18 thoughts on “I show off

  1. Yay!! 1st one to post.. :blush: :kembang:…

    Lurvvleee pics-le.. Looking at pictures of food at 1:51AM is making me hungry!! Not good!! I will be salivating as I sleep because I’ll be dreaming of food!!

  2. Woi! Posted in wrong blog ar??!!! This one not your food blog lah. Mabuk kah??

  3. terence – Niamah lu, early early how to mabuk? People say I show off mah. You know lor…nay my fansee? So I skali show off the foods I have in Penang that mimi don’t get lor.

    ahpek – Heh, you never ask, how many days meals are those and for how many person. Kek sim liao, kena dump by ahpek

    fuzaibing and owen – You two are most welcome! Foods on me, tickets on you.

    littlepopocorn – I hope you dream eating it?

    agnes – Hahaha, did you get to eat them when you were here?

    I got to run, choir!!! Arrggh…Latin songs. *sweats* my robe is full of wrinkles!

  4. What?! You meant that Mimi whom said she was a FAT and UGLY CREATURE in your previous post!!!! Poor thing.

  5. Aiya…now it’s lunch time and I am hungry seeing all the food porns. I just wonder where I can get good juicy satay at this time of the day 😛

  6. criz – You live in Penang sure got plenty lah. That one is from Fettes park.

    terence – Yalor, I so sad. that nanah@hotmail.com aka mimi said “You show off. You got bad taste.” So I mah show off tasty foods lor. You say correct or not? Jeez, I miss my niamah….I want niamah. *cries*

    sengkiat – I like to post pics of foods on weekends. Cos I have plenty of food pics to clear from my PC.

  7. yau char kueh teow from lorong selamat meh? can die la looking at it.

    damn, luckily a makan trip up north is coming up.

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