How I got my reader to strip and take a pic of his tattoo…

LOL, have you look at those women’s magazine where their titles get sleazier and sleazier and all of them are peppered with the word sex? Even the more conservative Her World and Female are trying to outdo each other to become the Cosmopolitan with titles like “I had sex with all the maids in my housing estate” or “My father-in-law had sex with me”. I swear, these are real titles that I read while I have my once every three month haircuts at the hair salon.

So, using the same principles, I apply it on my blog. The word sex definitely sells because that is what gives me good traffic. See? I even have penis enlargement ads on my sidebar. Hehehehe, doing community service mah. Helping people overcome their shortcomings.

Now, do you remember the tattoo post I made last month?

Mr. T said he will reveal his tattoo if I can get 20 comments demanding for it.

And why in the world I need 20 comments? Because the tattoo is on his butt. And if Mr. T gets 20 comments asking for it, he will allow it on my blog. And if the comment hits 200, he will tattoo I*heart*5xmom too.

Well, I got the pic. Only thing is Mr. T here is not black but white.


And no, it is not on his butt. If anyone dare send me a pic of his butt, I will probably hang him up like what I did to QV. Terence is my long time reader and you can say hello to him. He won’t bite or scold niamah. Correct or not?

That’s all to the dramatic title. There is nothing to it. But thanks to all the 42 comments, Mr. T really had to take off his shirt to get a pic of the tattoo. So how, Mr. T, want to be bouncer here? Cap mohor kasi sama lu.

7 thoughts on “How I got my reader to strip and take a pic of his tattoo…

  1. wah … tattoo! I always was thinking of getting one but people was telling me that if you are a Christian, then getting a tattoo is wrong. Last time very good girl so I listen lor. Now, still thinking but scared of pain already … hehe …

    I just read your QV story. Wah, damn hamsap that fler … sending you naked pictures of men. And his blog is full of religious stuff. Man .. what a disgrace!

  2. nyx – Yeah lor, I also know about the ‘not messing with God’s temple’ but hehehe, dun apply to me cos I dunwan to fatt hau at my age to get a tattoo. But if I am younger and not a Catholic (I don’t know about other Christians but no-no for Catholics lah), I sure go get a LOT of tattoos. Not like one chau ahkua yin-yang but lots of it. Dragon, scorpio, cobra…*evades rotten eggs from Mr. T*

    hijackqueen – Make it blue-black. Hahaha.

    terence – You didn’t read my reply to nyx above, ok?

  3. Wei, stupe, I am the same terence who visits/supports your blog you know. Hope you dont have any funny ideas with my butt.

    Anyway, go read stupe’s blog. He is an inspiration to us couch potatoes. Go stupe!

    Ah Lian: Thats only the butt. Check out my what the Yakuza did to my back when i was involved with them when I was younger. *LOL*

  4. terence – Wei u dun bruff hor, that’s not yr butt, ok? Your butt hairy like gorilla.

    stupe – Wuah, terence puji you. Faster go kembang.

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