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This is a tag. It means you must not copy my tag. A tag cannot be copied. Because my tag is my tag. My tag is not applicable to your tag. You cannot copy and paste. Boleh faham? Cannot copy and paste.

Laffing at own lame joke. KAHAKAHAAKAHAKHAAKKAH….cannot help it.

Well, we are very innovative creatures. The eat-full-nothing-to-do moms like us. So, we create tags. Today, it is about babies names. (eh, wuching, I still remember your toilet tag but wait first hor?) I got this from Samm.

Now, you should know that choosing a good name is very important to us Chinese especially. Last time, if a woman has difficulty conceiving or her earlier babies died or something, they will call their first baby ‘Ah Too’, ‘Ah Kau’ or ‘Ah Gu’. (too = pig, kau = dog, gu = cow). The reason is to fool the Grim Reaper that those are piglets, calves or puppies and hence, Mr. Grim Reaper will not come and take the baby’s life. Nice theory? My ex-ex-boss who is a lawyer married to a British woman, handsome fella, name Ah Gu. I tell you, my colleague and I had so much laffs, talking to each other, “Eh Ah Gu leh?” Instead of calling him Mr. Teoh.

Ok, now, the silais all want to know my sons’ names meaning. Sorry, gals, for some reasons, I won’t share the English names here ‘cos my sons’ friends do read my blog. Unknowingly that I am the mom. Hehehe. And I think I better don’t put the pinyin here because heh, I sked people do kong thau (black magic) because you know hor…(come closer, I whisper) people can do many things with just the Chinese names. Hehehe, I damn superstitious eventhough I am Christian can?

Anyway, my father-in-law was diagnosed with stomach cancer and since I had lived in with my husband for two years prior to that, we decided to get married so that he could see his favourite son got married off. So, yeah, we had a hasty marriage. And he died soon after.

When he died, he had only two grandsons and a grand-daughter. But being Chinese, they want to give him a decent image. They created five grandsons names and five grand dotter’s name, chosen by the fengshui master and engraved that on the tombstone.

They created some stupid Chinese girls name like Loh Ling Poh. Niamah, lucky I never have daughter or else it will sound like ‘Lau Leng Por’ (Old dried tits). Ptui….fengshui my foot!

And for the sons’ names, they have names ending in this manners:

Sern – taken by eldest bro’s son
Ling – taken by eldest bro’s son (male, you know…..*roll eyes*)

And I gave my eldest son’s the next name. It means new. Which is good, a new son to me. But it sounds more like Boris Yeltsin.

And the next name is Hoe but KNN, my ob-gyn told me I was expecting a girl (niamahfulat, loh ling poh in the making)

But I popped out a son at the last minute and forget that he is supposed to be named Hoe. (hoe means good)

And I tersilap and gave him the next name. It means blossom. But sounds like Mao Tse Tung. See? One is a Russian ex-communist (just joking,ok?), one is a Chinese communist.

So, I had subsequently three more sons.., damn, my father-in-law must be damn proud and go around boasting to his sell-salted-eggs friends. “See lah, I terror wan, got so many grandsons until my tombstone also no place to engrave. Don’t pway-pway with this Hakka ngin. An yong hou liao.”

Now, I named my #3 son like Li Ka Shing so successful. You say I clever or not? Need what fengshui master lah, I sindiri bikin can liao.(Li Ka Shing then was Hongkong richest man)

And when I had Vincent, all I want him to be is to be safe. So, I gave him Aun. As in ping aun (safe). But it didn’t work though.

Finally, I had my #5 and he is named – Complete. But I tend to pronounce wrongly and it sounds like ‘Slow’. And in Mandarin, it sounds like ‘Getting Slower’. Doh. Wutudo, I do not know Mandarin and if you give me a million dollar to write my sons’ name in Mandarin, I won’t be able to do it also.

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Of course, my name is Beautiful Lotus. Sui boh, Ah Beng? (go read the comments on the Beautiful Lotus’s post? Drama sungguh and what I said did come true, sadly. And I do wonder wtf has happened to the chap?)

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  1. Overall, Chinese are a 8 and skly lot. This must check, that must check. I’m happy being a banana, if not, the more i know, the more i want to check also. Thx for sharing….HUGS!!!!

  2. hmmm…still wondering y my female fren get this name from her parent “XXX Say Lan”. Don’t u think it’s rather humiliating to grow up with that name?

  3. criz – Hahaha, yalor. Her surname Oo mah habis lor.

    samm – Wait I add the rest of the links. Now busy PPP. Hehehe.

  4. I read until the end also have no clue what are their names, except Vincent. That I understand.
    I’m partial banana, so I can’t guess!

  5. I can speak Hokkien so I can roughly guess what the names are.

    Funny how I was talking to my friend, Bob semalam (wife expecting but don’t know whether girl or boy yet) and he picked out a really great name with solid meaning.

    Told him if he gets a daughter I will kebas that name for my first-born son. Hehe!

  6. hi hi… what is a tag stands for? what does it means wor??
    can some one tell me or explain to me?? i dont understand….

  7. I used to know a friend in Malaysia whose brother’s name was lee hai thieu ( teo chew). I believe he was an accountant not a pimp LOL

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