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This morning when I turned on my MSN, I received a message from Terence that my blog is mentioned in The Star. My first impression was, “Die liao, now what have I done?!?!?” I thought it must be my infamous rantings about politicians that got some attention.

But lucky it is nothing obnoxious.


Then again, my Make$ Money$ got mentioned is an honour already. Just to make it clearer, I have made RM1,400 since nuffnang was launched. And I am not shy to say that I did tell Timothy this, “You know, I’d prefer that the ads are shared out amongst the other bloggers than being on my site. Because when my traffic is good, one ad on my site is enough to sustain 10 smaller blogs.” (I have band 31) Tim was of course very touched. But folks, serious. If we are going to make blog banners attractive to advertisers, we have to play our roles to make it happen. [tag]Nuffnang[/tag] alone cannot do it because they need positive words on our blog to attract more local advertisers. When bloggers gripe and complain about not getting ads or getting measly sum, it will turn advertisers off and that will cause our local advertisers to stop investing in blog advertising. We shouldn’t look into the income now but rather build the idea and inject enthusiasm.


Here are the two bosses of nuffnang. I have met them a couple of times, maybe more times meeting Tim because we are both Penangites. All I can say is, if we work together as bloggers and nuffnang, we do have a bright future in blog advertising. Those of you who have the expertise and skills should start educating advertisers why they need to advertise on blogs. Don’t just look at the immediate income but think of the future prospect.


Stocktube asked me how’s my traffic after getting mentioned by The Star. LOL, BIG FAT ZERO! Hahaha. Serious. Not that I expect any but do you realise what this means? People who read the papers are not IT inclined. People who are IT inclined don’t really bother to read the papers but rather, read blogs. Hence, clicks are very few. I had been mentioned many times in the papers and yeap, usually, there isn’t much traffic.


Quoted by Jeff Ooi. Well, Jeff, I am glad you make that statement. Otherwise, the IRS will be breathing down our necks. Many bloggers do make five figure RM income from blogging. But let’s keep that a secret, shall we?

The full story online.

And nope, I am not paid by nuffnang to promote.

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  1. Wow, cool. Now, I think I need to get in touch with Nuffnang to see if they can get an ad or two on my site.

  2. Thanks, Lilian for yr comment. I feel like a goldfish. Eat until I want to burst. Such a lovely place for food… u manage to remain slim with all these food? If I were you I would be totally freaked out with the choice of food.

    Really I am going crazy trying to eat as many different varieties of food as possible but there is šŸ™ only one stomach hahahahh

  3. hi lilian, juz wondering what’s the criteria for Nuffnang to put ads in your blog? do they only advertise on high traffic blogsite like yours?

  4. Congratulations Lilian!!! I’m so excited for you!

    As a side note, I also have nuffnang in my blog. My virgin ad after taking away the adsense. Hehehe … I hope the payout is good :]

  5. Congrates lilian,..a fellow friend who also read your blogs once said to me, “If you are good, you can be successful anywhere, even as a SAHM.”

  6. marina – Gud luck! The payout goes by the traffic so work hard on that. LOL.

    meng chun – Nuffnang needs you to instal their codes so they can track your traffic. Usually, even 20 unique hits per day blog also can get an ad. They according to the ‘gang’ you belong too. I.e. if you have high traffic, you get higher numbers and the payout is over RM100 per month. If say the blog only gets like 20-30 hits per day, maybe in the smaller number band (gang) and the payout is lower. Preferably, the traffic is majority Malaysians. Right now, the company is so young so hard for every bloggers to get an ad every week but you will get one eventually.

    beng2 – Don’t forget to eat durians! It is in season. Ask for Balik Pulau durian. 604, siaw hung, khun poh, ang hair (red prawn), hor lor. It will costs a dent in your pocket lah.

    maria – Do sign up and place the code there so they can start tracking.

  7. congrats lilian … i’m the “stocktube” whom you mentioned that sent you email earlier to check out if you’ll hit the lottery (you know it’s been accumulated to $17 million right?) after being mentioned as the most successful mom on the planet of malaysia …

    hey, can’t believe the traffic still no improvement after being awarded such a title – you try to hide from the IRD isn’t it? we, bloggers understand that one … don’t worry, if your claims are right, you’re still “not taxable” …

    cheers …

  8. Congratulations Lilian….
    Wish I have the time to blog often….unfortunately I don’t have the time, 2nd my content is not as interesting as yours.
    In fact, am addicted to your blogs.

  9. Do I get a cut??? No me, no traffic. No demand, no supply.

    Credit Suisse or UBS?? Which you prefer???? When wanna pay!!!!

  10. hahah…i was hoping these notable bloggers tone down the amount of moolah they earn…this quite itchy for more money le…


  11. Wa..Congratulations ! You are our role model…

    I thought there would be huge traffic to your blog…a few only ah ??? That means that newspaper is not so laku already.

  12. femes lor femes lor…

    by the way… i never tot shoalin tiger is 29… same age as me… thought he damn old :P…

  13. i bought the star paper becoz boss said got the nuffnang interview.. hehehe :p and SURF magazine too šŸ™‚

    Congratz Lilian… Famous + famous liao!

  14. cely – Hehehe, one para only lah.

    zewt – Wuah, you also hitting 30 ah? You look a lot younger lah. Like 24 like that oni.

    Andrew – Tks!

    weirdoux – Tarak takut mia, I earn RM100 only mah. Three figures mah. Jeff said one.

    vedis – No lah, like that only

    mott – Dun worry lah, those we earn from US wan, very hard to quantify wan, so said my accountant hubby lah. He told me, sked what lah. The worst, you declare bankrupt only lor. Niamah, like that oso call assure me!

    terence – Cut, cut, cut. Cut what lah? KKC ah? Cipet.

    Boss Stewie – No lah, congrats nuffnang lah.

    moo_t – I am a tanggungan, a dependant lah.

    erina – Tenkiu

    cindy – Slow slow lah, it takes time.

    Stocktube – True wan lah. You dun believe check my sitemeter lor, I don’t hide it, can be seen wan.

  15. Congrates, auntie!!! I got read that in Star Online. I’m kinda kembang for you and Timothy too. Hehehe!!! Keep it up!

  16. clare – Hehehe, dun kua cheong lah, so small para oni. But yeah, bravo to nuffnang lah.

    papaJ – We must congrats ourselves cos we are the ones who make it happen. Without us bloggers, where got nuffnang lah? So, lets support nuffnang and who knows, next time, we all sama sama kaya ledi.

  17. i’ve check your sitemeter … got increase 200+ visits wor … so how do you explain the extra 200+ new visits? do you know these 200+ are like precious stones to some of the new bloggers here? so you’re bluffing right? … as the punishment for being a liar, you shall now transfer 30% of your ppp profit for all the commentators here to be shared …

    haha … see if you dare to bluff or not next time …

    psst … you’re making more than jeffooi – how amazing …

    cheers …

  18. yea lor.. Jeff Ooi is consultant in internet business some mor..
    5xmom rocks !!

    My sites is not popular at all and I’ve also got Nuffnang ads for 3 separate weeks on 3 different websites. So yeah, you are right Lilian, no matter how small you are, Nuffnang will come around to you and give you real ads.

    It’s small money but I’ll continue to support NuffNang on all my sites.

  19. 5xmom rocksssssssssssss!!

    Btw, where can leave our day job because of blogging wan? Blogging earns peanuts only! LoL…

  20. Thanks lilian for the reply.. keke.. now i understand more how NuffNang works.. I got one on my blog too now šŸ˜› see if they will put some ads on mine o not la.. oh yah Congrats to u too! I read the article u mention in The Star šŸ˜› Malaysia Boleh!!

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