A good diss to start the week – Part Two

I am the administrator of MyMomsBest forum. I had once posted a simple forum rule to ask members not to put huge avatars because it screwed up my forum margin. You can see the thread here. Plain and simple. Members complain too much, I have to set rules. I don’t go to each member like a mother hen and chided each member. Blah, I have better things to do than to deal individually with each members. You tell me right or not? Set simple rules, not telling off each member what other member said.

But this is what I get from some chau cheebye rachealliang who went around to fuck up the mind of the already fucked-up sss1979.

they should have.. SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE said.. hey.. girl.. u did something wrong.. and some moms dont like u to display your photos.

give me unofficially warning first…

but sadly..? they didnt give me a FRIENDLY WARNING.. hahahah.. and terus HANTAM GUAH gao gao! in the parenting forum..

The members are my witness that none of us, especially me said anything or make any remarks like that. I never get on MSN with any moms and hence, I am very, very hurt that she can said this about me. I always get my role right, here on 5xmom, I dissed. On my forum, I don’t. I never hentam her at all.

yes. i am wrong for so “sam pat poh” sibuk go and put my photos, my idol photos and my what they call my husband BREASTFEED HUSBAND PHOTOS!

SHOISHOI. and the Administrator.. rrrrr..speechless..(waste of my time to talk about them)

that is why. i dont bother to go to this parenting forum! rrrr..

And that’s not the end of it.

rachealliang said…

oh nicole:

no need to promote as a good blogger.. gahhhh.. i am not a $$$$$$$$$ blogger$$$$$.. i dont allow “any advertisement” in my blog, as i told u, i blog for fun, not for $$$$MONEY$$$$ u choose to gain frienships more than Money$$$$..(watch out~!! now.. u know.. who is real friens.. who is……get me kah?>..)

Well, racheal – I can dig back all the kind words that you had been putting on my comment here to expose what a two headed snake you are. Here you are, keeping so many hatred since that simple forum thread on 29th March but at the same time, commenting with all your sweet words almost daily on my blog. After all that I had done for you?

And you dare to curse me with this?

we believe in “buddhism”..

Look,this sentence is a curse because you are talking about karma. So, you are saying I am going to have bad karma. Fine. Buddhists love that phrase, don’t they? Nice!

Look here, stupid woman, you are not worth my time. We all know how screwed you are. But I love the attention I get for dissing mental people like you. People who bite my hands after all I had done. Think what you have done in Port Dickson? Think of the risk you put yourself and your baby through? Think back what kind of support I have given you? Over a simple ruling at the forum and you said all that about me? And in the process, you also swiped all the kind members in MMB whom had helped you as well? Peace to you. Enjoy your buddhism. I am sure rainbows wait for you.

(I am smart to copy and paste all the deleted comments into my blogspot before sss1979 deleted it. Muahaharrr….)

*wait, got part three somemore, then only comment, ok?*

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