Father’s Day is coming – How do you celebrate?

I notice that normally, people tend to put more emphasis on Mother’s Day over Father’s Day. Is it because most fathers are less expressive than mothers? I think not. Well, at least not the modern dads who play equal roles in the upbringing of their children. It is very important for dads to be more involved in their children and show their love more. You know why? Because when the children are grown up, they will be more distant from their fathers.

For example, when my hubby was working, he only gave money to this mother but not his father. It was until one day my mother-in-law asked him to do it that he thought about doing it. So, fathers, now you see how important it is to be close and bond with your children?


Having said that, some fathers are very involved with their children growing up years and many of them are feted and pampered on Father’s Day. In case you do not know, Father’s Day is on June 17th this year. For those of you who are wondering what to do on Father’s Day, here are some gifts ideas from GiftBasketsPlus.com which has been creating personalized father’s day gifts since 1988.

Do take a look at their array of Father’s Day gifts which have been carefully selected for the dad on this special day. There are so many varieties and the prices range from the affordable ones to the luxurious ones.

I am sure all the dads out there are going to be so pleased to receive these thoughtful gifts from their children. Since I do not have much memory of my own father since he passed away when I was seven years old, I am afraid that I do not have much to say about my father except that he was a very principled person. I think I owe that good point to him. Integrity and principle.

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8 thoughts on “Father’s Day is coming – How do you celebrate?

  1. actually, Father’s Day is on the 3rd Sunday of June .. which means it’s on the 16th

  2. dont really celebrate fathers’ day… but i guess i will be doing it for the first time this year…

  3. coz mummies are always buying for the family and end up looking broke.
    so kids grew up and give mummy more money. šŸ™‚
    yesterday i was so happy that my 2 year old said he wanted to bring his mummy to mickey mouse’s house (disneyland) and daddy is not going (daddy went without mummy years back)

  4. There is this saying, you can be sure who the mother is but never the father. True ar??

    Kidding ar. I also heard from others. *takes out Mohor Diraja 5Xmom*

  5. If you ask anyone, they will celebrate mother’s day punya lar laujuak but father’s day hor, it’w a little quiet lor. To me, everyday everyday is Father’s Day

  6. I guessed when we are all grown up, we tend to forget about all those good things that our father has taught us when we were young.

    Just as what I have written recently, “With his unconditional love towards his children, he also strive the best for the future of his children by protecting, providing, nurturing, educating or just being a friend for them. He is the man of the house who offers the guidance, discipline, right track and the needed strength to ensure the success of his children. He teaches us the basic things and helps instill many values in our lives. In short, he shaped us to become what we are today.”

    So do most of the people realized that father plays an equal role as mother in our upbringing? It’s still not too late to realize that. šŸ™‚

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