My boy-girl computers

Jeng Jeng Jeng…….

I got a new addition to my family stable of computers.


19″ Samsung SyncMaster 932B Plus monitor. It is huge, VERY HUGE. I see my own photos also can faint. The pores look like craters. But the food photos are to die for. Actually, I just decided to break fast and eat. *sigh* I saw the chillies crabs photos I took last night and I am hungry already.


That was last night dinner but we have some leftovers. I am going to eat now. So much for ‘I am fasting till evening’. Moral of the story : Stay away from (food) porn if you have horns.

BTW, I had taken Spyware Terminator for a trial run and I like it. Serious. No, this is not a sponsored post but I am only offering to you a solution to that annoying bundled software that came with my PC. Spyware Terminator did not ask for our email or need any licence code. Just download and that’s it. You have options to choose how secure you want your PC to be.

*attacking chillies crabs, white rice, sharksfin melon soup, egg like never eat in hundred years*

35 thoughts on “My boy-girl computers

  1. it’s kick ass huge…

    how come you didn’t just got for the 21′ wide screen… it would be the ultimate pleasure on the eyes…

  2. oooi…banyaknya barang on ur vaio’s desktop…someone told be b4 this wud eventually slow down the computer!

  3. Nah…I’m more interested in the crabs than the monitor. Next time tell me advance if you hv that leftover…i don mind going over too 😛

  4. sharkfin melon veli nice! i long time no eat liao, my mom used to cook that alot, now she lazy liao haha…

    and yeah get da 21″ one ma! mine i using 19″ oso actually hehe… set my screen resolution to 1280×1024 pixel, small icon bt really clear pictures 😛

  5. i like ur vaio… nice pinkish color…
    i hv a dell 24″.. cost a bomb when i bought it. now d price for it has dropped quite a lot

  6. 19″ are for ah kuas. Big boys go for 22″. Ptui!

    “Stay away from (food) porn if you have horns.” WTF…..!!!????

    Pro bloggers have at least 2 PCs. Fansee like me have 4 lah. One in each room. Blek!

  7. Six cibais???? I tot got 5 lanjiao and 1 cibai? *Fell off chair, rolled downstairs*.

    Woo Hoo! terence 147- Lilian 3.

    Anyway, dun count those 286s and 486s lah. At least kira XPs lah. Mine Vistas. Blek!

  8. ok… im with Criz.. the crab really get my attention. Ok ok.. the pink laptop too. and I got 2 laptops and one desktop for my son. I would like to give him pink color one.. but that woould be too much, right 😉

  9. Saya malam takda kerja sebagai JAGA lah.

    *rolled back upstairs, Bwahahahaha! stomachache liao*

    terence 148-Lilian 3. *tralalaalalalala* Blek!

  10. papaJ – Obviously. If you dun see a post dedicated to tiu him, means yes lah. Otherwise, I sudah hang on the stake and burn. You know the Astro ad kan? ‘Lima kali mama, memang bias..”

    terence – Try and see? I go post up yr nipple pic, can?


    papaJ – Aiyer…dun lah, later you regret next time. Hahahah pink definitely not for boys. Actually, Vaio isn’t so great but bcos it is pink, I bear with it. Terence got a blue one but he returned after one day. Hahaha. Suka langgar, he said.

  11. samm – LOL, 19 inch already make my mind confused cos after looking at 19″, my 14 inch is like what so small. With my wireless keyboard and mouse, I can chat with you from the kitchen. Hahaha.

    big pumpkin – This is not from my kitchen but yeap, I can cook it as well.

    wilson – Wow, 24″! *speechless*

    conan_cat – Yeah, very easy to cook oso.

    AhPek – I got six at home, three laptops, three desktops. Hahaha. One person one PC.

    criz – We had that at Zealand, Gurney Drive. Too much, ta pau lor.

  12. FUUYOOOO!!!!!!!…

    Damn chun! You made an excellent purchase (**kembang that fehmes blogger and I share same brand of LCD monitor**)

    Anyway, I got the 17-inch from the last PC fair for a whopping RM535. 😀

    I can tell you this-la, now got 2 monitors (laptop + PC monitor), you see twice as many things and also larger than before. 😉

    Enjoy your monitor… 😛 It is certainly good enough to play games and watch those movies!!!

  13. To make your crab more “lethal”, cook together with salted egg yolk. kekkekek.

    Sharkfin melon. Try it before, best cook with soup (or even make tong sui).

  14. hey lilian… how do u instal the ‘my fave friends’ function at the side bar? boleh tunjuk ajar sikit?

  15. People say size does not matter, of course it does, apparently (according to this size-queen; Lilian, not me)… BIGGER means can see more… got more FEEL oso… BTW the way I used to lurrve Chilli Crab at Kelana Restaurant in Port Dickson (last time dating-dating time), behind Petronas Station. Anybody got go there?

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