Your ringtone reflects your age! Puhleez, update it.

You know something? I spent a lot of time at the hospital clinics and as you know, when you are sitting down at the long corridor, staring at the walls and the patients, your mind tends to wander.

So, I come to this conclusion :

Old men, old women

Ringtones like Jingle Bells in May!
Gong Xi, Gong Xi in July!
Rawhide cowboy theme
and the regular pre-set ringtones from their service providers

Blur Ah Lians Sohs (like me lah)

Also same category like above but at least I know how to re-set it to normal Sony Ericsson NYC ringtones or;
Teresa Teng’s songs

Blur Ah Beng Sok-Sok

Some Taiwanese songs like ‘Chin thian pu huey chia’ (Today no go home)

Young punks

Shakira’s Hips don’t lie

Hor, talk about inappropriate timing, say, your grandpa just diagnosed with some illness and everyone just came out of the doctor’s clinic, looking sad and tearful. Sardenly hor, Shakira started shaking her hips. You say chialat or not? Damn, I had seen that before. And the worst thing is they were too busy discussing and Shakira kept shaking her hips. Niamah, if I am the grandpa, I tell the grandkid, “Like this, I fast fast die better. I here half dead liao, you somemore torture me like this.”

So, what kind of ringtones are you using? Have you check out some of the cool songs that you can download from the net? Nay…..*pointing to the ad on my sidebar from* Go lah, update yourself a bit. I am going to download Jackie Cheung. I arm luen Jackie long long ledi. I love you, Jackie. Muacksss…I love Jackie!!! I got wet dream of you, Jackie. Jackie you are #1.

See my red heart pop-pop-thiew. (eh, got style like rachaelliang or not yet ah?)

Laundryamah – Got Korean songs for you. A lot!
Terence – Got Hindi songs for you. I buy and send to you as prize can? Only few Ringgit Malaysia.
LouYeh – You like what songs ah?

And then hor, I saw one red, cute, smiley face wallpaper. Who wants to buy for me? Go lah, click on the ad and find me a nice ringtone so that I don’t use Teresa Teng’s ‘Moon witness my heart’ ringtone, wokay. Find what is the most suitable one?

17 thoughts on “Your ringtone reflects your age! Puhleez, update it.

  1. Waaah, another Jacky Cheung fansee *heart* You going for his concert here in September? I just got my tix last week … *excited*

  2. My ringtone went “Ding Dong Ding Dong” like doorbell like that. Don’t really like to put up mp3 songs or anything like that lor especially when it comes to the situations like you mentioned. LOL~!!

  3. what a pity u only got two hearts pop-pop thiew… how to fight lidat? i arm luen jay chou but how cum amob no have jay chou tone one? sigh, pity jay chou…y they condemn jay chou lidat? sigh, so pity….better i go commit suicide la… i luv u jay chou!!! i am always be here 4 u…you is my NOMBOR #1 FOREVAH AND NEVAHHHH!! jay jay, cum quick catch…i throw u my bra and panties!!!! muacksss muacksss muacksss muackksss!

  4. Pundek! What Hindi songs??!! Eh, I want your Teresa Teng’s.

    Anyway, my phone always on silent mode. Too many stalkers calling me. What to do? Handsome mah.


  6. i dun download ringtones wan lah, waste of time & money coz i foochow mah! hehehe…btw, i done your tag liao!

  7. Hahahahahah Lilian and Sooi sooi…..:) Be careful you dont kena rabidliang disease otherwise have to put down…LOL

  8. romantic – LOL, rabidliang. ROTFLMAO. RABIDLIANG. iLIKE!

    lotsofcravings – HOI, I don’t get money wan. Swear. I do it so that the advertisers are encouraged to have long term ads with nuffnang which means we also get mah. If not hor, no clicks, next time, they don’t want to continue, all of us also no money mah. So important folks, make sure you all visit those advertisers site so that it gives them max exposure = good ROI = happy = continue = kaching kaching duit masuk poket for us bloggers.

    wuching – Kiamsiap.

  9. *blushes a tomato red*
    I just got a new cellphone and changed the ringing tone to Hips Don’t Lie 😛
    Don’t scold me woh…I so scared.

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