Ever living but never moving

This is quite the ‘woman issue, woman motivation’ kinda post which will probably makes a lot of men rolling eyes and a lot of women going ya, ya, ya.

Ok, first a little ‘kembang’ fansee mail. Thanks! You made my day.

I discovered 5Xmom blog sometime back in December. After a few friends told me about it and some warned me the owner of the blog is obnoxiously rude, full of herself and hidung tinggi. Deathly combination? I thought otherwise, so being the person who like to judge things on my own, I went ahead and checked it out. And was I hooked!

thank you! For being the obnoxious 5Xmom. To me, 5Xmom is not just living, loving it, humour with some crass. It is an attitude we all aught to learn from. It is loving yourself and not give a rat ass of what others throw our ways.

Ok, two days ago, while I was bitching over MSN, I found out something about someone. Being the nosy parker with a streak of evilness, I decided to go on a social spying mode. What is social spying, you may ask. Well, as you know, I have a blog, you have a blog, she has a blog, every damn Chao Ah Lian has a blog.

So, it is not very difficult to go lurking around other people’s home (blog) and stand there to peek what they have been up to. Actually, some sadistic women made it their routine. They hate a person and yet, they will check out what that person is crapping. I know I got a few women who absolutely, utterly, completely dislike me because I had done something wrong or bad to them. Example, killing their cats or revealing about their torn underwears or something like that. *waves to haters*

Now, for me, I cannot sit still in one place or do the same thing over a period time. I change religion, I change hobby, I change interest, I change some principles and etc. Ok, the only thing I won’t change is probably my husband. Did I tell you I changed my hairstyle last week? Oh ya, Jolene is the only who saw it. I wish to change country, change name, change everything in the future too.

If one day I ever get senile, at least I got plenty of stories to babble to my grandkids. I cannot imagine how some people can blog for three years and still writing about the same thing. OMG, kill me already. It is boring enough to read, what more to live that kind of life? Pompuan sumua, tolong la. Tiap-tiap bulan bocor, tapi blog tak payah ikut the same routine kan?

So, women, don’t you think we owe it to ourselves to inject some new things in our life, do something different and at least, we have something to look back when we are older? It doesn’t matter if they are good or bad but it has to be something exciting. I cannot imagine being the docile, obedient wife, devoted mother, good daughter and nothing else. I hope to a mission worker someday. I want to be a nun, maybe? Or go into war torn country on mercy mission. I had dreamt of this many times already. Or meditating on the Himalayas with the Dalai Lama (ok, I am joking, Catholics, don’t flame me, I pway-pway oni, I won’t change religion anymore).

That’s why we must always live and move forward. Even if forward is not exactly improving but at least different. Eating the same white rice, married to the same man, having sex sleeping with the same man, being mom to the same kids, can be very, very tiring and boring if we don’t inject some drama in our lives, no? Go on, learn knitting or take up sky diving or learn how to flirt online (only for single women only, spinsters and married women don’t attempt) or whatever. If that is still not thrilling enough, go kacau some mental people for extra amusement.

So, wanna fight ah?

12 thoughts on “Ever living but never moving

  1. lol wah honoured to see ur new hairstyle leh:D and don’t forget my housemate Lie Yuen said u got beautiful skin!

    and para blog reader sekalian, 5xmom’s body is quite chun for a woman who has had 5 kids!

  2. *not rolling eyes* šŸ˜€

    I know ….. been there, done that (putting up with evil lurkers, I mean).

  3. That’s true. Cannot be the same old woman through the years. Or not will turn into ‘wong mien po’ ler. That’s my biggest nightmare! And I’m definitely not the docile, obedient wife. hehe. šŸ˜›

  4. “…inject some new things in our life, do something different and at least, we have something to look back when we are older…”

    Agree. This is what my fren told me too.

    And blog spying… I do that too…

  5. U hit right on the spot .”They hate a person and yet, they will check out what that person is crapping.” And u know they forget we know cos of technology.

  6. HAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA how come i think i know who u spying ah? hmmm cannot be la.

    Anyway bila nakshow picture?

  7. Couldn’t agree more…everyday do same thing can get terribly boring…tat’s y i am changing job again..yippeee!

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