A good diss to start the week – Part Three (finale)

Now, that you know the kind of shits I get, do you think it is worth my time to continue my forum?

I didn’t start it. I don’t earn a cent from it. In fact, hosting it is a bitch because of the huge database of the phpBB forum. But I know Life has bigger purposes and the forum ended up on my lap because it is very much needed by the new moms who are dealing with pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting. So, day in, day out, I keep an eye on the administration.

In the course of the three years I had been dealing with it, I had met probably a dozen crazy women who went beserk because they think the world revolves around them. Whenever things don’t go their way, they will start throwing curses at me. You name it, I had seen it all. Moms who believed too much in traditional medicines, moms who hate their mother-in-law and try to start ‘MIL hate club’ in my forum, moms who think their kids are genuines, moms who hate me because I used the word ‘crap’, moms who said I am a bad example because I don’t type the word ‘please’ in every sentence etc etc etc. Blek!

(I am adding more bcos the stupid pic is delaying downloading time but I want to have it cos I memang shiok to rub it in)

I have simple and strict rules because that’s the only way to keep the forum straight to the point. Most people have no problems with it because it has all the information they want. Except for these bunch of crazy women. (eh, all the chau loks, you all wanna start a ‘I hate 5xmom’s forum’ or not? I can set up for the few of you)

I have spent many days and nights wishing to just delete it off so that I no longer need to listen to these gripes. You know, I have no patience for women’s stuffs. You can see that I talked like a man and it is hellish to be trapped in a world where some of the mothers think they are greater than the next person.

But I have many good friends and very supportive and helpful moms there. They are the ones that had guided and helped many new moms to deal with all the trials of a new mom. So, I do know I am built for bigger things and sterner stuffs. Stewpig women won’t deter me.

I am the 5xmom and I will continue running the only Malaysia free parenting forum, where I sell nothing, gain nothing and even my advertisers have their ads on my forum for free. Why? Because I believe in karma too. Good ones.

Therefore….I hereby open the comment for you guys to give me some love. And please say whatever you wish. *let loose the horses and sits in corner eating kuacis* But remember that none of you have the right to tell me to forget it, drop it, don’t get angry, don’t be bothered because it is not your goodwill that had been taken granted for. It is not your three years of keeping the forum tirelessly. You have not walked in my shoes of keeping these bunch of all-women only forum. You are not the one who spent don’t know how many hours coaching that stupid woman sss1979 who doesn’t even know basic stuffs. You are not the one whom had been fooled with sweet words from that two-headed snake, chao cheeybye, fucked up, rachealliang who ran to me with her shitloads of problems and now, openly talk bad about me. In the first place, this fucking problem has nothing to do with her.

And if you think I am angry, you are wrong. I am a damn good blogger and a damn good blogger knows what drives traffic. Suiyees like them which I can make bloggable materials for the entertainment of the masses. I gave sss1979 an email to tell her to take off my name but since she refused, enjoy! If not pedas enuff, go see how angry shoppingmum is as well.

I go gai-gai celibate Niamah’s Day now. Ta ta.

(graphic by PaperNapkin)

67 thoughts on “A good diss to start the week – Part Three (finale)

  1. YA, 1st!!!! Nicole deserve every bit of flak dished out at her. For stealing publicly without an ounce of remorse, and yet delivers such a lame apology is also equally bad. Rachael is another shit-stirrer who tried to rub it in sommore but failed in her pursuit.

    Deleting her blog wont end it for her. She’s lost the first battle. I betcha there’s more to come. She’s going to try and drag every single one down with her stupidity later. Mark my words. I’ve dealt with plenty of women like this. The war has just begun.

  2. wah … so many angry mommies … I also sked. Sit down quietly and leave nice comment here. 😛

  3. hehe.. ganasnya lilian… that’s memang ur style, and i liked it 😀

    now i find how similiar my mom is with you… to scold the hell outta people who ditched your good name and split the sky with them. good “fuck”-ing!!

    as for nicole and racheal, i think both of them really need some reeducation on how to handle people. nicole need some education on plagiarism and responsibility, and racheal need some education on the fine line between friends and enemies, and true meaning buddhism and karma. hey she’s giving buddhism a bad name!

  4. Lilian,
    Way to go….
    I wished I have the same courage like you to openly tell this people off when the same happened to me 10 years ago. This woman instead went around gathered supporters and have everyone’s sympathy. Since she was so weak and freaking sicko, everyone thinks the confident and strong character me victimized her.

    I moved away and ignored her, and never kept in touch with those who took her side(included the pastor’s wife). She had the cheek to invite me for her wedding years later, I just ignored it, though I knew the husband and was good friend with him at one time.

    One of my best friend married her brother in law and they are sister-in-laws now. When my friend called me and told me what a bitch she was and what havoc she had created in the family, I was: “Like I didn’t know about it?” and the advice I gave my friend was: stay far far away from her…

  5. I too often get framed. But I let it go though. Still, at that time, the fire burning in me was indescribable. I am just 17 that time. This girl was my best friend. One day, I went to see some teachers before going to the canteen and there she was, talking to my other good friends how I stole her bf. I overheard them and walk away angrily. The ‘bf’ she meant was the better looking guys on Friendster that she don’t know but added way before me. I was really pissed at that time. Ping Ping has no patience over things like this. I am very bad tempered and I don’t let people bully me like that.

    But I did cry for days thinking that I am somewhat useless and feeling very unmotivated. We are friends now but we keep our distance. Once bitten, twice shy. It is always good to avoid people who find faults with us at times. Besides, don’t because of one bad mom you neglect other good moms. I am sure they appreciate what you have done. Anyway, can get some good moms and gossip bout the bad moms to keep ur flame in control. =P

    Have fun celibrating ur Mama Day. =)

  6. Natashea – Too bad I deleted yr comment. I had said it very clearly, I don’t need to hear a nag. Read my post thoroughly and if you agree, fine. If you don’t, then, I have said, keep quiet. You are not me, who got taken for granted and then, being rub shit on. And being my faithfuly reader doesn’t mean I have to listen to what you want to read. I write what I want to write.

    ahbu74 – The feelings sucks, right? Like it is my fault, my cause.

    Leah – Urgggh…I really want to let this pass so I mailed her and expect a response which is to just take my freaking name down from her blog and all I get is a non-response. She can run all she wants, ultimately she has to face her own demons.

    conan_cat – Heh, I feel like a doormat so if no fark them kau kau, what for I take the brunt, right? Hehehe.

    agnes – I guess you have seen how that rachealliang meddled in every comment telling me how she sayang me etc etc. Ptoooi. She is one sick woman. And I am glad I got her out of my skin.

    shopping – I wrote this since last night when I first read it. Don’t want to keep, keep liao later she change story, I kena lagi teruk. Now already got people who think they very saintly come and tell me ‘forget it, she already apologised, yadda yadda…she poor victim, we all fierce silai bully her’ Might as well, pangsai all out and I go on with the next topic.

    nyx – Hehehe, enjoy the kuacis lah. 😛

  7. Do what you think is absolutely right…
    And get away from those @#$@#$ who think they are so bright…
    What’s the use of you trying with all your might…
    And those @#$@#$ idiots still can’t see the light…

    Wrote that while eating my Pringle’s “Original”… 😛

  8. Why everyone eat eat eat only? Got kuaci, oranges and pringles. Wah biang! 5xmom, I never knew got so many kinds of kuacis ler!

    Oh, I cannot believe our blogosphere also got those kinds of humans ler! Wah lau! Mana boleh macam ni! But then again, Malaysia Boleh, so everything also boleh lah!

    Why when you teach that blardy lady you never teach her cannot simply copy ppl’s work?

    And pass some kuaci over ler.. I wan the wintermelon one (never heard got such kuaci ler!).

  9. To this lady(again, i will not want to put your name here, as i dont want to be so rude to u)

    firstly, in this sss blog, i didnt mention who is the administator.. again.. huh.. u are the one tell everyone this is u..

    why i dare to leave a comment in sss blog that what i wrote:

    “”thinking how they hurt me deeply, badly too??

    u know the case right???

    at the parenting forum? last time.. i dont know cannot put singer photos there, cannot put my what they call”heavy make up photos”, what ages wedding photos, to the parenting forum. (why?? some people like to bad mouthing me??)..

    they should have.. SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE said.. hey.. girl.. u did something wrong.. and some moms dont like u to display your photos.

    give me unofficially warning first…

    but sadly..? they didnt give me a FRIENDLY WARNING.. hahahah.. and terus HANTAM GUAH gao gao! in the parenting forum..

    DID MY PHOTOS? considered a “MURDER CASE” so big issue??? in that parenting forum? well.. nevermind.. we can’t stop people bad mouthing.. this is why i always teach u.. remember?


    yes. i am wrong for so “sam pat poh” sibuk go and put my photos, my idol photos and my what they call my husband BREASTFEED HUSBAND PHOTOS!

    SHOISHOI. and the Administrator.. rrrrr..speechless..(waste of my time to talk about them)

    that is why. i dont bother to go to this parenting forum! rrrr..””

    see properly lady, i dont even put your name in sss blog.. u are the one to reveal..

    also what ever i said ,true is true in this sss blog. i dont even BAD MOUTHING both of u. as i told earlier.. I believe in religion, my religion teach me not to start war, not to harm anyone..

    i hope u stop rude to sss and I, (u rude to us, but we never play rude to u, and we will not.)

    go to your own blog, read properly why i said bad mouthing means..

    especially one lady mentioned in your blog ,

    in your blog(comment u leave) , u told her.. hahahaha.. bla bla blah.. u said u raise up the issue too. asked her know or not?

    this lady then leave a comment in your blog too , said “ah yes, no more pix of u (her, i mean) in sarung only, heavily made-up face, wedding photo from a decade ago and favourite ah beng singer…and be gone with the corny story of ur breastfed husband, bah!

    1st: is it right at the first place u said?? CORNY STORY OF OF BREASFED HUSBAND?? (i am not stupid… blind person also know she is talking about me like this.. ) tell u what , she is so wrong to condemn my husband like this..

    lady… u are too wrong to being so rude…

    REMEBER… religion never teach us to fight, to start war.. to hurt someone..

    well, even u hantam sss and me like this.. never mind.. i just can stop u keep going bad mouthing on me.or sss.

    remember, people got her own family, what happend if the family seing u do like this.. keep on start the war, start fight?? sigh…

    if u still angry for this small things. .. i prefer u to face talk to me. I HATE PEOPLE BACK FIRE, whic is not a good moral..

    write to me in private ask for my telephone no. i prefer face to face talk. instead of BELAKANG MARI HANTAM PEOPLE.. which i think is real no good.

    take care.

  10. rachealliang -1. I don’t talk to crazy women. And I got better things to do than to email you. I emailed sss1979 and she got chicken shit and never replied. And this matter doesn’t concern you, sei patphor.

    2. You want to talk about family? Go back and see your own blog lah, how siao you are at that lame ZChenwhathisname. You got husband, you know? Siao a male idol until that level. Why? Husband not hot enough for you ah? No wonder lah….

    3. Lastly, what shoishoi (btw, the name is wrong) said has nothing to do with me. I do not know her and she has the right to express her own opinion. If the truth stings, that’s not my problem. No one asked you to post your husband naked, sleeping photo on the parenting forum. Any sane woman also know that it is not proper to post your son naked photo with his kukujiao covered in a star on the internet. And that lanjioa ZCHen blowing kisses gif file annoyed the hell out of everyone of us on the forum. The fact that I never tell you openly, you should kiss my feet already. Nah, now happy?

  11. e-hon – LOL, got show to see mah. So must have oranges, kuacis, now pringles original. Hahaha…anymore snacks? Popcorn, coke leh?

    criz – Pass me some pringles. I like with mayonaisse. The Japanese brand one? Yummmm… Hahaha.

  12. ???

    sorry..i so confue already..

    all the lady ..lady talk…

    I no under.

    Maybe that’s why u don’t want me to join this forum…..

    hahahah…I know you skiat I ask STUPID QUESTIONS!!!!


  13. “eh, all the chau loks, you all wanna start ……..”

    Chau lok(s)… damn angry word used by my mum to scold my sisters while I was a kid \o/

  14. KJ – Yeah, I get that all the time too. Very fondly used.

    mott – Eh, I activate yr account liao wor. Come lah. But we all very good manners there wan, no chikik wan.

  15. i once had a roommate, who was a really close pal of mine. when everyone against my idea of staying with her, i insisted it cos she was my close pal and i would like to take care of her eventhough! i knew i might someday regret bout it, and yes hell i did.. day by day, problems appeared. she complaint bout this and that, small to big, big to small, i kept quiet. when she was sleeping or playing online game crazily, i was busy doing house chores like a maid. when she spent her money shopping A LOT, i bought a little bit of this and that for the house.

    she always had herself as the centre. she made my life miserable. i hated her. i felt terribly angry. but then i realised that she is a pity-little-gal that not worth me losing my precious cells to be angry. i simply pity her nowadays. i wish her good luck, cos she is losing her close pals one by one. i sit beside diam-diam and watch the show. well this is a good show! and somemore people update me automatically!

    5xmom, i know this is really a small case compare to what u have now. that’s why i adore u for being able to contribute to the community while standing against a bunch of silly and immature people. while i already had some difficult moments with only a single bitch(opps). love yah 5xmom, Happy Mothers’ Day! =)

  16. Lil, I m like betul2 lost .. stil wondering what happened to me between the time the avatars were stil there and the time it was gone. No wonderlah cannot see them anymore and all comments were edited. This post and the one before are like the final pieces of the puzzle …. (it may have been when my notebook was stolen kut) ….*running off to sit in the corner to watch story unfold summo with a bag of cokodok..* …

  17. i had difficulties in reading what that rachael said.
    difficulties as in reading what she mean, cause her language is like…uhm…. haha.
    she is mean alright. hope she gets what she deserves.

  18. wah, i come here to wish u happy niamah day and is greeted by the niamah of all niamah posts, YAY! now that a crazy woman had been unmasked, we finally know the motive behind the harping of “pity u pity u” to sss.

    siao lang rachaelliang, let me tell u openly now la, very long time i oredi i kenot tahan with ur daily changing kinky avatars, ur “i love u i love u” chao ah beng singer, ur chinese postings and ur non-stop spewing of sickening sweet words. u’re a disgrace to all the mothers in the forum who have self-respect and common sense, ok??? and pls la, lilian and i had never ever gossiped abt u – u think ur naked husband, ur ICI painted face and fat bare thighs are worthy to be gossiped abt ah? u think u’re angelina jolie ah? and far-q, i never condemn ur breastfed husband, only condemn ur indiscretion (if u know what that means) of posting vulgar details in a decent site. peace to u!

  19. i quietly sit at corner eating my peanuts, but rachealliang brought in religion. this cannot leh. i am not a very religious person (bless me), but i do know no religion teaches any EVIL. then again, we are who we are. we sampat ker, we cuss ker, watever. but we are not god. so don’t start to using or bringing religion into the subject as an excuse or as a weapon. and please don’t preach about morals too. we fully know what moral is.

  20. “rachealliang -1. I don’t talk to crazy women. And I got better things to do than to email you. I emailed sss1979 and she got chicken shit and never replied. And this matter doesn’t concern you, sei patphor.”

    For some reason that really really cracked me up and made my dreary sunday morning so much more colorful. I like how you deal with this 5Xmom, although i have to admit, before this i have passed a very unpleasant judgement against you & your blog. In all honesty, I thought you’re like this fierce hen that just whacks any person that comes your way 😛 But i guess you can be nice too towards those who deserves it 🙂

  21. giddytiger – LOL, Yeah, gimme some with lots of caramel and butter.

    shoi shoi – Wait, lemme practice this line Phua Chu Kang said on I follow Law.

    Rachealliang : I will kill you, chop you, cook you, eat you and then, shit you like a piece of shit that you and sss (aka snakessss) are.

    Ok, back to shoi-shoi, LOL, I like that! I should have do this more often. Hahhaha…ROTLFMAO

  22. whoa…what zchenlamecok fan here? Don’t fight over him at my blog lah. I never heard of him until this siao ah soh show us his face everyday on my forum.

    The E.W. – Some people asked for it, so they get it. Nay..I am usually very good. But when my name is being implicated in a blog suicide like that, I have to show my fangs. ‘Cos I was so totally not involved at all but got dragged into it simply because I feel responsible.

    sweetpea – Yeah, in the first place Buddhism is NOT a religion. Then again, I don’t blame a woman who worship some lame looking singer. Have you seen her blog? OMG, I don’t see a pic of her husband but all of that man. She is really screwed, don’t you think so? Even use her baby to hold the placecard. Doh!

    chooi peng – I think the other moms are going to be mad too ‘cos now, we all get the blame. Poor guys who are married to these two women. I wonder how many times they had threaten suicide with their husbands over things?

    racheal LIM – Yeah, mental people talks like that LOL.

    ah ling – Tenkiu!

    lyza – Hahaha, you pun terasa kan? All those kissy kissy, I love you posts. Eeeeyerrrr…Melampau betul. First she said I never PM her. Now, she said I never phone her. Ingat I ni sapa?

    Sharon – Ya, the feelings of being taken for a ride, after being nice to a person, really suxs ya.

  23. Happy Mothers day Lilian. I’m getting lost here but it seems what you need to deal with these sei pat pors are what I saw in Chinese movies in Malaysia– all the see lais with their brooms go in cars to the pat por’s ( mistress or slut) house and whack the shit out of them.. good thoughts ha????? hehehehehe

  24. just when im scrolling down i saw this word. PORN. Food porn la. not real porn. terkejut i.

    *pushes a trolley with food and snacks*
    2 for rm10!

    mummy (mothers day mar, call u mummy only la. lol), it’s good to stand up for yourself. don’t let people pick on you. i’ve experienced people framing and flaming me, i know how it feels to be like mummy. stand up, use a axe, chop their head off like a crazy woman! 🙂

  25. Oh dear! what the kids think if they read these happennings? Will they follow these examples, will they feel bursting with pride and joy on Mothers’ Day?

  26. aiya…

    yr the mod, just ban her lah…

    dont waste time n blood pressure over forumers lo….in forums, everything is NATO saja…
    in martial arts thread, ppl even challenge to fight altho i stated clearly im a girl and had a broken arm. whn i manage to get another ‘si heng’ to take up the challenge, mysteriously the challenger vanished

  27. Hmmm. No internet for the weekend and this is what greets me here. Interesting!

    Ok, gals. Take a moment to reflect. Whatever it is, do not involve religion. Copy and paste is wrong. Admit it and move on. Dont need to explain because no one wants to know.

    Niamah! Change topic lah. Funny and happy posts please. Dont waste time on these ppl. Feeling angry zaps your HAPPY energy.

  28. Wah lau eh! Monday drama for me to read after a weekend without internet!Women fights are really terror wan, even on the internet.

    Got Part 4 kah?

    I got to get my plate of fried ikan bilis ready. Wuching might want some.

  29. Blog break 2 days…come back drama still going on…..

    Seriously I think Racheal got prob la…each time I read her posts/comments in forum or other ppl’s blog… I think she’s a little cuckoo, childish and mentally unstable…. but who am I to comment…just keep quiet lo…but hor..now she bite u back…aiya…this kind of drama also can….

  30. Aiyoyo! Remember what we said before? Put few woman in a room together sure got fight. Put them in a forum together oso can fight wan. Muahahahaha. Only, on internet, kenot pull hair and scratch with long long fingernails. Lol! Seriously, I have no idea how you maintain that forum, lady. As you probably notice adi, once I thot it would be nice to help many new moms who went thru the same problems I did, so I post on the forum actively but I sudah drop out of the forum becos I got no time. Don’t marah me okie? I like to help those who seriously need help breastfeeding but I got no time for idle gossip and certainly not for fingernail and hair pulling fights. Hahaha.

  31. Wuching & nyz take kuacis. pablopabla pulak with ikan bilis. Then, I supply fried chicken wings. Sit down queitly and watch. Happy Niamah day to you too, ya?

  32. 1st , I don’t understand why people go delete their whole blog. Apology is enough, but delete the whole things? oh my, that’s not the UNDO. Just learn the mistake and move on. Nobody remember things happens months ago.

    2nd, I hates people hide behind the religions, word, use it as shield and weapon to support their crime. I mean those fr*cking politikus.

    It is not easy to run a parenting forums. It take lots of effort to screen out lots of junks.

    p/s: When there is “conflict”, that’s mean your forum are getting serious attention. errrr. congrats? perhaps.

  33. OMG.. this is the best lunchtime drama. I have to mute the wah la toi kungfu at 1pm just now so that i can concentrate reading all this… im in the office while eating my egg breads combo. Lucky got tapau from home. why need the astro if you have this kind of comments. OMG. I thought it never end the comment. i keep scrolling scrolling, sampai sakit my middle finger. at last my turn. LOL. as papblopabla said.. got part 4 somemore??

  34. You’re keeping me busy reading your post and clicking the links here and there….. Hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

  35. helen – HOHOHOHO, I just added in some orgasmic photos from that chao ah soh idol worshipper site. You dunno how much fun I had with this post.

    papajoneh – Better than Desperate Housewives

    moo_t – These are the people who blackmails their loved ones with ‘I am going to kill myself’ type when they don’t get something.

    erina – I want balacan flavour ones, ok?

    MG – But this one more fun wor.

    dragonmummy – That knn woman still leaves my name on her cibai blog. Dare not answer my email. I tried reasoning with her and she did not even have the courtesy to take the post down. Wanna blog suicide terus, go do it lah, why rub shit on my name and all the moms wor, right or not?

    pablo – Ikan bilis! Good. No part four but I added lots of kissing pic of her god zchenlamecock here to amuse myself.

  36. haha, this issue is getting out of hand… becoming like the tvb drama pulak oi!
    and the main character like bertambah tambah…
    i think i choose to join sasha and her crab… hahaha

  37. terence – Fuyoh, you don’t how long I long for this long post liao. So fun ler.

    shannon – Now, got kissing male pics wor. You see liao, no stim meh? Some chao hai rachael hari hari wank on zchen pic wor. You got idol or not ah?

    budokid – Kena kicked out liao, both of them.

    sasha – I want some!

    leekien – What kids? Kids aren’t suppose to go on the internet. If they can come on the internet, their parents, smart ones will tell them, Life is like that.

    cincau – You no sell soyabean milk with cincau ah? Good lor.

    romantic – Another day, another moron.

  38. Niamah! Can you remove those pictures!!!!! Damn 9 irritating!!!!!! Wah Lau eh!

  39. haiyar haiyar… apa sudah jadi…
    need more popcorn, kuaci, ikan bilis, peaNUTS!!!

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