Do you remember the first time you drive?

My eldest son was 17 years in April. He is exactly 17 years 1 month and 2 days old. He took his bike lesson and licence when he touched 16 years old. He went to register, attended the course and got the licence, all within a few days. Got knocked down, knocked people and etc and now, his father (nay..that man I married?) bought him a big bike. Kena summoned before too but nay…that son of mine never tells me, only told his father and they secretly diam-diam went to settle the summon. For riding without helmet at the Teluk Bahang dam. *hyperventilating, reaching for minyak angin cap kapak* Terence Loh, you promise to be my friend long long hor? BTW, that tl155lc5 is just a private joke I have with Terence. My #2 son has solved it. It is the score, like football score. However lower number denotes smarter person. *hiaks, hiaks, hiaks, tl155lc6* In case, you wonder why Terence got into the storyline, he actually offered his professional advice when my son was knocked down by a van. My long time reader came to rescue when we weren’t sure who is in the right or in the wrong (he taught me the dirty lubangs via emails).

Anyway, my J. Loh (yeah, the Lohs are related, Terence Loh is my nephew tl155lc7) is going to start his car driving lesson today. RM350 deposit. Three hours of theory. 2 hours of practical and he can get an L plate and start to go on the road. Need to complete 10 hours of driving lessons with an instructor and he is ready to take his driving test. In total, it costs RM550 to get a licence and looking at it, my son will have his car licence by the end of school holiday in mid June.

And now, my atm is already discussing with his son what car to buy. *super hyperventilating* I said Viva (cos I can drive mah). My atm said, siao ah? “My son so big size, at least a Kembara. Drive small car like ah pneah like that.” I said, buy what car lah, buy a tank better. Sure hari-hari left, right and centre kena dented wan. Terence Loh, you promise hor? Your phone is accessible 24/7 in case ori chao ah bengs tow trucks fight hor? *prays hard at the same time*

I recalled the day I got my car licence. We had some class gathering and I was 17 + years old. My brother left his Honda Civic 1st generation at home and I actually drove during the night from Sungai Nibong to Bayan Lepas through Sepuluh Kongsi where the graveyard is to Permatang Damar Laut. If you are a Penangite, you will know that those are not easy routes because that was 25 years ago when there weren’t any highways or even lighted streets. I picked up my female classmate in Bayan Lepas and she must have the most terrifying car ride because I couldn’t drive in a straight line in Sepuluh Kongsi because there were no street lamps, no white dotted lines to guide me and the graveyards is about a mile long. I drove so close to the drain! LOL, but it was worth it because there was nothing like going to meet ex-classmates, driving. Cun! So damn cool. And touch wood, my NCD is still a virgin. With 25 years driving experience. (Terence Loh, are you proud of me?)

Psstt…not like my two sisters. One hor, dunno took how many times driving tests baru passed. And hor, between the two of them, they knocked down their house gates and drove in the drain! LOL, can you imagine my sis mowing down a red bricks gate and flatten it? Lucky my mom never pass the ‘lun cun’ (clumsy) genes to me.

Looking back, I am glad I started driving in my teens because it is easier to adapt at that age. Moreover, we have more guts then than now. So, who got the most embarrassing first time story to share?

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  1. RM550?!!! So CHEAP?!! I remember paying slightly more than RM700 to get that piece of laminated paper with my face on it that they call a driving license leh…

    I was only allowed to take driving lesson after SPM and not allowed to go anywhere near motorbike…First time driving after passing ar, so so lor…I drove manual, so change gear not so smooth then. Heheheh! šŸ™‚

    PS: By the way, auntie, I got a domain and hosted my own web liao, finally. So link me up ya! Thank you! šŸ™‚

  2. RM 550? RM 700? So cheap???? I tell you ar, dun tell ppl so tat sum1 from ministry wil cum catch me ok? In KL basically EVERY JPJ officer wil demand a rasuah for at least 100 each… Sum1 wil surely come yellin at me saying that THEN DON’T PAY LAH to curb the bribe problem… and the nice part is you’ll get a FAIL if u dun pay the bribe NO MATTER you did nicely or not in the on-street test… This is a truth… My eldest brother was so filled with “righteous” and “justice” and dun wanna pay the bribe for the 1st time, and although he did nicely he stil get FAIL… End up hafta pay for the second course + exam + the bribe…

    So for me, my mum insisted to pay the bribe even for d 1st time… And I passed, with a weird experience…

    That time it started to rain… I hop on the car forgetting to adjust the side mirror, because I’m fat I’ve to adjust the seat (it’s a Kancil leh) and when I’m adjusting the center rear mirror the fella got fed up and ask me not to do all this and want me fast fast go… Then I started to drive…

    And not long after that, even weirder thing happened, the fella asked me to drive faster, I tried to comply with him but hei, it’s raining and that’s just stil kampung kampung road u noe.. The fella start his weird action – scold me for nothing, first he say “U TAK RESPECT SAYA KE APE? AKU SURUH CEPAT CEPAT PANDU U TAK IKUT? U NAK FAIL KE?” MCH… I really dun expect tis u noe… And then I say no no no.. And then he continued wif things like U THINK U RICH U CAN NO NEED RESPECT ME AH, WAT UR PARENTS WORKING (stupid enuf he pop tis question, I’m definitely not rich, both my parents are juz primary school teachers and i just answered that), I CAN SIMPLY FAIL U U NOE, U DRIVE LIKE SHIT, etc etc etc. non stop til the end of the session and he popped the laz question – DO U WANNA FAIL?… Holy crap… And because he cause such a havoc I actually “mati api” once after the traffic light turns green u noe…

    But stil, thankfully I passed… Using up nearly RM1k…

  3. no interesting story here but i did have to sit for the exam twice coz first time i failed theory & didn’t give bribe so have to sit second time baru pass! then coming to australia had to sit another theory test before getting ozzie lesen but nowadays not so easy liao, heard u have to sit thru the whole exam again baru they give u lesen here now!

  4. i stopped at the traffic light which is at the slope.tried to press jalan when it turns green and the car died. Not once i think more than 10 times. Then my car jalan terbalik at the slope then i press jalan and the car really can jalan. Then baru i know…muahahhahaha i’m at 2nd gear. the ppl behind is really patient maybe i have a big P sign . Muaahahhaha luckily never kena bang backside.

  5. Nephew??!!!! You wished!!!! Celaka!!

    Wei, sell you one of my cars lah. You want the WRX or the EVO 8? I am keeping the Humvee. Blek!

  6. God. I remember when we were all sor worried about our driving exams šŸ™‚ Sounded impossible to pass.

  7. me same. when wanna jalan, the car mati 10 times…til the jpj guy also sien liao…hey not my fault, the uncle who teach car didnt teach me to release clutch n tekan minyak ma…worse he never even taught me to drive up hill. the generation now have it easy, learn driving with kancil, how can?

  8. i had an instructor my imagine two 120kgs fellows in a squashed up kancil..and on the way back towards the end of the test..he was busily smsing away..oh yeah..i didnt learn how to use the back and side mirrors until i got my license..

  9. took my license a little late, was about 18. dat time driving centres were using iswara, some oredi switching to kancils. budden didn’t drive much cos mum didn’t really let me. end up my P lesen expired w/o me knowing. and i had to retake the entire course again šŸ˜› iswara damn heavy car ok.

    i’m used to auto cars, drive manual sure enjin mati thousand times XD

  10. Hmmmmm………… times flies so fast and I did not realise I have drove for so many years. Wow RM550!! Before I took my license, I always drive on my cousin car which is an auto-gear but when on the real that time, alamak……………. manual!!! Die liau. And it took me for sometimes to get used to it. Make quite a number of mistake and so paiseh. Never mind, die die also must get my license so, kena scold by my instructor also diam diam only.

  11. I was in a hurry to get my license… kereta suda ala but license talak which result to me jalan kaki balik lumah from coll… bout an hr plus walk.. skipped the public bus cos i’ll get bored waiting for it and end up reaching home much later than by foot

    jadi.. on my last 2 hrs of driving lesson, i got confident de la.. but still dare not action.. later kena marah buta… both hands on stering wheel when not changing gear, always put on indicater to swap lanes, never horn (used to sibuk with my parents horn when m riding as a front passenger)…

    BUT.. on the way back to the driving school, tha instructer commented, “you nonit to take driving test de, go sepang lumba f1 la”

    jus two sentences, and the dagger been deeply planted…

    later during the test kat butterworth mia JPJ.. i drive like kura lah.. kasi people horn la, buat tark dengar… then pandu pandu pandu.. hujan renai renai sikit but everythign was still well till….

    Tester: okay.. pandu balik…
    Me: Er.. tark tau jalan…
    T: Oy! lu bukan olang penang ah?? Mana boleh tark tau jalan!
    M: er.. encik.. saya memang orang penang.. tapi kat pulau lah
    T:(still want jaga muka) orang pulau buat hapa mali sini ambik ujian? Tu lah, kasi sini mia Q panjang panjang.. (bla bla bla) Oy! Lu mau peegi mana?
    M: er.. tidak tahu encik.. (he never give me directions to balik)

    Once everythign is done, he popped the ‘mandatory’ Q, “Lu mau Fail kah?”
    Wat sort of tricky Q is this ?? Keh Mui Eh
    I answered, “Tidak mahu”
    then pura pura buat tark tau de
    Not all young adult knows how to kasi duit kopi
    Then i peep peep his clipboard lah.. derno wat cacing he tulis pun…

    In the end, all i kno is passed.. and i spend lotsa sleeping hrs waiting for this and that

    Aiks.. suda panjang lebar…
    sekian shjla celita aku…

    Lilian, need pay you boh??

  12. I went for 2 1-hour practice and then straight to exams liao. That’s cos I drove before I got my license mar and my blardy father, who’s also my driving tutor, is too lazy to teach me. Dammit! Luckily I pass or I’ll blame that old man! šŸ˜›

  13. I took my driving exam twice. I did the predictable… knocked down the stupid cone when I did side parking during the 1st test. Suey! lol

    BTW, you sure Kembara is more spacious than Viva?

  14. i live in kl. i took my driving test here as well. i passed on my 2nd try. i failed my 1st one because – admittedly – i was a *very* bad driver.

    i passed the test eventually, and i didn’t have to pay a bribe. neither did my two sisters, and my older brother.

    everytime the driving school asked, we declined.

    and yet we passed.

    so you see… not EVERY JPJ officer in KL will ask for a bribe.

    have a care for those who keep on the straight and narrow. generalisations hurt them, too.

  15. Bwahahaha…I have so much fun reading all your experiences. Thanks for sharing all the embarassing moments.

    I forget to mention – if you are a girl, flirt with you driving test officer. I know I did. I asked him, “wuah, encik, hari hari encik duduk kereta L, encik ada beli insurance banyak-banyak kah? Bahaya lah, kerja encik….tak seram ke?” *in sweet 17 years tone, he must have been blinded to the little faults I made*

  16. My friend did this to the JPJ officer – actually she already fail her naik bukit test d thn she looked at d officer with her pitiful eyes thn the officer asked her “Mengapa menangis?” thn in the end passed lo…hhahaaha

  17. Hahaahaha….

    I remember learning how to drive. The uncle driver used to set up different lesson times so that I will learn to drive in all conditions – jam/no jam, rainy/sunny, early morning/late evening so that I won’t get shocked when I get my lesen. šŸ˜› By the time I got my 2nd or 3rd lesson, he asked me to drive him to JPJ from Subang. *blink, blink* I remembered I stopped at the traffic light which was on the ramp and he turned to me and said in Cantonese, “Did I teach you how ‘balance car’ yet?” I went (o___0).. and said “NOOOOO” in Cantonese. Then, he calmly gave me a 5 minute lesson on how to balance car… Damn scary!! I’ll never forget how to balance manual car… hahahaa…

    Anyway, the best part is when I sat for the test. I stopped at the traffic light on the ramp again and ‘balanced’ the car. The tester scolded, “Eh?? Tak pakai hand-brake?”, I replied, “Balance-mah”. He said, “Ini tak boleh… potong markah!!!”… Wahhh… celaka… When we got back, he talked to me politely and then asked for the *ahem* *ahem*.

    I would have gotten full marks if not for that handbrake thing… >_

  18. Never learn how to drive before and don’t think will attempt! Afterall, the traffic and road around and in Kay El is very Kanasai. Even if I do attempt to learn how to drive, I gotta find ways and means to gather enough chua lee to buy a tank to drive since I can be quite a bully!

    So, conclusion…No need to go learn how to drive a car as it will deplete my already kemarau bank account further and add on more stress in a already tupsy turvey life! Hahahaha…Just hop on to a cab and relax and give smart instructions as to where I want to go…

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