Meeting more bloggers

Hehehe, I post this on Monday ‘cos traffic higher on Monday mah. So high until my bandwith burst this morning wor. I got sms from some craze fansee (i lafu yew lots 😛 ) at 8.50 am while I was snoozzzzzing and emails from others that my site is down. I also got three mails from my webhost. Thanks, guys. I missed all the action cos I only woke up at 12 noon.

Anyway, back to meeting bloggers. Last Saturday, I have the chance to meet Robb and his boyfriend, Zach. Robb is celebrating his 21st birthday. Go wish Robb belated birthday, folks. Robb came to Penang and we had dinner at La Manila’s Place. Chris, Robb’s friend was there. And so is Criz, the blogger.

Tim and Linsey and Wen Qi also came by and we have ourselves a mini bloggers meet already. Here’s the only pic which Criz took. I have others but since they are mostly Robb, let’s wait for Robb to get back to KL and post. Robb is the one in chequered shirt.


I had to run before I get to eat Robb’s sinfully chocolatey birthday cake because my atm was impatient to watch football between ManU and Chelsea. I didn’t drive on Saturday because parking at Gurney is a bitch. So, I missed the cake! Hrrmpph…

20 thoughts on “Meeting more bloggers

  1. Blek! Is this the best you can do??? Come on!!! *Yawns*

    (Pressure leh? Bwahahahaha!!)

  2. Yeah! Couldn’t log onto your page this morning. Thought you were doing what stunt again this time. Muahahah!

  3. Hi Lilian,

    Do you only meet up with bloggers? Will you meet your fans? When i visit Penang, i always tell my husband i hope we can bump into 5xmoms and his sons…but nvr did..

  4. haha, thanks lilian. was an honor having u there.
    oh btw, the chocolate cake, was filled wit choc from the top till the bottom. ask linsey. she loves it!! None of us could finish our slices though, except for criz and linsey (choc lover ma)

  5. sotong – Never mind, I go whack their durian cake PLUS that for revenge. Nice meeting you.

    mamaBok – Tks for the support. I am sure Robb happy to get a wish all the way from Canada.

    th_c – Ok, watch out! Who knows we really bump into each other. But I look so plain, no one can recognise me lah. Unless I bring my kid along.

    moo_t – He jogs and gym a lot mah.

    clare – Dunno what’s wrong oso. Must be my bubblesnaps photos in the previous post. Took it off already.

    princess – Go organise one lor. Sure got ppl join wan.

    lotscraving – Linsey, nay her link provided.

    terence – Puki? I got lah.

  6. wei sotongzai…why u din send a piece to 5xmom? Errrr…come to think of it, maybe not enough too. There are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5xmom and her ATM…all together 6 persons. Send a cake then.. make it durian cake 😛

  7. terence – Eh, serve tea, red dates. Faster, call many times liao. pbbbtt (in case u dunno, pbbtt means show tongue and make pbbtt sound)

  8. got gathering!! and zach is der!! long time din c him d!!
    y got gathering din tell us 1.. we oso wana join ma..

    is been long since ji yuan org the last meet..
    so.. who wana org the next meeting?

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