So you think you know about me but you don’t actually

Hmmm….these few days, I have been getting a lot of funny comments that indicate that my readers are taking my blog self for granted as my real self. And some mistook me for a KL-ite.

Just now, Zewt only found out that I am from Penang and not KL. He MSN-ed and discovered I am actually orang ulu from utara. So, that’s one.

Then, few days ago, I mentioned the main two government examinations for 15 years old and 17 years old and one reader asked me what do these two exams gotta do with me? Of course a whole lot because my two older sons are sitting for these respectively.

A while ago, Gwen said :

Nice to see you taken down a peg or two and that you’re human! AH HA HAHAHA

Damn, of course I am human. As human as God created. With all the bads and goods, the devil and the saint. Very yin-yang.

And e-hon quoted :

wahhh! 5xmom, you look soooo gentle, and sweet in the picture.

Hoi, I memang very nice person with the sweetest smile, kindest heart and very humble. But I don’t have to show it all the time or else I turn into a doormat. I am regular human so I act lansi sometimes and nice sometimes.

Well, folks, what you read on 5xmom is full of lies, as you can see from my tagline. I am a lot nicer and I don’t cuss bad words in public, unless I am driving. I am also very religious but I also don’t show it over here because religious stuffs are like allergies. People will run away and that defeats my purpose of blogging. I’d rather be stabbed by my own (religious nuts) folks for not being holy-moly than to be shunned by the masses for being a religious fanatic.

Now, don’t make assumptions and come here with your own mindset. Just for today, ask me what you wish to know about the real 5xmom lah. So that you don’t go around thinking the wrong stuffs. I will delete stupid or rude or suggestive questions. But good ones, who knows, I may even do podcast again. Long time, no hear my own voice already.

18 thoughts on “So you think you know about me but you don’t actually

  1. Yalah..!! long time no hear your voice already..!
    Now question time.. just because..!! hhahaha!! Is the real 5x mom so garang.. in person..??? would you go fight things out.. in person.. with the person who wronged you ..?? for example that SSS nicole case..??

  2. Aiya, auntie…this is blogsphere mah. But a lot of people don’t understand the concept yet lor. They take the blogging you as the real you mar. But hor, IMHO, I think auntie is a nice lady, friendly, happy-go-lucky, oh and not to mention her voice, FUYOH! Menggegarkan dunia, man! Okay, enuf of that. Actually I dunno what I was talking about coz very sleepy already.

    BTW auntie, I tagged you liao.

  3. Wah! *faint* Get mentioned in 5xmom got free char koay tiaw or not? Damn! From last night until now, I’m still talking about char koey tiaw.

    Actually hor, I came to know you from Malaysian Mom Share, first. My best friend, Ryan, passed away at that time and it was a really horrible experience esp when you’re only 16 years old. Ryan’s mum directed me to your site, and I read Little Vincent’s site from head to toe, side to side and cried whole night reading it. It was that painful. I felt your pain all the way through the screen into my heart (damn drama but true lar). Well, what can I say, my life changed drastically – thanks to you. A thousand million thanks. I realised how important I am to my mom, and… what I can say is, life just changed tremendously, especially between me and my mom. So a thousand million and endless thank yous Lilian. 🙂

    And who knows, 4 years later, I get to know Lilian through her blog?!!! Somemore same surname as me except maybe different in chinese. But thank you, really. 🙂

    K, end of drama, back to you! Aiya, every bloggers are good actors. They can have a thousand million (im so addicted to this word) phases of themselves. True?

  4. *takes out popcorn, read what others comment*

    (Yes, hardworking today. Actually hor, escape from you know who lah. Cibai!)

  5. hahha…i kena whallop (big time) by 5xmom long time ago, for assuming I “knew” her….

    Psssttt..5xmom…I don’t think you realised this. 😉 I just shuddup n comment if I really have something to say. Not to just make fren with her.

  6. ahhh… at least i know that ur penang and u got 2 kids… lol

    well i guess we can never fully now a person. blogging only tell you bits and butters. you still have a long way to go to know what’s in the filling.

    and we wanna hear ur podcast!!! 😀

  7. conan_cat – I have FIVE lah. Tiu, what you think the 5x is for wor.

    mott – Yakah? My memory very short wan, so that’s why my face no wrinkles, so radiant mah, rite? 😛

    wuching – But I AM! To you.

    terence – I wanna hire bouncer liao, lazy to do the chore. You for hire?

    ehon – So, you are Ryan’s pal? I sorta ‘grew’ up with Ryan’s mom cos we experienced child’s death around the same time. But Ryan is one special guy, isn’t it? The time I spent to put up his webpage on Yahoo Geocities made me know Ryan as a person. You should listen to what Ryan’s mom experienced after his death. The third dimension and how Christianity and Buddhism sort of blended. Phew…

    clare – Yes, ppl come with their own conclusions and mindsets.

    mamaBok – Wait when I have the chance cos day time I can’t do it, too many disruptions and night time, I am distracted with writing paid posts. LOL

  8. wah, how can leng jai zewt not knw u’re from pg? (and conancat thought u got 2 kids, LOL) meaning they’re reading ur blog regularly enuf!

  9. Aiya, of course know you r from penang lor and that you are a mother la plus a good person lor otherwise where got five kids? right? yaya, ppls can be rude when they are jealous of other ppls blessings and success but we must all remember, bless are from God la and we must be humble and in submission lor. Cheers!

  10. Initially when I came into 5xmom’s blog, I thought she was a darn obnoxious lady with lots of loud speakers attached to her. Her “voice” scares the hell out of me. All those 4 letter words and languages she used was like “Oh god…how more rude could she be?” She was like a person who will not accept any insults. One wrong step on her tail and you will be deaf for the rest of your life. I was then comparing her with those “Tai Ka Jie” with loud voices as depict in those Cantonese series.

    After following her blog for some time, there were too many conflicts between my assumption and the real her. Her love for her family, her ability to perform as a mother, a wife, a darn good blogger with so many blogs to maintain, a cook, a church goer, a community service personnel, etc makes me think otherwise. I could be wrong to tag her as her blog personality.

    It was only recently that I coincidentally got to meet the real her. Oh gosh…it that Lilian Chan? She looked so different. She was so soft spoken and you cannot even hear her cursing at anyone in public. Her face was so radiant. She was a person filled with compassion and loving kindness. The feel of her motherly love oozing out makes me feel very comfortable. The thought of her wearing tight leather jacket with a whip in her hand totally got wiped out from my mind. I must admit I was wrong in depicting the real her.

    As I was mentioning in my blog, do not ASS/U/ME a person…You make an ASS out of U and ME 😛

  11. Criz: “As I was mentioning in my blog, do not ASS/U/ME a person…You make an ASS out of U and ME” Please practice what you preach and dont be a hypocrite! I heard you like asses too!

    Please refer to previous sponsored post comments. Even the blog/site owner dont say things like that to me whether its suppose to be funny or not. What do you mean when you wrote “for a change”??? You dont like my comments??? Last I recall, this isn’t your farking blog!

    The day I stop being a commentator in this blog is when Lilian says so. Lilian, your say?

  12. aiyooo… this process is called getting to know a person mah. all the time u mentioned about gurney here gurney there, i should have known. at least i am not blur like conan_cat and thinks you’ve 2 ‘fah kuat loong’. hahahaha….

  13. zewt – LOL, yalor, so many misconception. Nay, until upstairs wanna fight liao. Bwahahaha.

    terence – I sit diam-diam and see ha? Need my comments or not? *flexes muscle, compare with terence’s biceps, terence wins*

    criz – Hehehe, don’t say like that lah. I paiseh wan.

    joeC – Eh, u no longer blog ah?

    sooi2 – Yeah, somemore nay, got one who always puji and kohlian me while she backstabbing me wan leh? That rabidliang. Hahahaha. One day say I good, next day say I bad. In the end, I oso dunno what she thinks.

  14. Aikss…what is this? Did I just step on someone’s tail? Hey Terence…it’s meant to be a joke lar…why take it so seriously? If it’s an insult to you then I publicly apologize. After all, I do not like to have misunderstanding amongst bloggers. SORRY!

  15. mamaboK – ok, when I have the chance, promise

    jamy – No lah, where got, frens lah, not fans.

    criz – I also find it quite offensive cos some of the jokes only terence and I can understand as we are on MSN and these are just continuation of it. So, yeah, he should be mad too ‘cos that post is a paid post and I do get paid good money in the range of RM100 & above and advertisers do look into our posts before payment.

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