The Loyal Fansee and Lansee Meme!

Yay, now that we are sure and secured that no one is going to copy bulat-bulat our meme and tag, let’s start another fresh round of meme.

You can call it any name you like, but basically it is go give honour to our faithful readers, whether they are bloggers or not, doesn’t matter.

Let me list loyal fansee:

1) Chao Ah Beng – He is a blog reader but used to have a blog which touched mostly on politics. Only I have access to his blog because it is password protected. Now, no more liao lur. He is my #1 fansee because some of my blogging topics are suggested by him. I only got to know him not very long ago though he had read my blog for a loooooong time. Cos eheh, I go steam roller someone’s car mah, and Chao Ah Beng taught me how to clean my shits. He works as a bouncer, tai yee long, gangster, arsonist, assassin and those related jobs that Ah Bengs are good at.

2) Wuching – I think he has read my blog for more than a year too and we commented on each other’s blog faithfully. Fuyoh, sounds like cyber loukong adi. Hahaha. But yeah, that’s all I know about Wuching. He is on my MSN contact but we almost never MSN each other. No topic to talk also. Don’t know why we can comment on blogs but nothing to talk on MSN. Weird hor? Maybe he scared Terese (aka Mrs Wuching pulls his ear?)

Eh, I name it fansee lansee meme cos wanna show off got fansee mah. And moreover, it is only right to give honour and mention to those who visits us often and give support, right?

11 thoughts on “The Loyal Fansee and Lansee Meme!

  1. you know… i always thought that wuching was a young girl! didn’t know it’s a guy… and married some more!!

    sorry wuching… never read your blog, just saw you commenting only… šŸ˜‰

  2. I also very faithful reader.. you know..!! i read everything you write.. but sometimes i donch comment.. because got nothing smart to write ma.. šŸ˜‰
    But i know i’ve been reading you for a long time already..!!

  3. i dont like tag la… can i not do ah?

    wahh… that ah beng political blogger tiba tiba dont blog… scared his ass lands in jail ah? hehe…

  4. awww…u tag me back…spread the lafu around! btw, we no see each other on MSN coz u stay up late wan & i konk out early ledi! plus i’m 2-3 hours infront of u so when ur awake i asleep & vice versa!

  5. Cibai! Lu punya rumah mau renovation kah???? Gua kasi cat merah! Odourless punya cat! Kita punya financial year end closing manyak bagui, boleh beli odourless punya cat! Niamah!

  6. where’s my name? HAHAHAHHAHHA

    anyway i no need to do lor. cos i did one edi for my loyal fansi and buy him crab samo wor

  7. I also your faithful reader wor! Even though at times I did not place my comments coz I don’t wan to say nonsense mah…………. šŸ™ Anyhow, I will always be your fansee keh

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