Matrix style injury and saved by Matrix style Yehsou

**Added : The reason we did what we did below is because of medical insurance. Recently, my atm no longer enjoys 100% medical coverage for all of us because his new company has a different policy. So, we bought our own medical insurance. Operation by surgeons is acceptable. Anything touched by plastic surgeons aren’t. So, if we have gone to another hospital to see a plastic surgeon, it will definitely set us back by at least RM500 with new registration, calling the surgeon during off hours and his one and only plastic surgeon around our island. We are only charged RM100 by the paediatric surgeon for the three stiches. God bless him. I am adding this before people thinks I like to throw my weights around.**

So, I ended up at the Accident and Emergency unit in the hospital because my #2 son ‘gracefully flies on his skateboard matrix style and landed in the drain’ and has a cut on his lips. (matrix style is his own description)

There is not much blood and nothing serious except for some laceration and abrasion. Just a tiny-weeny cut on the lips which require some stitching. The A&E is manned by M.O. (medical officers who are qualified doctors) and this doctor wanted to refer us to another hospital far-far away to get the stitches done by the plastic surgeon.

I refused because it is one tiny cut and anyone can just sew it back. Hahaha, trust me, I know my stuffs. So, I told him to give a call to the paediatric surgeon whom I knew. He called but I do not know what he told the paed. surgeon. The M.O. came back to me and told us that facial surgeries like these are better done by plastic surgeon.

So, I was like wtf, my son damn macho wei, a tiny cut like that need just few stitches and I know very well the paed surgeon can do it. I had known him for a long time because last time, he used to cut my other son and sew him up in front of me. Such is our relationship. Paed surgeon would happily stitch and did stuffs in my presence and I wouldn’t blink an eye. I know it is something paed surgeon can do, ok? What plastic surgeon lah, not like I want breast augmentation or what.

But I don’t have paed surgeon’s phone but have another doc’s phone. So, what else, I phoned the other doc and ‘teh’ that ‘your MO don’t want to get paed surgeon, my son is not a girl so a tiny stitch like that wouldn’t matter, I don’t want to go to that hospital because I don’t like it…yadda yadda’.

And in the end, paed surgeon came…..

“Sorry ya, Mr. Ng. Hehehe, I know you can do it ‘cos I have faith in you wannn…”

Of course, after he has seen me, he knew who I am lah. “How are you? What are you doing now. It has been a few years ya? 2003?”

See? He even remembers the year! (when my son was under his care and the year he passed away)


Kid insists this is bloggable materials and gives permission to me to post this icky photo. Nice work by the paed surgeon, Mr. C.E. Ng of Lam Wah Ee. He is very gentle, humble and nice. Used to be single too. Hehehe.

Conclusion – Sometimes, we need to pull strings a bit to get our things done. And this is the first time any one of my kid needs to be stitched up. Considering that I have all four boys, I must say it is quite a good and clean record. *touch wood* And thank God, it is just external scratches. I guess Yehsou must have saved him matrix style as well. Whooosh…protects, lifts and walks off in His white robe, blonde hair flying and Hallelujah playing the background.


(tu lah, mak cakap, hang tak dengaq, masuk longkang dah)

You know hor, just now when I was there, got one school boy who was just standing by the road side….a woman driver drove by and somehow his bag was caught and he fell down and had to be sent to the A&E by the Jabatan Pertahan Awam’s ambulance.

Aiyer….life is full of uncertainties. It’s ok, my kid is damn proud of his gangsta look. Hahaha.

24 thoughts on “Matrix style injury and saved by Matrix style Yehsou

  1. Glad he is fine. Damn macho! Talking about scars ar…… there was this time……

  2. ouch, sakitnya… and can i know what is matrix style?? = =” anything to do with matrix the movie boh???

    well me oso got scars here and there lor… got one time need stitch cuz me wanna climb over to neighbour’s house then my hand kena stabbed INTO the fence, got a 1.5″ hole there so must go stitch lor…

    haiyor do stitch nia need plastic surgeon meh?? so kua zheong = =”””

  3. wow….his lip split leh..then drink water mar bocor….
    when i was small, i fell into a longkang but no one bring me to sew my chin. until today i have an ugly scar on my chin..but im girl lor…

    nowadays hospital like to liok u….sikit sikit specialist….

  4. budokid – No lah, only on the outer lip, very small cut only. But hor, this is where we want their specialist but they kept asking to go to another hospital for lagi dashyat mia plastic surgeon. I said no need mah, and they kept insisting.

    conan_cat – Yalor, like Keanu Reeves like that, can bend backwards 45 deg. Hehehe. If dotter, I fast fast bring to plastic surgeon, male ones, aiyar, got scares baru macho.

    terence – What liao?

  5. Doctors are the same everywhere! They don’t like it when you tell them – it’s supposed to be the other way around, see. But, he’ll be fine, no doubt – heroes always are!

  6. wow lilian u r really an experienced mom being able to make a wise decision not to pay the ‘cut throat’ specialist fee to a plastic surgeon for stictches…i had paid rm1700 for my 4 yo son’s stitches on his chin last month for the so called surgery which only took the surgeon15 mins to get the stitches done but i’d waited for him more than 1.5 hour…only if this post come earlier..haha

  7. Ouch! That must have hurt! Hopefully it doesn’t leave a scar. But then, you said he like the gangsta look, so nvm la. šŸ™‚

    I was bitten by a dog on my upper thigh when I was 10. When my dad sent my to the clinic the doctor suggested stitches. Scared me to death, so I die die didn’t want to let him do that. Now it left a very faint scar. Haha.

  8. Wah…looked quite serious. I just hope that the after shock and bodily pain won’t affect him later in the night. Just watch out if he has fever or not. I was in accident not long ago and the pain was just unbearable. During the night I was boiling hot even with the antibiotic and pain killer, it did not help much. I just hope that he won’t get into that kind of ordeal as I did.

    Lilian…pls wIsh him a speedy recovery on behalf of me. Thanks šŸ™‚

  9. Get well soon terror kid and soon you’d ride again like always they don’t call you terror for nothing yap kamikaze kid

  10. Hmm…yeah! Got that gangsta look…no, Pirate look! *smack forehead* Aiya! So sayang you cannot make it to the Pirates! He would have win the Best Dressed Pirate contest without trying at all lar! LOL!!! šŸ™‚

    Yes, if you are covered by a medical insurance, and you want your insurance company to pay, cannot let any plastic surgeon or any surgeon with ‘plastic’ as their middle name to touch you! Any form of plastic surgery will not be insured. Well-stated under the exclusion. Wise move, auntie! *wink*

  11. I think the MO no experience to perform stitches lest he leaves a scar on your boy’s face. Nowadays , doctors are very specialized and for stitches to be done on face very scary for some doctors cos of scarring if cuts are not stitched professionally. I guess they also trying to avoid unecessary blame in case. Like me , I was a guinea pig for a soon-to-be surgeon and the stitches came out horrible. Now I have a 2cm scar. Anyhow, at that time, I thought the doctors are all the same and stitching should be part of their job right ? I guess not. twas a bad experience for me at that hospital and I’m still blur blur when it comes to doctors, hospitals, nurses, whatever . lol.

  12. I like your creative description of Yehsou coming to save your son matrix style… “lifts and walks off in His white robe, blonde hair flying and Hallelujah playing the background”. šŸ˜‰

    Thank goodness, your son is okay.

  13. Aiyoyo, very di painful to read and to look ah, so your boy now learn a good lesson la, no do matrixes stuns šŸ™‚ Praise Yehsou for He is good! Cheers!

  14. bloody useless MO! i wud imagine a good GP elsewhere cud had stitch it up nicely too. i oso had my gripes with MO in private hospitals. recently my bb went to an emergency unit (nothing serious luckily) and the stupid woman (MO) told my mom “it’s good to give warm water to exclusively breastfed babies”. cib*i betul!

  15. Erm, I went through the night with no problem whatsoever. The local anesthetics made me high an hour later acctualy. Stone-stone…walk also like floating. Sentences come out pronounciation semacam. Mom commanded me to go sleep before I do something funny.

    The doctor also like pro wan…stiching quickly over de. Sumore got explanations on how people can notice the ‘lip line’ if not alligned by 0.5mm and such…

    The hole I flew gracefully into is just big enough for me to fit in nicely with a little gap. I wonder how I went ‘straight’ in without my head hitting the side of the draing and bounce inside it…Yehsou did his Matrix too I guess.

  16. Hey folks, thanks for all the wishes. Nah, see lah, he seems to enjoy it. Hahaha, too bad he can’t make it to the Pirates.

  17. The injury = not so funny …

    The last picture caption …. 99 farnee until I LOL irl man … THAT is why I read this site!!!!!!

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