Who wants to trade place with me?

*bawls!!!!* This is the second day I am eating leftovers. I had made scrambled egg and cheese sandwich for my kid but I have no stomach for that. So, I ended up eating leftovers, the same one I ate yesterday which is also the same one I ate the evening before. I added a lot of mushrooms and tomatoes to the tomyam. But it is still leftovers.


Moments like these, I wish I am back to the work force. When I can dress up nicely, put on my high heels, cement truck and paints and really ‘Let’s go out for lunch”. Those days when lunch can range from dim sum at five-stars hotel (not my account of course) to kick-ass expensive buffets to farewell lunches, birthday lunches and etc etc.

Of course, now I can do it still. But how fun is it to meet up for lunch with a bunch of mothers, talking about kids. Spare me! Everywhere I go, my four years old will tag along definitely. And I have two choices. Take time to dress up like some EFNTD tai-tai or scramp out like an Ah Soh. Both options also no fun because the weather is freaking hot. Not like I have a chauffeur driven 7-series waiting for me at the lobby. Driving in that weather is madness if it means just to have lunch.

Moreover, the little nagging devil in me will drive me to insanity. “Hey, 5xmom….you see that bunch of women? See how nice they are wearing? Look at you, all like an Ah Soh with a little kid. Even the credit card promoters also do not want to give you a second look.”

The saint in me will reply, “Hey bugger off, horn one. 5xmom easily earns more than that bunch of women, ok? She is like the taukehsoh, not a bunch of clerks lah.”

Horn one, “Look, look, her self-esteem is now dented. Who cares how much she earns? She still has no aircond office to return to. No title at her door. Not even a cubicle to call her own.”

The saint, “KNN, MCB, let 5xmom alone, wokay? She is going mad ledi. Later, she also fark me, you are going to get it as well.”

Horn one, “Neh neh neh neh neh…”

The saint, “Just you wait, she is going to come up with another post about how nice it is to be a stay-at-home mom. Then, all the working women is going to hate her forever…..”

Horn one, “Then my mision is accomplished.”

The saint, “Come lets go out for lunch.”

5xmom – Hey, wait you two! What about me???!!!!???? I am left at home eating leftovers again!!!???!!!

17 thoughts on “Who wants to trade place with me?

  1. apala u…. i thot u meant me taking over all your domains and earning all your PPP ops…


    no..i don’t want your leftovers….ptooi!..unless u take mine la. I think mine is worse than yours! blek!

  2. Lilian, anytime I would wish to be in your shoes. That bunch of working women (incl. me), ultimately also working for $$$. When we go out for lunch, it is either to biatch abt office politics and even if got time to talk about kids, it is only for that 1 hour or less in a day.

  3. aaawwww…

    there there…

    working life is not all that great lar .. better stay at home and be a taukehsoh online entrepreneur. 🙂

  4. Yeah working life can be so complicated…day in day out if not gossips then it’s backstabbing. I rather stay home to be the “boss”.

    Leftovers are not so bad after all. Whatever is edible, just grab it. Waste not, want not. As for me, I always clear my fridge or pantry thoroughly before my next sundries shopping spree.

  5. I used to think like that last time. So nice go for lunch with some friends and wear nice nice. But after that, no more liau lor. I stop working when I had got my 1st baby. I stop working for almost 4 years. Everyone call me Lady of Leisure. Leisure their head lar. Like you say, want to wear nice nice also cannot at time. Everywhere we go, sure got this budak budak follow us. Now, I no longer think like that anymore chor leh. 1st, you think those working women so shiok meh? Kena f*ck by boss n customers leh. Got to see their boss face colour to act. Sometimes, some of them are like puppet only. Working for ourselves is so good also mah. Like you and me. We got our ways to earn money. Some people also get jealous leh when we take our kids with us go jalan jalan. See how cute our kids are. It only take a few years to be ah soh look only and when they are slightly older we can dress up like young lady again. LOL. Can be beautiful, sexy and so forth. Hahaha………….

  6. wah you cook how much at one time??.. still got leftovers.. nevermind..tired of leftover? theres always 755-25-25..special delivery hahah..

  7. *drools at the tomyam, looks at the clock* Damn it! only 5.42pm. 20minutes more before getting off work. And I’m blardy hungry already!:)

    *sixth sense perks up* Boss heading my way…*hides*

  8. Mothers damn keng. They talk about their household chores, their husbands and their children, three topics only but it never seems to end. Haha.

  9. Ahhh..!! those were the days ain’t it..!! with well co-ordinated color shoes.. and dress.. and even handbags. Oh .. i missed those days too..! but i won’t change it for anything.. in the world. My brat is too precious..! had i not chosen this way.. i wouldn’t have my brat at all. Donch matter.. how many shoes.. i could have bought.. or how many cocktails i could have attended.. or how much i would have earned by now.. nothing is even close to comparison to having my brat… who comes into my room each morning.. and tells me loudly.. “WAKE UP .. MUMMY..!!”

  10. got leftover then good lor… nowadays… there’s not even left over for me. everyday either eat instant noodle or makan luar… i sien already..!

  11. As long as it looks edible, I’ll eat it. Especially leftovers. That looks like it was pretty darn good. Besides, while going out for lunch is fun, it’s not fun when you get your bank or credit card statement at the end of the month and see how many packages of sandwich meat or how many car payments you ate.

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