Bwahahaha..Finally LKY tok some senses but…

“You want to listen to all these fellows, the lies and misinformation? You get confused and you do not know what is the truth, half-truth or lies. But as you become more knowledgeable, you can differentiate (them),” he said.

….but is this Cina apek referring to themselves?

When I saw this tiny column with the above sentences, I went, “Ah Aik, you are making senses but hor, are you referring to your bunch ah? Please lah, heat stroke, heat what, does it matter? You know hor, there are more pressing issues to deal with in the country. Who cares lah what is the cause of someone pengsan ? Like that bocor issue? Also proof you are all as eat-full-nothing-do as us bloggers. To that what-what MP, people say you bocor, you call them beruk lor. If they complain, say he listened wrongly, you were saying teruk mah. Come to 5xmom lah, she teach you how to tiu properly.”

8 thoughts on “Bwahahaha..Finally LKY tok some senses but…

  1. eh, go start a Tiu-ing Classes ler. Or you propose to the gov’t all MPs must attend your classes lar. And then once you kaya oledi, make sure u chia us all your readers!! Especially me hor, since I suggested to you!! I want that blardy crab lar. TMD! Seafood here so expensive. If not because of study, I also wanna be in Malaysia ler. Everything sibeh cheap, but pay like shit lar.

  2. Geez, these ministers are talking as if bloggers are a separate group of people. Can’t they see bloggers too are just rakyats and views expressed on their blogs are mere expression and frustration of ordinary folks of this country.

  3. Knowledge does not equal to logical thinking. All serious crime are done by “knowledgeable” people. Full stop. LKY should retired.

    After tick-tack the calculator, I notice the total age of Bolehland supersize cabinet minister is ~800 years old…. Way before Melaka empire. OMG.

  4. moo_t, 800 years old and they can’t fix the roof bocor thingy like a man. i’m refering both to the joke they made and the actual bocor of the parliment.

    lillian well at least they know well that they knt do anything agaist bloggers also, we no do wrong ma we got our freedom of speech, and we didn’t touch on sensitive issues like sex or religion. so takda wrong oso, y still wanna make a fuss outta us bloggers? kao! jiak pah si peh eng.

  5. bloggers are like a virus to them…
    i think its because for once a group of ppl are using their given right to express themselves and not take all the shit that the gorment throws at them…
    so malaysian gorment wat else…you know the rakyat are right but you cant do anything about it…so ban la wat else…easy way to supress the ppl

  6. first they want bloggers to be registered.
    second, they want to classify bloggers as pro-blogger and amateur blogger..
    next..what ..where we shit/eat/pee/sleep..? all in that order.

    ah…… big brother big brother…where art thou?

  7. I agree the bloggers are wrong, they (those mini-sters) did not pengsan, they are just a very constipated bunch. LOL

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