Big pau, small pau (big boob and its effect)

You know something? Sometimes, there are things that I must simply jot down before I forget. So, this is one of them.

Actually, I took this photo for my food blog. These are two dumplings or call pau in Chinese. The small one has char siew (or minced, spice pork) and the big one has pork, egg and chicken pieces, hence the size is bigger.


Now, my girlfriends and I were chatting about boobs. Samm and Amy and I. And we were talking about big breasts and the effect it has on men. Well, here are some of the comments:

1) It must make men draw a deep breath

2) It must make them forget their words in mid sentence

3) It must make them see the longkang (valley as a better word) until they also fall into longkang (drain)

4) It must make their eyes glued to the boobs, even if they are some strict religious men

5) It must make their eyes follow the breasts till the breasts are out of their views

6) It must make men stop eating or stop chewing or even better, choke and die

Well, if you are a woman, and you had never cause any men any of the above effect, sorry lah. Go for breast augmentation. Or ask us how to create that effect. Otherwise, go put your head into the toilet bowl and flush and scream, “Why is life so unfair to me?”

Men, please can give us more ideas? Number seven, eight, nine, ten….?

24 thoughts on “Big pau, small pau (big boob and its effect)

  1. Dont care how much it cost. Rm 200 or 300 or even 400 also must buy. Seeing them trip and fall into the longkang ogling you is worth every dollar spent.

  2. yes lah…us men cannot resist nen nen wan so ladies, u must know how to use your boobies to your advantage & us men are just suckers for them! hehehehe

  3. 8: It must make their nose bleed.

    My saliva is dripping fr the tua pau la….who cares about nen nen.

  4. Char siew pau? Big pau? Nah, siew loong pau got lah! *cabut*

    Special effects from the bra manufacturer got lah! *Bwahahahaha!* *Eating loh mai kai*

  5. Hmmm, I really don’t get this big pau thingy. 😉 Unless I want to marry a “Nai-Mah” (Milk mother).

    So here is no 9.

    It make you think of getting Nai-Mah for you baby.

  6. moo_t – something wrong wan. Where got think of nai-mah like that?

    sasha – If I got money, I go do first lah. But wait, undang-undang said gua tarak boleh main ini maciam (hehehe, faith issue).

    hijackqueen – Got, TV Smith told me where to buy also. I forget liao but it is somewhere in my archive under female tennis players fake nipple. But aiyerrr..what do you mean by big nipple lah? Yok syuen ler. You mean perky and pointy ones?

    willy – The paus are handmade, bought from Johor Road, at night. Best lah.

    terence – Wait I do yau char kwai post for you, ok?

    prometeuz – Nose bleed!

    wuching – You have been suckers since day one! Hahaha, or else you cannot grow so big liao.

    cincau – Fuyoh, I understand ‘understand’ liao.

    shoppingmum – I kira-kira, if both nude bra plus RM300 bra, wuah, mah very expensive mia thrills. Lou kong sure pengsan with the credit card bill. “WHAT!!!???!!! You spend RM500 just on one bra? WTF for? You think you are Madonna ah?”

    samm – Order online with PayPay got cheaper or not ah? Wonderbra!

  7. Voting for those silicone bra inserts as the best innovation of the 21st century. Especially for those too chicken or financially challenged 4 surgery.

    Personally, I’ve gone much bigger on the chest than my teenage years. Unfortunately, the bigness did not end there……:-P

  8. Too big also not nice, always have to wear bra to support it. Then cannot go braless which certain nice bajus requires.

  9. pocket got no money one looking at the pig pau and ‘lau nua’, then, rich one must be thinking how to make that gal buka…1 Rolex? U think they so stupid hah? the cheapest LV in the market, may be lah!!!

  10. wakaka….
    sorry to break the humourous tone here
    just thought i’d dropped some interesting info
    it seems apparently
    from somewhere i read
    that the size of a woman’s breast represents the fertility of that woman, so the bigger it seems the better she is “supposedly” at having a child
    so that is why
    in conclusion
    men are attracted to the “fullness” of a woman’s breast

  11. those who wanna know more about implants can watch astro channel 78… they have a lot on those lately…. damn yucky… and the after effect is damn fake!

  12. hi
    From the film “Liar Liar”,Jim Carrey says “Mama Choop Choop” in the elevator but really doing it in Me Myself and Irene that is breastfeeding on a woman if you can find the uncut version.

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