How I potong stim my dear hubby’s football match

Just a few minutes before Chelsea scored…..

5xmom on MSN to bookie : Wait I go take a drink first….

*5xmom stood in front of the 42″ plasma (bruff wan, we all no so rich ok?) purposely want to make atm geram because his eyes were fixed on the TV screen. Walks to kitchen*

* glug, glug, glug, water down and walk back to bedroom, passing living room. Stood in front of 42″ plasma TV again. Makes atm, HOI, tepi, tepi, tepi lah! Gives killer stare at 5xmom*

5xmom back to MSN

Bookie : Die liao, die liao, Chelsea scored.

5xmom : Dun bluff, I just passed by the TV. Where got.

Bookie : Die liao, die liao, Chelsea scored.

5xmom : Where got lah, my atm is sitting there like a statue only.


LOUD SHOUT TO ATM sitting in living room : Dear, Chelsea scored one goal meh?

ATM looking more annoyed : NOLAH, STILL 0-0 lah

Meanwhile on the MSN….

Bookie : I call luntun (london) wan wokay?

5xmom : Dun…..

*GOAL!!!!!! and Chelsea scored*

#2 son : MOM, you just potong stim for papa. People sit whole night and you go tell him before the goal. Apalah…..

5xmom to pukie bookie on MSN: What channel you watching lah? Astro why so slow wan?

So, which channel was Bookie watching? How come it is transmitted faster than Astro?

*gives evil laughter at all ManU fans*

22 thoughts on “How I potong stim my dear hubby’s football match

  1. Was sitting with all the Man Utd fans supporting chelsea.

    Damn kan cheong man, then when they won my fren dance in front of them to provoke them hahahaha

    Btw, I’m in UK so hahahaha Man Utd BOOO

  2. Astro longer streaming latency cos of satellite or wat. bookie watch from Skysports or SPBO. Singapore we watch starsports. bla bla.

  3. ASTRO got like 11 minutes delay i think. to censor scenes wan. like got streaker on pitch, they will have enough time to switch the broadcast to a standard “rancangan tergendala” screen.

  4. Don’t-la…… People sad already, still want to make people sadder… šŸ™ šŸ™

    Anyway, there is online TV which you can tune into which “could be faster” than Astro, like FreeTube and SopCast.

    I remembered during last year’s World Cup, the locally LIVE telecast was faster by a few seconds or minutes. Astro tends to be delayed as it needs to filter out some of those overseas ads and etc.. However, I think its because our satellite needs a bit of tweaking. Maybe we can send our Astronaut to fix it instead of just being a glorified space tourist. šŸ˜‰

    Just my dua sen.

    Anyway, to all MU fans, we will be bigger and better next season! Grab all the domestic cups and be a force to reckon with in European arean.. >:)

  5. One day they will tell you soccer is like WWE wrestling. It all about making money. Footballers, football clubs, fans, players, referees, advertiser and most of all, punters and bookies. Think about it. The odds and asian handicaps always favour the bookies.

    On the delay, your astro rosak lah. *fell off chair* Astro programs are all ‘delayed’. Because they afraid ppl like you and me cuss KNN on ‘live’ TV. So they apply to all channels. Soccer matches are delayed sometimes up to 6-8 mins. Wonder why, maybe they afraid MU players cuss KNNCCB or pull down their shorts and show you their KKC in front of the camera. *LOL*

    Puki now monitor matches online and some thru a pager running real time. Your puki didnt tell you ar??!!

    Dont forget to tell your friend, yehsou ar? Tenkiu.

  6. budokid – Lottery ah? Cannot lah, this bookie sure give the seven numbers from back to front.

    terence – Eh, 8.50 am wake up for what lah? Now 9.28 am, 10 am baru I go tell yehsou. Ask yehsou to ‘forgive thy sins’ for the 1-0 prediction?

    And yeah, my pukie fren forget to explain cos he went to pangsai midway.

    Ah Pek – This wan call technology. Hahaha.

    Cincau – Wuah, you become bookie, no sked kena whack?

    *must run adi, late liao!*

  7. Latest update: Chelsea didnt won the FA Cup. The bookies are the winners. Huge deposites were done at Credit Suisse and UBS a while ago.

    Dont tell anyone I told you ar!

  8. sasha – Your Big C supports Liverfool issit? Kehkehkeh, mine one only watch for the sake of it, he kwai-kwai dun bet wan. Lucky cos my informer’s info beh trust mia.

    Not a bookie – I dun care, my money where? Transferred to my offshore account liao?

    moo_t – Now only I know.

    lin – Next time I sure go log in and get advance info.

  9. Maaaaak, lu tau apa tu streaker kah? Itu olang gilak yang lali tarak pakai bajuk lepas satu stalium mya olang. It’s the crazy person that runs cross the whole stadium nude. Now I only understand why our TV no these kinda scenes wan. Ciplak punya gahmen.

  10. #2son – Yakah? Cis, if you don’t tell, I also dunno. What a waste, I missed those scenes. Male, handsome ones, right?

  11. I watch the scores on, while SIMULTANEOUSLY watching Astro.

    There are like 5-8 minutes delay in between the LiveScore website and Astro, the latter one is slower.

    Astro needs to censor/cover those broadcaster’s advertisements with their OWN sponsors a.k.a. Celcom and Toyota.

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