The jakun-ness of some Malaysian car owners

Most taxi drivers do that. All Ah Lians and Ah Bengs do that. New parents who got a baby also do that. Me? I hate it. And I wouldn’t date any guy who does it. Do what?


Treating their car like it is a shrine or something. Hanging (edit edit yadda yadda bla bla edit edit :P) …. Ribena berries, Hello Kitty and McDonald’s range of soft toys.

Blek, blek, blek! That is so jinjang and jakun. Please lah, those stuffs will distract your eyes, cause blind spots, tell people that you are jakun and most girls will not date you. And guys may find it cute but no sooner than they succeeded to get Ribena Berry to witness him making out with you in the car, he will disappear.

What do you think? Don’t you just hate all those dangling toys from the rear view mirror, on the side mirrors and the back windscreen? If I even see a white piece of paper like a parking receipt on the dashboard, I will chuck them away because they just distract my view.

Please lah, stop treating your car like a toy store. Leave the cuteness and kawaii-ness to little children. Start clearing those clutter.


Another thing is those ‘Baby On Board’ stickers. Waste gas to hang it because no one gives a shit. They will still drive recklessly and have no consideration for us parents. If you have a baby on board, belt him/her up and make sure the car seat is according to some international standard and not cheap Made In Taiwan stuffs. Those can kill. Don’t believe, ask Ah Beng. He got pics to show if you still insist to allow your children to stand on the front passenger seat. Want to see what mince meat turned out?

So, berhati-hati di jalanraya. Don’t be the jakun with toys and flowers and frilly curtains that block your view when driving.

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25 thoughts on “The jakun-ness of some Malaysian car owners

  1. wah, I am the first to comment. Great honour, Lilian.

    I agree with the “baby on board” sticker thingy. Worse still, the parents themselves drive like mad people, overtaking cars without signals!!

  2. Hi Lilian, your title caught my attention, ha ha ha… and it made me read your post. I was entertained, thanks! 🙂

  3. Quote:”Treating their car like it is a shrine or something. Hanging talisman, rosary, prayer beads, yellow, blessed cloth, photos of their deities, statues of their gods, Jesus, Buddha, Sai Baba…. Ribena berries, Hello Kitty and McDonald’s range of soft toys.”

    IMHO, you shouldn’t bring out certain issue that are kinda sensitive such as commenting about people’s religious belief. Some people’s hang prayer beads, amulets and also statues of their god becoz of their self-belief towards their own religious teaching. This is just my 5 cent thought. Btw, nice blog u have here. Keep it up. 🙂

  4. *takes down hanging MashiMaro from window and stashes under the carseat*
    Yea I totally agree
    *Nods head solemnly*

  5. well, i used to have a row of pooh bears at the back until they ran color due to the sun but it was also after candy [correct ka?] was kidnapped, raped n torched that i took every toy out of my car. takut to be id-ed as a ‘girls’ car. now it’s bare but so much better. the view is GREAT. 🙂

  6. Put it in a better way lah. Celaka! Teach you so many times liao. (go delete the religion thingy part)

    OK, its your choice whether you like to hang those mushy toys in the car. But try not to block your driving view. But those toys becomes a missile during a high speed impact and could hit/kill you. Imagine the G force from 110kmh to 0kmh in 2 seconds during a high speed impact. Ladies who dont buckle up may get their nen nen stuck in the steering wheel (those w/o airbags). *fell off chair*

    On parents who allows their child to sit with them in the front sit and allow them to stand in the middle of at the rear, take note, stop it and buckle up. The same theory applies, in a high speed impact, your child becomes the missile. There have been cases where the child ‘shoots’ forward and thru the front windscreen. The mince meat part is where the body gets cut from the winscreen glass and parts of it sticks to it. (Wanna see photos ar?)

  7. I only have a “Baby on Board” sticker and I am proud of it. Hang it the weekend before I delivered my baby. No plans to take it down.

    p/s: My baby is always safely buckled up in my car. 😀

  8. i think the religious thing is to ‘pou yao ping ping on on’ for the driver kua….

    soft toy not so bad. have u seen curtains? plastic flowers? the 7 dwarfs? in a car..lined up behind like a garden….

  9. -glances at her Oscar the Myvi-

    okaylah. just one sign that says i’m a very bad driver, my VMY2007 sticker and one small & soft dolly sitting in the backseat to keep me company.

    eh. bolehlarr…

  10. agreed! hangin’ stuff is actually quite dangerous..blocking driver’s view.

    the only thing i have is a fugly iguana sticker…stuck on my side backseat window…for some reason, scares the beejeezuz outta kids and some women-folk (includes balls as well *ahem!*).

    I love scaring kids. MUA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!

  11. agreed man..super jakun la..i once sat in a taxi in jb..he made his dashboard area like a little alice in birds carpet that looks like grass..

  12. kakakaka luckily i’m also against hanging ding ding dong dong at my car.

    But for baby on board, got taken down by the lil monster to chew. So i guess he said it’s a waste of time too.


  13. I don’t have a car (yet!) but another thing I won’t put at the back of my car (when I get it!) is the tissue box wrapped in granny’s frilly, lacy tissue box cover.

    Eeee …. street cred down the drain if someone drives an EVO and has a frilly tissue box at the back. 😀

  14. moby – I know what you mean! The crochet type wan oso got.

    sasha – That day lor, I saw this woman. She stick the toys on all four windows while her young son stood in front and hold the handle like hanging on a bus. She drove like shit oni and that’s why I see liao wanna bitch lor.

    lotsofcarvings – Yayaya, a lot of taxi drivers do that. Haiyor…some the plastic flowers gathered so much dust already, got asthma oso can die.

    jamey – Hehehe.

    mott – Wuah, you so fair fair, sweet sweet so garang oso? Muahahar..

    gallivanter – Ok, will read that.

    zyrin – Apa apa je lah.

    budokid – I have seen it too…Doc, Dopey, Sneezy, Grumpy….forget the rest liao

    shooi – I also got a lot of those initially when being new parents. Like status symbol like dat.

  15. clare – And tokong too. Hehehe.

    terence – Becos you said so only, I yadda yadda bla bla edit liao. But you want me to post the MSN conver and show you got bias against my afro hair ah? For the hundredth time, no I don’t want to see photos. I listen to your stories also enuff liao.

    su sien – Mashimaro! Shin Chan, Doraemon….hahaha.

    Yvy – Like that also can? But true la, see some cars, you know the owner already. Hahaha.

    Mariuca – Tks!

    Malaika’s mommy – It an honour to me, you drop by, really.

  16. Actually what’s wrong with having some toys in the car? As long as you do not make a storeroom out of yr car or block yr view, it’s still ok kua. I just have only 2 cushions at the back of the car (in case i need one for a short nap during a long journey) and also a box of tissue. I also hv a small talismen on the dashboard. I do not think that’s a problem at all.

  17. I had Mom-to-be on board which flipped over to reveal Baby-on-board when baby arrived! And that’s all I have now. No soft toys and other knickknacks..the poor soft toys have to endure the scorching sun!

  18. I never stick anything to the car one. Coz the driver will talk tarak berhenti if I do that. Anyhow, I find that if I put that – feel very uncomfortable.

  19. hey lilian, i agreed with you. I just don’t understand why these people decorated their car by hanging those toys. I guess it would be fine if you just hang with a prayer beads or amulets that won’t block your eyeview.

  20. haha.. this is funny! i don’t have anything against one or two at their side mirror… but if its the whole entire zoo displayed at the back of the car (for the other drivers to see)… i’ll pass.. no thanks. I wonder if these ppl ever use their backview mirrors. probably not.. which explain the whole parade of toys. haha.. unfortunately all those i’ve seen are female drivers..

    talk about dat.. i seldom see any cars decorated with loads of toys here in sydney.. but i’ve seen cars painted with cartoons!! i’ve seen a volkswagen’s new beetle externally decorated with hello kittiesss… AAAaaaHHhhhh… how could she do that to such a beautiful little car! *faint*

  21. I totally agree with you. One of these days, they shall surely get into accident with those stupid toys obstructing their view. Really, these ppl does not have a single brain cell left!

  22. you morons and chicken pussies!!

    pick someone your size!!
    write about those peanut brains who altered their car to become a stinking racing car, these wankers are the worst menace on the road, and these smelly people who own 4 wheel drives, they are similarly bog on the road, they are useless arrogant car drivers or let me say car wankers..

    leave these harmless fun well alone…BLOCKING VIEW i was reading…have a life….only your view to hell is obscured….get one is bothered about these little dangling things unless you have itchy and stinking cunt!!!!

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