’s blog and seriously, I can’t stand looking at her blog. The mata damn pening with so many of what’s-his-face pictures. Urrrggghhhh! And seriously, naked pics of the hubby????? Are your for real?? Siao!!

    *now sits quietly in a corner eating keropok*

  11. My goodness! I thought the dust has settled lioa but look like I’m wrong! Still sooooo hot here!

    I was tempted to write a post about this SSS. After reading what jazzmint and montessorimum posted up I was quite mad as I did talked to her during that period when the fire started!

    Prolly I should resumed the unfinished post about how 2 headead this SSS was! Arrgghh!!

  12. Aiyoh, I should have guessed this is the place to find my answer. Was wondering what’s going on! But was too busy at work to read blogs until now…
    But seriously, hard to understand what they say, long comment from RL, but I very sian to read… only read those parts you highlighted in the forum. 😛

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