Sunday thoughts on faith

This is all Yehsou talk. Come and listen. (kikhkikhkikh)

I am putting here one of the song from the CD I bought this morning. I love this hymn. Blessed Be God sung by Peter Chua. If you have the chance, go get the original CD which is selling for only RM18. On the CD skin, it says “Malaysia Sole Distributor – OUTFLOW AN OUTREACH MINISTRY, c/o Church of Immaculate Conception, Pulau Tikus, Penang” This is going to be here for one or two day only.

(It takes a while to finish download, click play and pause for it to finish)

First, I just had the most delicious nasi briyani at church. Met Lucia too. And folks, go and send your blessings to Angie and Bart who are going to have their little baby any day soon. Thank God, little baby wait till Pentecost is over ‘cos both mommy Angie and Bart gotta give their voices to praise God. Bart (or Dr. Bart Cheah) has a voice like Josh Groban and he plays the piano for our choir group. With Bart around, we saved singing a few extra verses cos his solo voice is enough to fill the church. I feel so maternal giving Angie a big hug and telling Bart, “Be brave!, you need courage.” Sounds like Stronghold Crusader. Can’t help it ‘cos going into the labour and delivery room is like a war zone. Trust me, been there, done that 5X. So, dear Angie and Bart, I am going to keep you both in my thoughts and prayers for a smooth delivery. God bless.

Next, I am saved from frying 700 packets of tomyam beehoon because the main organising committee have big plans and we can’t keep up. So, we only donated a sum of money instead. *phew* Thank God. And I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Well, I didn’t have to sweat it after all!

Then, today’s Pentecost and parish feast day mass was sooooooo long. The Bishop goes on and on and on and on and on. I was actually eyeing which priest (from among several) was going to give a big yawn like what happened the other night. Matthew saw it and I saw it. It was so hilarious, I almost died stiffling my laughters. But today, probably everyone loaded up on early morning coffee and no one yawns.

Well, as usual, I can listen to 40 minutes of sermon but only one sentence touched me. Today, it is ‘Do you go to God or does God comes to you?” Now, let’s ask ourselves. Do we need big shiny buildings to affirm God’s existence or do we have that conviction that God is here with us? In all the things we do, the people we meet, the good we try to achieve and even the failures we face? Maybe I am always arrogant but I like to believe that God comes to save me. All the time because I believe there is a God. There is never a moment since I embrace Christ that I have been afraid or feel lost. Anyway, it is good that I had the chance to be part of the Novena and has somewhat renew my faith.

And that brings to another problem. I was sitting with Uncle Tony today. He is like 80+ years and a very active gentleman with his lovely wife, my mentor, Auntie Suzanne. Uncle Tony used to be the Penang strong man in the police force, during the country’s emergency etc and hence, he is very, very knowledgeable and wise. Very nice to chat with. Uncle Tony has been actively contributing his wisdom in our parish forum. I am the hidden, little person who do stuffs in the forum (without a name). Uncle Tony has brought up some issues which many other people dare not talk about. So, yeah, in parts, I am attracted to people who have guts like Uncle Tony. So, I told him that all his questions in the forum have been forwarded to our priests and once, I got the written replies, I will put it up.

My big mouth then blurted out that I have websites. And doing the admin work of the forum and website is second nature to me. I said those are God given skills and hence, it is only right I spend some time on it. (cos Uncle Tony asked if I need to spend a lot of time on them) And now, Uncle Tony asked for my URLs. And I dare not tell. I said I will email him. How lah! Help. Aiks. Suddenly I am terribly embarassed with my own blog. Maybe, I will give Uncle Tony my faith blog and pretend I am not 5xmom and keep my fingers crossed he won’t notice it. I am not ashamed of the way I write, those cuss words etc but rather, the fact that I have a bigger ego online than in real life. How lah? I am such a sweet and humble person, you know………Die lah, how lah. Ammah, dim gau? Apa mau bikin? God saves me!

11 thoughts on “Sunday thoughts on faith

  1. I am asking like for the 5th time liao. Did he mention about me!??! Did you also send him my regards??!!.

    Just give them all to Uncle Tony. Ppl got sense of humour one lah.

  2. Hoi terence – You mean you didn’t start sneezing non-stop meh? Nay, I told Yehsou about you so much, you ought to sneeze. Or did your ears twitch?

  3. yeah the nasi briyani was very delicious indeed!

    er… lilian, i think you got the outflow an outreach ministry address wrong. it is not at immaculate conception church in penang but at the church of our lady of lourdes in silibin, ipoh. please check the cover again and see.

    i also bought a CD – the novena CD. although i never attend novena, why i bought novena CD eh? for the hymns on mother mary lah. i have many CDs on various hymns but never one on mother mary. this one is good with lots of hymns on mary so i bought it.

  4. I wouldn’t worry if I were you, those are mostly jokes in a typical penang fashions, consider this that your site have brought a lot of happinesses joys and warms to a lot of people who have come in to visits especially a simple idiot like myself looking at the photoes that you took and put up here makes me wonder about the beautiful creations of God some of these photoes bring out the living in everyone and damn it I sliver evertime you put those Chau Kueh Teow but couldn’t have it!!!! Your family and your joy and sadness always bring out the best of everyone and not everyone is a saint.

  5. my pastor reads my blog…. he hasnt said anything yet … so i guess i dont have your predicament… ke ke ke…

  6. zewt – That’s great, a big relieve actually. I wish I can say the same.

    Mr/Ms supporter – Tks a lot and I wish I know your ID.

    ren nee – I haven’t decide lah.

    Lucia – It is printed on the CD cover, c/o Father Francis Xavier…IC Pulau Tikus

  7. i know i yawned countless times during the homily and suffered major butt cramps.
    But it was very meaningful…just too draggy…..zzzz

  8. oh sorry. then the cover on your CD and mine are different. mine do have the name of fr. francis xavier but the ipoh church address. btw, the outflow outreach ministry is based in that ipoh church.

  9. i am new comer to your side.
    i agree to some of the comments of the address issue.
    i had purchase a cd’s – God’s Power of Love but there is other series stated in the cover
    which i want to buy. But where to buy? Why have the contacts printed when unable to reach.? Very disappointed !

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