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I just bought a new desktop today to replace my five years old Dell. It being a new PC, I have to decide whether I want to use the free antispyware that came bundled with the operating system or to get my own. I dislike the bundled software because it slows down my PC and it has been known to cause spywares to pass through.

So, I was delighted to be told about this free Spyware Terminator which gives our PC free 100% Real-Time Protection. I love free stuffs and some of the spywares I downloaded before have served me well. However, Spyware Terminator basic version has an edge over my regular ones as it effectively removes spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, home page hijackers and other malware threats. Now, which other free downloadable sypware gives you this? Usually none because they normally leave a few things not included and we have to pay an annual fee to get all the other features.

One other thing that I dislike about some programs is the obstrusive pop up whenever they do scanning. The other thing is the siren like warning that went beeping over every single suspected spyware. They normally freaked me out! So, it is good to get one that works silently and without interference.

In case you are still unsure if you do need spyware remover and spyware detection, then I urge you to read this explanation on what is spyware, what is malware and what is adware. If these words sound foreign to you, then, all the more you should find out before your PC is infected with these intrusive, unknown and possibly destructive spywares and such.

There are so many threats out there and some of them were foreign to me like host instruction and page hijacker. So, as I am writing this, I am downloading a copy of Spyware Terminator. It is fast to download and from the look of it, very easy to use. It is designed for all level of users so you can be sure that even your moms and grandmoms are able to protect their PCs now. The updates are automated and will run at regular interval. If you have problem with Spyware Terminator, they even provide real human support.

Besides the above, they also provide optional open source antivirus (ClamAV). Do read about the features and more about Spyware Terminator on the links provided.

Now, this is one product review that I am glad to have. Go on and give it a try. I am sure if your PC is several months and years old, there will be lots of stuffs hidden there that can be cleaned up. I have said it is free, right? So, what are you waiting for? Go and try it!

*This post is brought to you by Spyware Terminator*

11 thoughts on “Support Spyware Terminator -What you do not know, will harm you

  1. Wuching: No lah. Those spywares, adwares, underwears will say “I’LL BE BACK!” *fell off chair*. Good day, mate.

  2. fuyooooooooo……….!!!!

    auntie, when you can buy me a lunch aaa….
    or at least, when can i see my link in your blog …hee..hee…heeee

  3. weirdoux – Hehehe, no lar, where got. Kena censor a bit hor, cos if not, I boleh kena ler.

    terence – Not funny oso. Eh, you can go commando but make sure you protect your grandpa Acer hor?

    wuching – Did you get it?

  4. ya lah auntie…
    i’m too excited to see this post in your blog.
    anyway, keep it up..!!

    psst: belanja me makan laaa…

  5. Thanks Lilian. I downloaded the free trial and it’s currently running on my machine. Good thing it allows real time monitoring… šŸ˜€

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