High-5 meme

This is the fifth time Wuching tagged me so I really got no more place to run and evade his memes. North, south, east, west all four corners already hide and now nowhere to run. So, I better do this or else he is not going to choi me anymore. Wuching and I lafu each other long long and hor, I think we have celebrated our second years anniversary liao hor, Wuching?

5 things found in your bag

1) Cosmetics

2) Handphone

3) Rabbit (hehehe)

4) Keys

5) Love potion – Nay, the kind I drop into people’s drink when they aren’t looking

5 things found in your purse/wallet

1) Money, lots and lots of it, in 5 cents and 1 cents

2) USB – Two pieces for my porn downloads

3) Credit cards – fakes and stolen ones

4) Credit chits which will be given to my atm for settlement

5) Organ donor card in case, I kicked bucket and they need to salvage my golden heart and my super IQ brain

5 favourite things in your room

1) My whip and leather suit

2) My collection of porn DVD

3) My 50 inch Sony HDTV which I dream to win from PPP

4) My pink Vaio and webcam

5) My collections of errrmmm , aiyer, cannot write it out lah!, *blushes*

5 things you’ve always wanted to do

1) Marry a rich Swiss angmoh with villas on the Alps

2) Marry Ken Watanabe

3) Elope with Wuching

4) Rendevous with AhPek

5) Be the First Lady

5 things YOU currently into

1) Chatting with Wuching lor

2) Chatting with Wuching lor

3) Chatting with Wuching lor

4) Chatting with Wuching lor

5) Chatting with Wuching lor

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