Asking stupid questions

A lot of people are afraid of asking stupid questions. Normally, they will keep quiet when they are asked to ask questions if they have any. But I am not talking about major event like seminars or courses when you are invited to ask questions.

I am talking about one-to-one conversations and you are too embarassed to admit you do not know something. For example, I do not know what is XOXO but pretend to act like I know. Finally, I cannot bear it anymore and asked. Ok, I know what is XOXO now, but I am not telling.

So, I was having this MSN conversation with someone and little numbers and alphabets kept appearing. At first, I thought it is due to my MSN and it didn’t register the code and produce an emoticon like it should. You know..when you type l o l, you get a laughing smiley. Then, it appears again. And guess what, I thought it is one of those words we make with our digital calculator. So, I turn my head a bit to see if I can decode anything from it.

Also nothing. So, I cannot stand it anymore and asked, “What is tl147lc3?”

Then, I was scolded (in a nice way), ‘WTF? I typed that for two days already, you don’t know and yet you never ask???’

Haih….admit it. How many of us actually pretend to know when we don’t? Even my four years old can cover his own butts. Sometimes, he opened his mouth to ask something silly and then, realised it is a stupid question. Before we can respond, he will blush, give a goofy grin and guess what he said, “I know already but I just ask only. Cannot meh?” He must have learnt it from his mom. “I know of course, but I am asking to test and see if you know.”


26 thoughts on “Asking stupid questions

  1. Guilty candidate number 1. Normally if I don’t know something and am too embarrassed to ask, I google it. Haha.

  2. Byran – Yeah me too. But this one Google dun have.

    freethinker – Oh really? LOL, I didn’t know that.

    mamabok – That’s a mystery. 😛

    cc – Yeah, Google is the best. Like the tagline,Google it, you idiot!

  3. This is the mentality/mindset of most human. I have quite a number of people working under me. Most of them are too embarrassed to ask. During my briefings/trainings with them I will let them know this, be a fool and get laughed at for the 1st time (normally ppl wont laff at you lah, *mindset again*) and ask if you dont know/want to know OR be a fool for the rest of your miserable life acting like you know. Most ppl are living miserable lifes being pretentious.

    This separates the boys from the men. The girls from the women. Those at the top from those at the bottom.

    Its suppose to be tl155 lc5 lah. Dont cheat ar! Niamah!

  4. Add on: Questions are never stupid. We all learned to walk before we started running. Dont know, ask lor! Its that simple. No internet access, how to google????

  5. aaarrgghh!!!

    what *do* they mean?? aiyooo…

    me… i’ll just ask. let ppl say i’m slow on the uptake… hey, at least i’ll *understand* in the very end…

  6. When I was in form 5, I came across an interesting drama script made up entirely of letters, UC? (You see?)

    IC, UC M8? (I see, you see mate?). OK I M L8 4 T.. (Okay I am late for tea..).

    Apparently the actors had to show subtitles to the audience so that they can read the act… wierd or not?

    Normally we have subtitles to explain the dialogue, as opposed to having a dialogue to explain the subtitles….

    Waah suddenly I got idea for a new drama script… can use all the sms and chat shortform and have actors lug around the script cue cards… misti cute mia…

  7. i always ask stupid questions… better to look like a fool asking then looking like a fool not knowing wtf it is. wtf was that bunch of alphanumbers?

  8. mott – LOL, I notice that, you are good with yr questions.

    clare – Why? Dare not ask?

    agnesw – Nay, ask terence to explain.

    Rizlan – Which closet you come out from lah? Blog engkau dah mana pigi?

    zyrin – I like to ask too, I enjoy the attention of being stupid. LOL. Sometimes ask so stupid questions until the expert also don’t know how to answer. I am smart in being stupid. Hahaha.

    terence – lc8989tl 6969!!!!!!! – HOI, I write it down here, ok? You go buy 4D with these two numbers and if strike,tl 50% – lc 50%. If not come up, tl 100% tanggung the losses.

  9. Yeeeeehhhhh, finished reading everything, every single comment liao still cannot find out what’s the answer….. What??? So pek chek…..

  10. Bwahahahaha! *Hint* lctl1readers0. Bwahahahaha!

    Still cant figure out? Ask Lilian.

  11. Haiya ku-liu! Read until the end still dunno what those numbers mean lar. Quick quick tell liao. Me also dang blur lar. What da hell is that lar? Haiya. Ini Aunty Lilian luv hanging ppl in the mid-air one! *faints*

  12. Well, after days and days interrogating the 5xmom, I have come out with absolutely pointless conclusive results.

    tl – Terence Loh
    lc – Lilian Chan
    the numbers just by-pose there for looks only. Like a football score.

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