A four years old reasoning why people need to wear bra

I usually like to surprise my four years old with funny questions and he always have an answer to every question.

Me : Why do people wear bra?

4yo : Of course lah, girl must wear bra. Or else people can see the nen-nen

Me : But I wear shirt, so how to see nen-nen?

4yo : Like Master Ryoshi (from Japanese cartoon, Dragon Ball) like that, he likes to peek and if you no wear bra, mah can see nen-nen lor. *shows very serious face*

Me : David!!!! (my 11 years old) YOU COME HERE!!!! What is this Master Ryoshi peeking at nen-nen? I thought you are watching Dragon Ball. What sort of show is this?

So, yeah, apparently, this Master Ryoshi is a pervert. So is that old man from Ranma. As explained by my older two kids. So are so many old men. That’s why we need to wear bra.


While on the subject of bras, I also realised why we moomies, must wear padded bra. The thicker the better. Make it spongy and springy. You know why? So that when our little babies are sleepy, they have a pillow to lean on. Muahahar!!!!

Anyway, I took the above pic just now. My four years old was so sleepy, he just dozed off on the table while waiting for our dinner to be served. So cute. I took the pic with my K800i, hence the funny angle. And no, no sponge required, thank you very much.

18 thoughts on “A four years old reasoning why people need to wear bra

  1. Dragon Ball is nice. I read the manga. The hum sup part is one of the funny parts of the manga mar. Hmm, if ask me why people wear bra, I dunno how to answer leh. But if ask me why wear thick padded push-up bra, I’ll say so that if go to crowded places where you are easily molested, you won’t rugi besar lor…Hahhahahaa!!!

  2. Most wear to make them look bigger, others wear to keep them from sagging.

    *flashes Mohor Diraja 5Xmom again*

  3. Haha! Well, you can’t blame some us men for having a nen-nen fetish. Those things are really comfy! We feel comforted by them, like the time our mothers used to hold us close in their bosoms. šŸ˜€

  4. wekekekek…wei!!! I like ranma leh…

    the character itself is damn 9 farnee…but then hor..the artists do pervert the nen-nen abit alot leh…..

  5. I think some time back I told you about a show on Astro Aruna called A.B.G. (Anak Baru Gede (Besar)/ Akibat Banyak Gaul) rated “18” by Astro. The show is about 15-17yr old teen angst, boy-girl relationship, got “making out” & sleeping around summore. 1) Make Parents aware what their children is doing. 2) Teach Children who donno, what to do LOL.

  6. OOhhhhh..I love to see them sleep…So peaceful…And I have a thing in taking their photos when they sleep..kakakkaka…

  7. Ahpek – Hoi, wake up, wake up, don’t drool!

    lotsofcravings – That’s food source lah. Hahaha.

    bryan – For the web, cun. But not for develop on prints lah, the colour very pale.

    eve – Yalor, children always look so innocent when sleeping hor?

    chewah, fire80 dah jadi rizlan – Yakah? But all children are better off knowing the obvious than for parents to hide lah. Lagi they all want to experiment, kan?

  8. Hahaha…Kids nowadays are really observance in many things in our lives. Thanks to Japanese anime. I love how your 4 year old comment. So cute… šŸ™‚

  9. Lilian, now you say-lah, wait your youngest one go experiment, then you see how many bottles of minyak cap kapak you will be reaching for… By the way as rightly said by you all childrenare better of knowing, except for my dotter whom I hope will never grow up and stay 7 yr old always… *sighs*

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