Why the VISA ad so stupid ah?

Ok, I am suppose to run out for another round of bas sekolah mom. I don’t do bas sekolah duties, only special occassions. So, when I tune to the local radio, they will inevitably set me off to blog rant.

There is this VISA advertisement that goes like this :

You are in trouble if you end up like this (or that’s what I recall lah)

“Hey, dude”

“I am your father”

“Hey dude”

“I am your father”

So, the ad is something like you are in deep shit if you don’t treat your kids nice and give them VISA, issit? Then, they won’t respect you and call you dude instead of dad? I don’t understand what the stupid ad means because, maybe I am stupidier?

But then, if I can get my kids to see me at that level, I will be praising myself. Well, they don’t call me by my name but at least, we are chummy enough to joke around. Sometimes, I will be telling them, “Dey, you better don’t do it hor, later my husband black face, I pulak kena.” Or they will be telling me like, “Eh, your husband will allow us or not ah?”

You see, kids, as in older ones aren’t meant to have that generation gap with us parents. It is better we get down to a level where they respect us as a person and hence, whatever we forbid or permit are something they can relate to.

So, folks, tell me what is that stupid ad about? And if you happens to be the VISA ad people and get mad with me for calling your ad stupid, you just call me stupid back lor. BTW, most of the ads always don’t make sense. And they call themselves professional, graduated, degree holder in wateva fields? Aiyor, please lah…

Like for example that Singapore tourism ad using Phua Chu Kang? Dey, Singaporeans, you want to promote your country to us Malaysians and you use Phua Chu Kang? We can find thousands of Phua Chu Kang right here in our country lah. Wrong strategy lah, dudes.

8 thoughts on “Why the VISA ad so stupid ah?

  1. Hello aunty,

    yes, the adverts are danged outrageous sometimes. Except for JJ & Rudy on Hitz.fm. Now they’re just radio comedians.

  2. I hate radio ads like hell, so I just stick to CDs and listen to James Last a 100 times also never mind…rather than hear one miserable song and ten ads and lotsa blabbering by djs in between.

  3. Perhaps with regards to the Singaporean tourism ad… just how yellow booted contractors are as famous as PCK?

  4. OIC, that lame radio ads are VISA advertisement.

    At first I though they are try to imitate Star War in the ads, e.g. Darth Vader, “I am your father”. Luke Skywalker, “Nooooooo”.

  5. But if the advertisement is memorable enough for you to have blogged it and told everyone about wouldn’t it then be great ad? some more discussing it for the world to join in… Lilian, lilian (rizlan sighs)

  6. Remember for all the wrong reasons… ahaks! (ahaks! = malay version of lol).

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