Monster Kill! (I mean mother-in-law from the males POV)

My eldest son has this Dota “Monster Kill” as his sms ringtone and it goes on and on, buzzing in my ears all the time. I don’t know how but suddenly, the image of monster-in-law came into my mind. Now, as a woman, I notice that we have somewhat different images of mother-in-laws compared to the men towards their mother-in-law.

Of course, it may be somewhat different but if we are talking about notorious and obnoxious in-laws, I believe they also bitch about their monster-in-laws in the same ferocity (meaning : The property of being wild or turbulent) as we women do. And if you have the luck to know a married man well enough, you will have the pleasure to hear them bitch. Usually, men don’t bitch about their mils like us women do. So, it is more of a beer-talk kinda thing and you have the joy of sniggering at the mil jokes.

I think, generally men dislike their mils because the mils failed to live up to their own mother’s perfect and ideal characters. My own dear hubby did make jokes about my mother but it was more of a teasing way. Then, again, she is my mother and he wouldn’t risk his life to laugh at my mom, would he? And I am biased so I wouldn’t have notice anything anyway. It could be due to my mother very cincai and easy going nature compared to his mother very glum and unsmiling nature. The other part could be the love my mom showered on our two older kids and that just blew him away. His mom couldn’t rival that at all.

Anyway, it is fun to speculate why men hate their monster-in-laws:

1) MIL wants to know how much they make;

2) MIL wants to know how much property they have;

3) MIL checks on his career, whether it is improving;

4) MIL nags

5) MIL visits without notice

6) MIL jom (monopolise) the TV for her Korean series when there is an EPL final on TV

7) MIL does the laundry and he is not ready to have his leopard g-strings and underwears handled by a strange, old woman

8) MIL digs info on his family members, spying on what they are doing etc

9) MIL clears the rubbish and he is not happy people sees his used condoms

10) MIL sleeps in the next room, stiffling any funny noises from his room, he needs Viagra in the end

11) MIL sat like a statue all day long, waiting for him to buy her dinners

12) MIL cooks horrijible Chinese ginseng to boost his sexual prowress

13) MIL used HIS money to buy the thousand year old ginsengs

14) MIL brewed all his bird’s nests for HER supper

15) MIL threw away his collections of antiques thinking it was rubbish

16) MIL sold his prize collections of 1960 Playboy magazines to the paper lama (old newspapers) man

*argggh…someone stop me! I can go till 100*

So, folks, contribute ideas how to be a monster-in-law to the man. Let’s keep it to the male side for this post, shall we?

11 thoughts on “Monster Kill! (I mean mother-in-law from the males POV)

  1. Well.. the only reason why PB donch like his MIL would be the way she treated me.. when i was a teenager. Other than that.. he doesn’t have any contact with her.. so no conflict .. 😉

  2. mil always ask when got grandson? come all grand daughters??

    thank god i still mil yet..phew..haha i like the monster kill sound..damn cool..and damn ego u know when you hear that..

  3. must encourage my son to serve more in church in his growing up years. who knows he might get a vocation calling to become a priest. then he’ll absolutely have no mil problem 😆

  4. lol…

    17) mil asked husband to buy sanitary pads for her daughter AND her
    18) mil “shared” her experience about how good her husband is to wife and kept wife wondering, “eh how come my husband never liddat one hah??”
    19) mil shares the same obbession with Playboy magazines with husband (@_o)
    20) mil name: Katerina–comes all the sudden like a storm and left the whole house in a mess

  5. conan_cat – LOL, if #17 hor, habis liao, the man is henpecked.

    suzy – Right, me too! Imagine all my boys kena tortured by their future mil. MONSTER KILL!!!

    mott – Biasa ler, ppl sometimes comment out of topic wan.

    shooi – Yalor, got like that wan.

    lotsofcarvings – Where got lah. Usually, they blame the woman wan.

    mamabok – PB has the distance to escape the jail sentence. LOL.

  6. #10298362: When you ask her how much she wants as dowry. She will say “anything lah, up to you lah, I not selling daughter also” BUT the final figure/amount is never to her expectation.

    #10299969: She tells us that she treats us like her own son. Dont be believe her.

    #22883764: They tend to forget that their daughter is Mrs.Who and Who now. Wei, dowry paid liao lah.


  7. 1) MIL treats him like a never grow up baby by giving him one too many advices. 😛

    2) MIL complains that her daughter did not get enough of attentions, love and sex?? LOL

    3) MIL likes to compare him with her other sons who is far more successful. In short, he did not make enough $$ to feed her daughter. 😛

    4) MIL did not lay a hand in helping the family chores even though she has burned into the family’s monthly expenses. 😛

    5) MIL rocks until the wee hours. It’s true you know that some MIL play mahjong or go dance clubs until wee hours of the day 😛

    6) MIL stocks up the sundries in the house like a mini supermarket 😛

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