No, it is not Local Area Network.

Normally, when my dearest darling husband (muaksssss…I love you, throw kisses ala rabidliang) drives, he will get mad and cuss “Cho ha mik L (pronounce as el) lah!”

L stands for Lan, I know but it is not nice to cuss in front of the kids mah. Especially when you have four years old who may go tell his kindy teacher, “Teacher, lu cho ha mik lan?”


So, it has always been L.

Suddenly, I realised last night that I am not too sure if L can refer to a woman’s one? So, I went…

“Pssstt…dear ah, dear….”

*waits for reaction*

“Dearrrrr….I want to ask something” *teh mode on*

His antennae, and I mean his male instinct that women are up to no good with that kind of tone of voice, stands. Looked quizzically at me.

“I ask hor, you cannot scold me ok? Is lan applicable for male or female?”

As usual lah, he did not respond and gave me a poker face. Frustrated, I MSN and asked a few women in the group chat. (yeah, yeah, we 8poh and bitch a lot)

“Eh, lan is male only or unisex?”

*sits back munching on oil fry ghost or yau char kwai while waiting for comments*

18 thoughts on “LAN

  1. wah lau! why u always think of such thing only?! too free ar!

    lan for men lar right? what do u mean can be for women ler?

    and ur eu char kueh look like L lar – that i know!!

  2. ehh, i think lan is for men only also lor… agree with ehon…

    female where got lan one?!!

    lan jiao is the batang… i think lan refers to the bag… lol

  3. *munching on snacks, laffing, fell off chair* waiting for answers from commentators.

    WTF!!!??? Got take medicine today or not! Cibai!

  4. cincau – Abuden? Lan sounds unisex to me wor.

    terence – Lan is cibai? You said wan what.

    mae – Hahaha, but I thot it means generally for the pet pet too. Wrong liao.

    conan_cat – Yeah, the bag!

    budokid – *gives karate chop*

    hijackqueen – But we apply it so generously so general mah.

    ehon – The eu char koay, sedappppp.

  5. TMD! U don’t have to tell me you know! eu char koay here (Adelaide) A$3 for one batang ler! Dammit!

  6. Aiyo…why u post the photo eu char koay..? Next time i see it, sure will remind me of this post -___-

  7. Muahahaha!!! Your question sounds like : Dick is male only or unisex? Muahahaha… If unisex, then pussy oso applicable to male lor? Muahahaha… You are so farney! Like that oso can! Muahahaha! *falls from chair, rolling on the floor*

  8. These few days, I always come to ur blog, and read throu it, but dunno what to say, u r raelly good at dirty joke!But, will ur kids start to scold you “lan ciao” once they read this post? haha……

  9. I’m learning so many Chinese cuss words from reading this blog (not a complaint).

  10. Hahaha…. you are really hilarious! And you really try to get your point across with the picture of the fried bread! Another alternative to illustrate: geoduck clams!!

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