Are you going to the Pirate of the Carribean 3 premier by nuffnang?

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You have to go to the premier of Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Because I couldn’t make it. *bawls*

Initially, we had planned to ponteng school to be there because it is like the most happening thing on the blogsphere. 250 bloggers will be there so how can I miss it? But this year, the KNN Jabatan Pendidikan (Education Department) is running some trial exams for PMR and SPM students. It is held concurrently in all the schools in Malaysia. After that, there is another school exam. Doh! Brains oso fried already. The exam only finish on 24th May, 2007 which is the screening of Pirate. So, *bawls somemore* I cannot go already.

*hangs head in shame ala beruk masin* I am sorry to all the 249 bloggers…..

249 bloggers tiu 5xmom – Cheh, you come or no come oso what big deal wor???????

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5xmom replies – Of course big deal lar! ‘Cos I arm luen Chow Yuen Fatt long long ledi. I no go, he where got mood to do show nice nice for you all wor? Niamah! And Timothy and Ming, I entrust both of you to jaga Ah Pek. Make sure you put him wedge in between two guys. Don’t let any silais sit next to him. He is mine! Mine, mine, mine. And Sasha, Mott and LaundryAmah, don’t say I don’t warn you. Keep your hands off my Ah Pek! Unduhstand?


Errr…I wonder if I can sell my two tickets in the blackmarket? Exclusive tickets, who wants to buy? Highest bidder wins.

18 thoughts on “Are you going to the Pirate of the Carribean 3 premier by nuffnang?

  1. helen – Bald is sexy lah. But recently I ended up arm luen Jay Chou in the Curse of the Golden Flower instead of his father Ah Fatt Kor pulak. Bald is better than the wig Sami Blue wears. Talk about Sami Bulu…..I am supposed to take a nap and someone said ‘Sweet Dreams, dream of Sami Bulu’ and that got me digging bald men. LOL.

  2. How no one invited readers like me???!!! No readers, where got bloggers, where got demand, where got ads?!! Niamah!!

    Nevermind, I wait for the pirated DVD. Blek!

  3. Auntie, you come kl r? Then give me big big hug lo….! kakakaka! How you wanna dress ler? Errr…pirates auntie ka? Wish to meet you there la! tata!

  4. louiss – Which part of my post you don’t understand ah? You no read Yingrish issit?

    ehon – My eldest SPM, my 2nd PMR. Like that also so diff to figure out?

    terence – I give you my tickets? How? Wei, got kena 4D yet or not?

    freethinker – Ya, nice to play with. It works with Flickr.

  5. Are you the admirer for Telly Salvalas (Kojak) and Yul Brynner (King and I) too?? Hehehe…

    Haiz…they should have tickets for Pg and JB too. Why only KL ar?? They should make it an informal gathering for these 3 different states mar 🙁

  6. i posted it, ‘won’ the ticket, but not transferable leh 🙁 bloggerself have to collect wor. how can, me so far far away? i thot can transfer to some blogofrends ker…. denng!

  7. Me and some kiasu frens went to get de tickets on Friday (18th) when they started selling. The guy at the ticketing booth told us were the FIRST CUSTOMER!!!! Wah lau eh, one cannot get more kiasu then dat…..

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