Here’s the rough lyrics

t e r e n c e sent 19/5/2007 11:28 PM: ur audio thing say what ar?

::: 5xmom says: what audio?
::: 5xmom says: the hokkien song?
Terence says: yea
::: 5xmom says: apalah, simple hokkien oso dunno?
::: 5xmom says:spore hokkien
Terence says: ask u, u tell lah
Terence says: cakap banyak pulak
::: 5xmom says: wait lah
::: 5xmom says: i not even log in yet, how to listen
::: 5xmom says: like this u come penang, i scold u in hokkien u oso dun understand, nice

5xmom says: ok, here goes
::: 5xmom says: driving cruising speeding si peh good to play
::: 5xmom says: some ppl speeding, some ppl like tortoise
::: 5xmom says: some ppl one hand drive, one hand play gf (dunno vulgar or not lah, i dun get the words)
::: 5xmom says: some ppl see pretty girls, old woman oso knock down
::: 5xmom says: red, green light cannot even see, drive straight
::: 5xmom says: cibai u still there?
::: 5xmom says: drink driving, if knock ppl is big wok
Terence says: yes
::: 5xmom says: dunno what what handphone can get summon
::: 5xmom says: going into cbd must buy tiket? (what ah?)
::: 5xmom says: then chorus, driving speeding is not good play
::: 5xmom says: hehheh
Terence says: ……
::: 5xmom says: (the guy laffs)
::: 5xmom says: if kena liao, lesen gantung
::: 5xmom says: cibai
::: 5xmom says: the end
Terence says: brb
Terence says: pangsai


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  1. terence – Cibai, you deaf or what? Or blind? Nay, wait for that finish loading, got Hokkien song specially dedicated to you mah?

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