INTERNATIONAL flower show, my foot. Antarabangsial, konon

You know what’s the problem with our local ministries and councils? Want the word International so much in everything. Kepala hotak engkau.

So, they have this so called International Flora Show at the Penang Botanical Gardens. Since I have only two younger kids with me and nowhere else to go, we decided to go over and let the kids enjoy the cameras a bit.


KNN, they charged RM3 for parking when normal times, it is only 30 sen. And the bloodsucker parking boys allowed the cars to park in a haphazard manner so that they can squeeze in more cars. Thus causing bottle necks everywhere. It does not help that the cars are mostly out of towners all crammed into one van and waiting for them to alight is like taking a dead body down from the Black Maria. If my atm is there, he sure fight with the parking boys. He will sure insist to pay according to the rates charged by the MPPP which is 30 sen. Only I dem chicken shit and dare not tell the, the, the….ok, I shall keep the reference from this blog. Pundek betul. (added : My atm asked me why I didn’t challenge the parking bois to hentam my car if I refuse to pay the RM3 KNN)


And you know what? KNN, there is not even a single stalk of rose. All bunga kek wa, some boring adendiums or fu gwei hwa and the orchids I have seen a thousand times already. Niamah.

Blardy hell, what sort of International is this? International my foot. And the orchids were all hidden on this mud patch and my feet got muddy just standing there. Cilaka.

BTW, in case you wonder why the below photo looks yellowish, it is because I adjusted the white balance for some shaded shots. Then, when I came out in the open, I forget to adjust it back. Cilaka, how to remember so many buttons wor.


Lucky my kids are so adorable and I had fun shooting them instead. And my Nikon AhKua D40 is soooo nice.

Nah, two flowers. My 4 years old son took wan.

So, don’t. Go. International.

Niamah, let’s shoot the organiser.

20 thoughts on “INTERNATIONAL flower show, my foot. Antarabangsial, konon

  1. terence – Pundek. You never read issit? No flowers worth my time lah. But my 11 yrs old took very nice macro shots of the flowers with the Pentax M20 got lah.

  2. The Penang State government does this every year; organize something so-called international but ‘forget’ to sort out the car parks and other logistics, then allow the ulats to charge ridiculour prices. It’s been going on year after year, and people complain the same complaints year after year. But your smiling CM just continues to smile and does nothing.

  3. yalor! malaysia oways talk about international my foot lar… got ppl come from thailand put up some bunga orkhid also considered international. rite???

    and ur boys so cute lar!! feel like wanna cubit them XD kidding kidding lol

  4. Eh, auntie, the last picture…your nen nen at the back izit? Luckily blurred, if not, a lot of people will have to wash their monitor/eyes liao…Buahahahahha!!!! šŸ™‚

  5. Sien, so they didn’t even show OUR Bunga raya, hibiscus. That organizer should be throw from the Penang bridge.

    pssss, is it some sort of “political correct” and overreact because it is also called Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Chinese hibiscus). :p

  6. 30 cents to 3 bucks? that’s like 10 times! but u have to pay la… else they will calar you car ….

    international stuff in malaysia… just go to construction yard la… very international… got malaysian supervisor, taiwan equipment, indon worker, bangla worker… international right? more international that this flower whatever whatever…

  7. I like the photos of your boys. Very candid. Don’t mind the yellowish quality at all, I think it added to the atmosphere nicely.

  8. cc – Tks

    zewt – Yalor, a rip off indeed.

    moo_t – Yalor, no bunga raya oso. They claim the oked from singkapoh, the fu kwei hwa from thailand and mah international lor.

    clare – shhh….hehehe, someone said “Why you always wear the same shirt wan ah?” Niamah or not, you say lah.

    Dr. Tan – I am too lazy to process my pics so normally I use jpeg only.

    conan_cat – yalor, this newspapers oso tembak kuat, write like very grand. See already, it is exactly like two years ago and in fact, a lot worse.

    fishtail – Yayaya, smiles and the world smells with you.

    Boss S – Yeah, he posed so nice. Hehehe.

    iCalvyn – Somemore dare to get busloads of tourists there. If I come from international places, I ptui them in the face.

    LOL shoi2 – The name sort of stuck hor? Entau? Tks!

  9. eh, that’s no.2 and no.3 har? they’ve got your eyes ler, 5xmom! stupid flower show! i still like the one at borneo highland’s many many yrs ago. lol!

  10. I wanna check whether I’m banned here too kekeke.
    If not, start read here: I love the boys’ shot. They really gonna grow lengchais later on. Tall and handsome, now, which girl gonna resist that… hahahaha.
    which camera again.. Nikon..ok i will look into that šŸ™‚

  11. Adoih..dua helai daun je?..ish ish ish..The last one taken by your son..baguih..ada potensi…

  12. i kaypoh at rabid’s blog recently…and saw dat she oso got a forum for her fellow bengs and lians, LOL!

    but donch wori 5xmom, MMB will always be my #1. i love u forevah MMB! muackss muackss!

  13. I never go there for years liau. Like you say lor, see the same old type of flower again and again. Better go nursery lor…………

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