Information Minister: RTM should use SMS, blogs to disseminate info

Yah…..rite…So true…..tepat sekali

“Many officers are still using outdated method in disseminating information

And this one…..

He said that before blogs or websites came to the fore, RTM and newspapers were among the popular sources of information for society.

Itu tahun tujuh puluhan lah…masa aku kecik-kecik tengok TV hitam-putih. In between those decades, what have the Government done? How can the Minister who is supposed to be in charge of the Radio & Talibesen Malaysia now point fingers at his own charge? Is this how bosses are supposed to treat their employees?

And elo, Datuk, the below quote:

“Not everybody who reads them can differentiate the truth from the rumours,” he added.

That includes you. So, how? I think we better move back to live on trees?

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Eh, Mother’s Day is getting boring lah, so I rant a bit, can?

4 thoughts on “Information Minister: RTM should use SMS, blogs to disseminate info

  1. They are just like slapping themselves only. One moment, they we bluff. Next they wanna follow, lol.

  2. Malaysia Bodoh proven again! *clap clap clap*

    Mana pergi semangat keusahawanan yang dibangga banggakan tu? Kata nak menghala ke depan menuju wawasan 2020 tapi masih bergantung hidup pada televisyen dan radio dan suratkhabar untuk berita terkini? Internet update 24 jam tau! Bloggers sini semuanya pun update sekali dengan berita terkini. Mana macam datuk ni, berita semalam dijadikan tajuk utama hari ini. Malu betul!

  3. Hey clare… wawasan 2020 sudah tukar jadi 2048… if i am not mistaken.

    lilian… wish such entries… you’re fast becoming my idol… not that you’re not… but idol in both world… know what i mean?

    i am so inpired to write the way i intend to write by your vocal approach 🙂

  4. zewt – I memang love this kind of posts but I usually avoid reading the papers cos if not, my blog ended up as socio-politicock

    clare – yalor, where got min. hentam his own people like this ah?

    samm – signs that they are losing it, not sure which director to follow

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